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  • Sterling Bauer

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  • Wild Bill Bauer

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    Wild Bill Bauer is not your normal comedian. A brilliant writer with a unique and manic delivery, Bauer combines his bizarre observations and weird personal tales into a show that is both shockingly hilarious and hilariously shocking. Wild Bill has impeccable comedy credentials. He is a radio favorite on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Show. He has over 25 national television appearances ...

  • Christi Bauerlee

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    Christi became most notably recognized for her version of the Edwin Starr classic, War, which aired every Monday night as the theme song for the hit CBS TV show Family Law. She also sang background vocals for Neil Young and has toured all over the world. Christi has been seen and heard on numerous TV shows and movies like Nashville, Jay Leno, The Late Night Show, Something about Mary, Grand Ole Op...

  • Maggie Baugh

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  • Bruce Baum

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    It can now be revealed that Bruce Baum is the co-author of the three bestselling "Letters From A Nut" books, written under the pen-name Ted L. Nancy (with forwards and a backwards by Jerry Seinfeld!!! ), believed by some to be among the funniest books ever written.* Bruce appears as himself on a special episode of The Simpsons: "The Last Temptation of Krusty"As if that wasn't enough, Bruce ha...

  • Amanda Baumann

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    AmA (pronounced AH-ma) is the Latin root word for love, and is also the name for songstress Amanda Bauman's indie electronica pop project. Based out of Los Angeles, AmA's first album Electric Life was co-written with producer Patrick Doyle, and was released in 2011 on I-tunes, Reverbnation and Soundcloud. Soon thereafter, the edgy synth driven song Dispatch, was licensed to be the theme song for ...

  • Roem Baur

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    "Roem is a singer with a ridiculous vocal range (this is increasingly rare in the music world celebrated by today's media machine) and a troubadour's soul." - "A voice that seems to burn with fire... Baur's star has been steadily increasing with music that is refreshing in today's auto-tuned pop culture." - EXAMINER.COM Roem Baur has toured ext...

  • Jake Bautista

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  • KaiL Baxley

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    On his second album A Light That Never Dies which will be released in North America on June 2, 2015 via Forty Below Records (MRI/RED), KaiL Baxley has returned with a hard hitting, lush and beautifully haunting collection of songs. Co-produced with Producer/Engineer Eric Corne whose recording credits include Lucinda Williams, Glen Campbell, Kim Deal and John Mayall, the album was recorded over ...

  • Rayland Baxter

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    Songwriter Rayland Baxter is a dreamer, a very fine one, as a matter of fact. Heis one of a misty-eyed gentlefolk seeking prosperity in a soul, in the soul. He’s a wanderer of the highest regard, with hazy matter, loosely based on his wakinghours, conditions, remarks and interactions, all that he finds suitable to chronicle in his ledger and diary. He made a record entitled &ldquo...

  • Tom Baxter

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    After gathering broad critical and public acclaim for his first two albums - “Feather & Stone” and “Skybound” - Tom took time out to rediscover his passion for the guitar and love of song-writing. It was a journey that took him from the wilds of Devon, through the foothills of India, the mountains of Southern Spain, and ended in California. The end result was &ld...

  • Bodega Bay

    Bodega Bay View Profile

    Art rock unit from Brooklyn, NYC. Critique and reverence for the rock tropes. Songs for many occasion.

  • East Bay Brass Band

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    East Bay Brass Band is a SF Bay Area, New Orleans-style brass band that specializes in mash-ups of popular artists from Jelly Roll Morton to AC/DC to Raymond Scott to Paula Abdul to Shostakovich to R.E.M.

  • South Bay Country

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  • East Bay Latin Soul All Stars

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  • Karen Bayard

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    Karen Bayard has been the Utah Pride Festival MC, opened for Elvira Kurt and Cooch. She has shared the Stage with Karen Ripley and Dave Metcalf. Karen's comedic style has a distinct cultural flair with characters and accents inspired by her life experiences. Whether she is doing improv as Bernie, the Jamaican talk show host or performing stand up, revealing lessons from her quest for vibrant liv...

  • Sonido Baylando

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    SONIDO BAYLANDO - BAY AREAS #1 LATIN MUSIC SOUND SYSTEM, specializing in all forms of Latin & Afro-Caribean Dance Music. Dj's, Live Emcees, Musicians & You!

  • Jessie Baylin

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    When you hear Jessie Baylin sing for the first time, it takes a matter of moments to realize that she’s intimately familiar with pop’s history – but not at all interested in repeating it. Her songs—and her plangent voice—carry a classic pop tone that evoke memories of the Brill Building and Laurel Canyon in the ‘70s while retaining a decidedly modern, empowered worldview. “I drew a lot from peo...

  • Rob Bayne Band

    Rob Bayne Band View Profile

    ROB BAYNE BAND plays original music - clever and accessible - which runs the gamut from rhythm & blues to swing, from folk-rock to psychedelic soul pop.

  • Misled Bayonets

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    elfishly described as music to save a starving soul, Misled Bayonets is primarily an improvisational project embracing the artistic skill of infinite permutations and unconventional structure, never playing the same thing twice. Aware that this direction alone will alienate 99% of audiences, Misled Bayonets humbly looks forward to having a blast with the other 1%.

  • Lost Bayou Ramblers

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    Lost Bayou Ramblers was born deep in South Louisiana performing old style, predominantly acoustic Cajun music at clubs and festivals across the US, Europe, and Canada. After years of playing traditional style, the Lost Bayou Ramblers found themselves needing to grow. To create a new sound that combined not just the sounds of their heritage, but all the musical influences they grew up loving. It...

  • The Bayrays

    The Bayrays View Profile

    The Batrays are Rob Aiman (drums), Joel Mark (bass), and Steve Cartwright (guitar) The Batrays are a San Francisco Surf Rock Band paying special tribute to The Blue Stingrays, The Ventures, The Surfaris, The Lively Ones, and all the classic surf rock bands. In the Summer of 2013, two long-time friends and veteran musicians - driven by their love of surf music - began searching for a guitaris...

  • Guantanamo Baywatch

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  • Bella Bazarria

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    Step right up and get ready to rawk! Bringing the side show of our lives to the main stage, Indie rockers Bella Bazarria have made their lucky mark with '13'. BB is group of diverse and accomplished friends who have made music that is emotionally charged with their deep personal experiences. Fronted by the enrapturing Cherish Alexander who has several studio albums under her belt including a...

  • Bobby Bazini

    Bobby Bazini View Profile

    Quebec based, soulful platinum singer-songwriter Bobby Bazini will release his sophomore full-length release, Where I Belong May 27. Since signing to Universal Music Canada in 2013, Bazini has been working hard on the follow-up to his hugely successful platinum-selling independent debut album, Better In Time (2010) that delivered his smash-hit “I Wonder”. Last Fall, Bazini took the trip of a...

  • KT's BDay Party

    KT's BDay Party View Profile

    KT is ready to RAGE.

  • Lily Be

    Lily Be View Profile

    Lily has been a fixture in the storytelling community since 2009. In addition to founding her own show, “Stoop-Style Stories” in August of 2012 with co-host Clarence Browley, Lily has thrown herself into the storytelling scene. She has been featured in an array of programs such as “Do Not Submit,” “I Shit You Not,” “Guts & Glory” and “...

  • Reasons Be

    Reasons Be View Profile

    Centered on vocals and guitar, Reasons Be’s EP is a faithful representation of their live sound paired with the studio craft of Lee Miles (Puddle of Mudd, Rise Against, Shinedown). The accomplished producer-engineer embellishes the duo’s acoustic core with a pop-friendly studio sheen. “He is quite the visionary,” Says R.E.L “He opened doors we would have never imagine...

  • Don't Be a Stranger

    Don't Be a Stranger View Profile

    Don't be a Stranger was formed in 2002, in a tiny village in rural Värmland, a Swedish region of dark woods and weird dialects. Liv Widell (singer/songwriter), Louise Weibull (Fidget) and her sister Christina Weibull (Honey is Cool) met by coincidence and started making music together. Liv had a God-given voice and abundant musical sketches in her head and hands. Louise and Christina had flow...

  • Very Be Careful

    Very Be Careful View Profile

    Adventure has never been a task for VBC.  A Caribbean soul and a California heart have sustained two decades of ceaseless romp-downs and raucous times for L.A.’s vallenato veteranos, inciting 10s of 1000s of men, women, children, and even some wild animals, to boogie to the Colombian coastal beat. From the debaucherous streets of: Austin’s SXSW, Germany’s WorldCupTour &rs...

  • Real Be Easys

    Real Be Easys View Profile

    Real Be Easys, an alternative blend of funk and rock started out in New York City in 2005, since then their music has been featured on MTV’s “Teen Mom”, Bravo’s “Flipping Out”, The History Channel’s “American Pickers” and numerous other Major Network TV Shows. The band is about to spawn their fourth Independent Release “All You Can Eat,” a psychedelic-rock production mixed by Steven Haigler (The ...

  • Ill Be John Brown

    Ill Be John Brown View Profile

    I’ll Be John Brown is a 5-piece locomotive mixing Bluegrass, Outlaw Country, and good ole fashioned Rock and Roll to create their own driving sound built on airtight rhythms and layered vocal harmony. Established in Brooklyn in 2005, their flare for performance has elevated them within the Brooklyn country scene as well as up and down the east coast. With influences ranging from Waylon, Hank, Dyla...

  • We Be Lions

    We Be Lions View Profile

  • To Be Sure

    To Be Sure View Profile

    To Be Sure is the artist name for Nathan's solo marimba work, commissioning, collaborative, and recording projects, and general percussive nonsense. To Be Sure is community driven and focused on bringing accessible chamber music, to unexpected places.

  • Must Be the Holy Ghost

    Must Be the Holy Ghost View Profile

    MUST BE THE HOLY GHOST is the latest vehicle for North Carolina's longtime sonic traveler Jared Draughon. Layered rhythms fuse with looping guitars and vocals, a sound both intricately crafted but with ever shifting landscapes. There is no reference to the past, the pulse is skyward, the soul is steady.

  • Alligator Beach

    Alligator Beach View Profile

    New Orleans meets Los Angeles. We are going to grab something from The Meters, The Neville Brothers, Maceo Parker and Aretha. We are going to round up all the party people and head down to the beach to have a funky good time and shake everything we got.

  • Cliff Beach

    Cliff Beach View Profile

    Funk music artist Cliff Beach has been performing live for more than 10 years in Los Angeles. The Berklee-trained singer/songwriter/keyboardist and DC native has created a style of music he coins as ³Nu-funk², a hybrid of soul, traditional R&B, funk and neo-soul which he performs regularly throughout Southern California. Last summer, Cliff released the highly anticipated &s...

  • Ghost Beach

    Ghost Beach View Profile

    Ghost Beach are the latest pop pioneers to set the internet ablaze with only a couple singles floating around and without any major label backing. The New York-based duo of Josh Ocean and Eric "Doc" Mendelsohn take their '80s influences one step further with Ghost Beach. Only a few months old, they've already perfected a retro-future aesthetic that sounds like the holy trifecta o...

  • Lido Beach

    Lido Beach View Profile

    Lido Beach will break your heart and leave you hungry for more. Fronted by Long Island native, Scott Waldman, the musically and geographically diverse LA quartet combines a high-energy stage show with a blend of catchy, melodic rock, rooted deeply from the 90s alternative scene. They are regulars at The Roxy on the Sunset Strip and have performed all throughout LA.  In 2009, Lido Beac...


    ONE BEACH View Profile

  • Sinai Beach

    Sinai Beach View Profile

    Metalcore outfit Sinai Beach erupted from Southern California through two years of do-it-yourself touring. Comprised of singer CJ Alderson, drummer Mike Dunlap, bassist Daniel Barachkov and guitarists Logan Lambert and Sean Durham, the group built their reputation by playing shows in basements, clubs and churches across North America and Europe in support of their 2003 cult debut When Breath Escap...

  • The Beach

    The Beach View Profile

  • Electric Beach Band

    Electric Beach Band View Profile

  • The Beach Boys

    The Beach Boys View Profile

  • North Beach Brass Band

    North Beach Brass Band View Profile

    San Francisco's homegrown North Beach Brass Band is both a traditional brass band playing early jazz and show standards and an electrified post-bebop funk/jazz act playing classic groove jazz riffs. The lineup of sax, trumpet, trombone, tuba, bass drum, snare drum covers a wide array of genres for any taste, including New Orleans classics in the spirit of Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Rebirth Brass ...

  • Long Beach Derby Gals

    Long Beach Derby Gals View Profile

  • Long Beach Funk Fest AFTER PARTY JAM

    Long Beach Funk Fest AFTER PARTY JAM View Profile

  • Long Beach Rehab

    Long Beach Rehab View Profile

    Long Beach Rehab isa music group containing members from world class rock bands “White Zombie,” “Sublime LBC,” “Bad Brains,” and “Smashmouth.” Ivan De Prume (“White Zombie” drummer): Co-songwriter/founder of “White Zombie,” Ivan has developed a massive fan base. He’s toured the world repeatedly, recording many albums ...

  • Long Beach Roller Derby

    Long Beach Roller Derby View Profile

  • Long Beach Shortbus

    Long Beach Shortbus View Profile

    Long Beach Shortbus is tearing up the road with an all-new album of 18 brand new tracks. The band, featuring members of Sublime & Long Beach Dub Allstars has regrouped, refreshed and are ready for the masses to hear. Eric Wilson's days as Sublime's bassist and RAS1's experience as the lead singer for The Dub Allstars have allowed them to fine tune their sound.The new album, Flying Ship of Fantasy ...

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