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  • No Babies

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    a circle pit without the audience.

  • The Babies

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  • No Babies No Bullets

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  • Amazing Baby

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    New York's Amazing Baby formed in January 2008 and almost immediately began creating a buzz among fans and critics alike with a sound alternately compared to Marc Bolan and "a psychedelic Roxy Music." Influenced by musical friends MGMT and comprised of former members of Stylofone, Diamond Nights, Lions & Tigers, Nebula, and the Heavy Hands, the group released its debut EP, Infinite Fucking Cro...

  • Baby Baby

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    In the summer of 2009, the Greek Gods of Georgia held a secret meeting to discuss efforts to improve the state of the current music scene. Luckily, Fontez and Grant we're on Adventure Time that day and eavesdropped on the conversation. "We will save you!" they said with heartfelt jubilation. "But how? You are from the suburbs" responded the Gods. "Two words," said Fontez. "Fucking Fun Rock." And s...

  • Brave Baby

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    Brave Baby was formed in 2012 when Keon Masters (vocals/guitar), Wolfgang Zimmerman (vocals/drums), and Christian Chidester (guitar/vocals) began playing with Jordan Hicks (bass) and Steven Walker (keys/percussion). The band spent most of 2012 writing and self-producing what would become the band’s debut album Forty Bells, released in early 2013 on Charleston indie label Hearts and Plug...

  • Broken Baby

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    Brainchild of wunderkind newcomer Amber Bollinger and rock veteran/producer Alex Dezen (The Damnwells), LA-based Broken Baby is an uncompromising rock band with post-punk edge and melodic appetites. Formed out of the ashes of failed relationships, both romantic and musical, Bollinger and Dezen wrote and recorded all the songs from their debut EP in the span of 2 weeks, honing their singular, colla...

  • Captain Baby

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    Captain Baby is the primary vehicle for wanderlust enthusiasts Adam Sobolew and Asher Rogers. Currently residing in San Francisco, Captain Baby has a full length set to release in June and just finished a lengthy European tour opening for Danny Glovers' son's band, "Party Boys".

  • Icky Baby

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  • Lil Baby

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  • Penicillin Baby

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  • Shauney Baby

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    Shauney Recke, known to many as Shauney Baby is one of the most celebrated female drummers both nationally and internationally.  Shauney was exposed to music very young and attended the Duke Ellington School of the Arts for vocal music.  She embarked on what would soon become a successful music career and is passionate about her creativity and artistic vocal styling.

  • Santa Baby 1

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  • Santa Baby 2

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  •  Baby Bash

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    Smooth rapper Baby Bash can't recall where he got the "Bash" moniker but his alternate name, Baby Beesh, comes from the fact he used to drive around in a Mitsubishi. Born in the Vallejo, CA, area in 1975 to a Latin mother and an Anglo father who both eventually became addicted to heroin, Baby Bash had some uncles who exposed him to all sorts of music and a grandmother who took over raising him. Pa...

  •  Baby Boy Da Prince

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    Hailing from New Orleans, Baby Boy da Prince followed in the footsteps of his city's two major camps, No Limit and Cash Money Records. His excursion into the rap game officially began when he opened in concert for No Limit recording artist Choppa. After signing with the independent label Extreme Entertainment around 2004 and opening for more popular acts like 50 Cent and Juvenile, he was slowly ga...

  • Run Baby Go presents The 5-9: I Wish I Never Met Her At All

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    It's an adult show and tell. No, not that kind of adult. More of the adult that is paying off Sallie Mae. You know that IT guy that always fixes that rusty printer? After work he's a break dancer. The woman at the deli who fills your coffee order every morning? She is an abstract painter. That's what the Five to Nine celebrates. People doing everything they can to conquer their dreams....

  • DJ Baby Van Beezly

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    The party starter herself takes over the turntables to bring the energy your New Year's Eve has been missing! All dance jams, all night long!

  • Richard Bacchus & The Luckiest Girls

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    Kick Ass Rock & Roll band From Raleigh NC Via The Lower East Side of New York City

  • Jane Bach

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    Jane Bach is a native New Yorker who moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1982 to pursue a career in songwriting. She is a multiple award winning, hit songwriter, who has had songs recorded by the likes of Tammy Wynette, Reba McEntire, Collin Raye, JoDee Messina and many, many others. Her number one record "The Last One to Know", Reba McEntire, remains one of Reba's biggest selling singl...

  • Sebastian Bach

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    The onetime frontman for hair metal hitmakers Skid Row, singer Sebastian Bach was born Sebastian Bierk in the Bahamas on April 3, 1968. A veteran of short-lived, little-known bands including Herrenvolk, Madame X, V05, and Kid Wikkid, he was living in Canada when in 1987 he received a demo tape from an unknown New Jersey band in search of a lead singer; the group was Skid Row, formed a year earlier...

  • Joe Bachman

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  • Tal Bachman

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    As the son of Guess Who/BTO guitarist Randy Bachman, Canadian-born pop singer/songwriter Tal Bachman was raised in a musical environment, absorbing the breadth of his father's enormous record collection and teaching himself to play guitar. He increasingly lost interest in music as a teen, however, and instead went on to study political philosophy at a small university in Utah. The move didn't last...

  • Robin Bacior

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    Robin Bacior’s voice speaks of a much older soul. With well-crafted folk vignettes softly painted in waltz timing, her songs reveal honest pictures with instrumentation as a medium to illuminate her lyrics. Born and raised in California, Bacior took great influence from California folk traditions and brought them with her to New York. She began collaborating with cellist Dan Bindschedler and the t...

  • Come Back Iris

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    High energy modern country/rock/pop. With a wild show!!!! At a house party I decided to host one evening my younger brother, a pure bred Aussie trainer, decided to bring his dog Iris. During the party Shawn and I decided that we should play for our guests. We hadn't played out yet and thought it a great opportunity. Shorty after we started Iris got scared and bolted for the road. Sadly we h...

  • Get Back Loretta

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    Get Back Loretta is a funk-rock ensemble from San Diego, California. The band consists of Steven Bradford (vocals, bass); Kevin Martin (vocals, piano); Isaac Cass (drums); Joey Bradford (guitar); and Chris Wilson (guitar). They have received San Diego Music Awards including "Best New Artist" in 2005, "Best Pop" in 2006, 2007 and 2008 and "Best Pop Album" in 2007 for "Over The Wall".

  • Taking Back Sunday

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  • Take Back the Night

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  • The Backboners

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    Two Men, Two Women, colorful psychedelic clothes and GREAT original songs with soaring soulful harmonies. Built on the music of Bill Burnett and sent aloft on the voices and musicianship of Kahlil Sabbagh, Suzy Williams, Ginger Smith and Burnett on guitar the Backboners are what the Mamas and the Papas might have been if they hadn't done so much blow.

  • Laser Background

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    the summer camp mind milk of the sky

  • Nevada Backwards

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    An ever-evolving Bremerton, Washington-based band formed in 2001 in the outskirts of the Red Rock Desert in northern Nevada by gambler, desert rat-gypsy-ringleader-singer and songwriter Lonewolf Ballentine. The band was put to rest in 2007 when Ballentine started up a new collaborative project called Blvd Park that formed in Sacramento, California. The super group moved to the Great Pacific Nor...

  • Da BackWudz

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    Just a few miles East of Atlanta is the parlayed countryside known as Decatur, with its multitude of trees, dilapidated houses and southern players. It's the home of famed comedian and actor Chris Tucker, Jazzy T's and Club Mirage, as well as the birthplace of the rap duo known as Da BackWudz. Da BackWudz debut album Wood Work, is a Hip-Hop masterpiece- a down-home compilation of classic crunk, th...

  • Matt Bacnis

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    The Matt Bacnis Band from Seattle, Washington will be back with their second EP Heart, Stay Whole. This indie-pop trio blends elements of gospel, country and pop into a more rock n' roll "American Fire" feel on their second EP. They have been finding a wider audience in the Seattle area after being on local shows such as New Day Northwest, with a live performance, and also debuting their newest ...

  • Annie Bacon

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    Born, (and almost not born), in Maine during a blizzard, and reared musically in San Francisco through the aughts, Annie Bacon sings sad songs in the major key.    With her band Annie Bacon & her OSHEN, Annie creates lush, emotionally-driven folk rock. Bursting with honest, earnest energy, and often hinting at Americana, the particular style has been deemed Sweet Rock by s...

  • Space Bacon

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    Named for the monster combination of Kevin Spacey and Kevin Bacon, this Brooklyn-based jamtronica quartet weaves composition and improvisation through an ever-changing landscape of segues, inversions, and palindromes. Drawing from an array of inspirations including jam music, electronic production, film scores, and a bit of metal, Space Bacon seeks to challenge conventions and pave the way in the ...

  • bAd bAd

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    bAd bAd

  • Whos Bad

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    An ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute band needs glitzy jackets, glittery gloves and 80’s regalia. It must pay studious attention to the intricate details of every original groove and gravity-defying dance step. It must demonstrate a commitment to the unforgettable musical legacy the King of Pop left us. Beyond replaying MJ’s countless hits, an ultimate Michael Jackson tribute band must ...

  •  Bad Acid Trip

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  • The Bad Applez

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    It’s hard to compare our music to another artist or band, primarily because it sounds a lot different from any that we’ve ever heard. Our style definitely has its roots in rock and roll but is also influenced by blues, jazz, pop, alternative, and Latin Music, basically anything we’ve ever listened to and liked gets incorporated into our sound in some capacity. If there’s ...

  • The Bad Bad Things

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    The Bad Bad Things are a drunk rock wall of sound, a high energy mix of folk/country/and rock with a punk vibe. We will melt your face off with awesome, pretty babies. etc

  •  Bad Boy's Da' Band

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  •  Bad Brains

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  •  Bad Company

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  • really bad dupe delete

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  • Bad Bad Hats

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    Bad Bad Hats is an indie rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kerry Alexander (vocals, guitar, wisdom), Chris Hoge (drums, courage), and Noah Boswell (bass, power) met while attending Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minn. Kerry and Chris began writing songs together in 2010, recording a collection of demos that would later become their first EP. The addition of their friend Noah in 2012 solidi...

  • Three Bad Jacks

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    With the arrival of Three Bad Jack's new CD Pictures & Memories From Home, the band forcefully asserts themselves as true, renegade rock & roll prophets. From the propulsive, high octane opening track "I've Been Around" to the brooding closer "Pricks & Thorns" the album never falters, charting fresh new territory with ebullient authority. Their hard hitting aggression, anchored by a throbbing gutb...

  • The Bad Jones

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    The distinct feel of The Bad Jones is big, with core influences ranging from the edgy funk and soul of early Chili Peppers and the Meters, to the intense power of the Who and Soundgarden. It’s hard, melodic and laced with razor sharp blues riffs, while still keeping the mature harmonic and dynamic qualities that give the band its unique sound.

  • The Bad Machine

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    The Bad Machine started in Feb. of 2010 and is comprised of members from L.A. bands The Switch-Ups, LA DRUGZ, and Can Of Beans. Their folk/rock/indie sound is filled with haunting tones as well as catchy hooks with an ambient feel reminiscent to such acts as My Bloody Valentine, Band of Horses, and Sonic Youth. Songs are influenced by life, death, drug abuse, love and heartbreak. The Bad Machine's...

  • The Bad Mamas Blues Band

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    Bringin it back to the roots, keepin it old school, and getting down and dirty with the blues. This band consists of some real Cuse musical talents. Come check us out at a local dive bar. The band is made of: The young buck Will Fuegel layin it down on the old ivories, Zak Masoud bringin the Bass in full force like a airplane overhead, Jeff Swidoski on lead guitar with riffs that make your hear...

  • The Bad New Ones

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    Honky-Tonk Garage Rock

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