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  • Andy Barham

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  • BJ Barham

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    B.J. Barham was a long way from home when the tragedy happened. On November 13, 2015, the singer-songwriter—raised in a small North Carolina town called Reidsville—was in the middle of his fourth European tour with American Aquarium, the rising alt-country act he’d led for nearly a decade. They were in Belgium, less than two hours from Paris, when bad news began to arrive: a s...

  • Doc Barham

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    , founder and owner of Full Spectrum Coaching and Integrative Performance Group, is a professional coach, consultant, speaker, and author.  Over the last 15 years, Doc has established an outstanding reputation as a change expert and success coach for high achievers such as Fortune 500 CEO’s, professional athletes, entertainment celebrities, and many more.  His product development i...

  • Tyler Barham

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  • Young Bari

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    Music artist Young Bari a San Francisco,ca native has been making music and performing since the young age of 11 years old! In 2005 he dropped his first independent album ( Here I Come ) procducing and writing a vass majority of the album himself , since then he has become a very popular Bay area/West coast artist with hit records such as ( Can't Get Enough ) , ( Straight Up ) , ( I Bangz ) ( ...

  • Scott Barkan

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    Scott Barkan is a guitarist, singer and songwriter based in New York. After years of working as an in demand sideman for various songwriters and bands around the country, having his guitar playing and songwriting featured on national television, as well as leading numerous guitar oriented instrumental projects, Scott has recently struck out as a solo artist. The new project, which finds Sco...

  • Aaron Barker

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    A Native Texan, Aaron Barker has had #1’s in the last three decades. His first “Baby Blue” recorded by George Strait. “Love Without End, Amen” remained on the charts for 5 weeks & rated the #1 song of his career by Billboard Magazine. “Easy Come, Easy Go,” “I’d Like To have That One Back,”“I Know She Still Loves Me” & ...

  • Arj Barker

    Arj Barker View Profile

    Arj Barker has appeared on several television comedy shows since his 1997 appearance on Premium Blend. Most of his appearances are late-night shows such as Late Night with Conan O'Brien and The Glass House. He has had his own Comedy Central Presents episode on two occasions, first on 20 September, 2000 and again on 31 March, 2006. He also has appeared on the Australian show, Thank God You're Here...

  • Megan Barker

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    Megan Barker is an accomplished singer and songwriter located in Nashville, TN. Born into the music industry, her father, Bobby P. Barker, wrote songs for country legends such as Ronnie Milsap and Barbara Mandrell. Her mother, Barbara Smith-Barker was also a touring artist and session singer. Megan spent her childhood in studios and writing sessions where she learned at an early age how to craft a...

  • Travis Barker

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    Before rising to the forefront of late-'90s punk-pop with blink-182, drummer Travis Barker honed his chops with the Suicide Machines and the Aquabats. Born in 1975 in Fontana, CA, Barker was urged to pursue his musical talents by his mother, who died the day before he entered high school. Barker followed her advice and eventually worked his way onto the touring roster of the Aquabats, who shared a...

  • Stephen Barker Liles

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  • Gnarls Barkley

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    The Gnarls Barkley collaboration didn't bring producer Danger Mouse to the top of the British charts for the first time, but it did mark his debut as the pilot of a hit record. Mouse, born Brian Burton, first gained the ears of discriminating listeners when he concocted The Grey Album, a bootleg that mashed the vocals from The Black Album by Jay-Z with music samples courtesy of The White Album by ...

  • Jack Barksdale

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    Jack Barksdale is an 11 year old singer/songwriter from Texas. Inspired by folk, rock and blues legends Jack started performing original music at the age of nine and has already shared the stage with Ray Wylie Hubbard, Walt Wilkins, Wade Bowen and Hayes Carll.  In September 2018 Jack released his debut EP "Revival." On the EP Jack plays 6 different instruments...

  • Hillary Barleaux

    Hillary Barleaux View Profile

    "She just has this uncanny ability to mix lyrics and notes to make an emotional response. It can't be faked." -Melissa Davis, Greyhouse Publications Hailing from Upstate New York and Boston's famed Berklee College of Music, Hillary Barleaux's songs can be compared to the innovative and intricate dark melodies of Fiona Apple and Tori Amos. Hillary's haunting vibratos and lyrical metaphorical paint...

  • The Barley Hoppers

    The Barley Hoppers View Profile

    Formed by Stan Kozlowski and Ray Reniere after dicovering a mutual interest in old Honky Tonk, Sun records, Surf, and Swing music. The Barley Hoppers have been performing their unique blend of music-- not normally found in New England, but in the roadhouses of Texas and Tennessee-- to delighted audiences from New Hampshire to NYC.

  •  Barley Legal

    Barley Legal View Profile

    “All Your Stories” is the debut album from Southern California’s Barley Legal. Recorded in the span of a couple months in early 2010 at John Baffa’s TV Tray Studios in Simi Valley, the album captures the feel and flavor of California’s South Bay unlike any other recording. Barley Legal opted to go “old school” with their debut, recording most of the alb...

  • Abigail Barlow

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    Abigail Barlow is an 18-year-old pop singer/songwriter who first found her audience in 2015 through popular social media apps and YouNow. Since then she has amassed over 675,000 followers across all of her social media platforms and continues to grow with engaging original music and cover songs. With a traditional Southern charm, powerful vocals, and a coming-...

  • Marianne Barlow

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    She was born in Van Nuys, California (Like omiGOsh, the VALLey!). She was a Girl Scout too, and before you think "big nerd" the answer would be, well, kinda, if that means intelligent folk with lovely, earth-based imagery. Her songwriting career began in college when she heard someone else's attempt at a song about babies and death (don't ask) and thought, I could do better than ...

  • Cary Barlowe

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    Veteran hitmaker Cary Barlowe is the first signing to Rhythm House/Roc Nation. The 2015 SESAC Country Songwriter of the Year joins longtime collaborator and publisher Jesse Frasure at the new company. Barlowe, who’s had cuts across many genres, recently celebrated his fourth #1 song at country radio with Billy Currington’s “It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To”. He’s ...

  • Amy Barnes

    Amy Barnes View Profile

    Amy Barnes started her stand-up career in Seattle, Washington where she quickly gained a reputation for smart accessible comedy. A few years later she picked up a guitar and added original songs to the mix which landed her a plum spot in the New Faces Show at the Montreal Comedy Festival. With rave reviews in hand she appeared on Premium Blend and Comic Remix on Comedy Central followed by a recurr...

  • Casey Barnes

    Casey Barnes View Profile

    Casey Barnes is making his mark on the Australian music industry as one of the country’s most talented, emerging singer-songwriters. One of his biggest highlights to date has been opening for Bryan Adams at the outdoor concert series ‘A Day on the Green’ Following his set, the demand for his independently released album at the merchandising tent was overwhelming. This was the start of someth...

  • Chris Barnes

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  • Danny Barnes

    Danny Barnes View Profile

    “A good song has a way of speaking to everybody” Danny Barnes says. “I have faith that more people are going to hear my songs, which is really what I have to offer. I’m not one of those virtuoso instrumentalists, I can’t compete with those guys, but the one thing I can do is write really good songs.”  Part Southern gentleman, part humble artist, Barnes i...

  • Dave Barnes

    Dave Barnes View Profile

    When Dave Barnes first showed up on the music scene 12 years ago, he was the guy hitting the college circuit with limitless energy and an equally unrestrained expectation for the future. There were songs to be penned, tours to be booked and a whole world of experiences to be seized.   ...

  • Greer Barnes

    Greer Barnes View Profile

    Greer Barnes was born in the Bronx, New York City. Raised by his mother and Jewish stepfather, Greer received his Bar Mitzvah at age thirteen. Athletics led Greer to baseball in which he excelled. Having been scouted by the San Francisco Giants he seemed to be on his way until he suffered a career ending injury at age eighteen. Following his second dream of stand up comedy, Greer was quickly notic...

  • Max T. Barnes

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  • Charlie Barnett

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  • Courtney Barnett

    Courtney Barnett View Profile

    After years toiling away as a guitarist in other-people’s bands, Courtney Barnett finally gained the courage to step out as a solo artist less than two years ago. Gathering together a bunch of like minded friends, she recorded a debut EP of rambling garage pop and began life as a front-woman. That EP ‘I’ve Got A Friend Called Emily Ferris” received glowing reviews in her home country of Austral...

  • Tim Barnett

    Tim Barnett View Profile

    Tim Barnett is a 24-year old musician from California’s Mojave Desert. Before going down the route of full-time music, Barnett received his BA in Theatre from UCSD with emphasis in playwriting and acting.   As Deserts Go, Tim Barnett’s 1st solo album, is due for release early 2017. “The LP is a pretty personal project, inspired by old loves, boyhood in a desert m...

  • Ty Barnett

    Ty Barnett View Profile

    With his ability to put a funny and unique spin on topics such as race: ” We should switch stereotypes…every 30 days”, religion: “my grandma is the only person I know with a tattoo of the Last Supper” and politics: ” I’m glad gas prices are high… drive-by shootings have decreased!!” Ty demonstrates that comedy can be funny and yet thought pro...

  • Marc-Alan Barnette

    Marc-Alan Barnette View Profile

    Marc-Alan Barnette is a Birmingham born artist / writer / teacher, based in Nashville, Tennessee. He calls his music "In your face country soul" and has songs recorded by such great artists as Shelby Lynne, John Berry and David Ball. In addition to being a consummate entertainer and songwriter, Barnette provides songwriting and performance lessons for people all over the world. His le...

  • Marc-Alan Barnette

    Marc-Alan Barnette View Profile

  • Adam Barnhardt

    Adam Barnhardt View Profile

  • Greg Barnhill

    Greg Barnhill View Profile

    Originally from New Orleans, Barnhill has been writing and performing his entire life. Artists from Etta James, Martina McBride, and Jessica Simpson to Chicago, Tim McGraw, Lee Ann Womack, Leona Lewis and many in between have embraced his songs. “Walkaway Joe,” recorded by Trisha Yearwood and Don Henley, was a significant milestone to his career. The song went on to earn him a Gra...

  • Michael Barnum

    Michael Barnum View Profile

    Michael Barnum is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. Fusing pop, rock and soul—the sounds that he grew up on—and armed with his acoustic guitar, he has created his own distinct sound. Michael performs his music throughout Los Angeles and is known for his daily live broadcasts on Periscope (@barnumichael). Michael is currently working on his debut EP to be released late...

  • Eddie Barojas

    Eddie Barojas View Profile

    Eddie Barojas’s style of comedy is for anyone who is looking to laugh at him and themselves. He opens with a personal attack of himself and his great size. Then he turns the tables, which makes it comfortable to laugh at ourselves. We get a look at life of a fat man living in a thin world and his attraction to “Big Girls” and life at the Fat Clubs. Eddie explains how having a Gay...

  • Baron Baron

    Baron Baron View Profile

     Jay Baron is a Dutch dj & producer, who started his career in 1997. Since then he has been performing dj-sets under multiple aliases. Jay has a wide interest in music. He started as a Techno/House & Deephouse-jockey, and since then extended his musical interest towards Funk, Soul, Disco and even 60/70’s Psychedelica. Nowadays Jay plays eclectic sets with an electronic base...

  • David Baron

    David Baron View Profile

    A passionate singer, gifted pianist and insightful songwriter, David Baron has caught the ear of audiences across the globe with his soaring vocals, confessional lyrics, and powerful piano pop/rock sound. The past year has been a banner one for David Baron, a 28-year-old singer-songwriter who is both the lead singer of the Bryan Bros Band featuring David Baron and a successful solo artist in his ...

  • Justin Baron

    Justin Baron View Profile

    Make music to move the soul. This has long been the mantra of Justin Baron, a 25-year old NYC-based blues rock musician and recent co-writer for Grammy Award-Winning artist John Legend's new album. With roots in classical piano and delta blues, the sound of Justin Baron is always evolving. Whether he's invoking the intricate chord structures of Elliot Smith or the raw energy of The Black Keys, Jus...

  • Reverend Baron

    Reverend Baron View Profile

  • Yves Baron

    Yves Baron View Profile

  • Lockwood Barr

    Lockwood Barr View Profile

    From the moment she steps into the spotlight and begins picking her banjo - her dad’s 1972 Gibson Mastertone to be exact - it’s undeniable that being on stage is where Lockwood Barr feels most at home.  Selected as an emerging artist by the Country Music Association for the past two years, this Tiburon, Calif. native songwriter and Vanderbilt graduate was also recently awarded ...

  • Nikki Barr

    Nikki Barr View Profile

    As one of the industry’s most respected female-fronted bands, The Niki Barr Band has built its reputation on its innate ability to blend power pop punk with hard rock passion. Led by vocalist Niki Barr, who embodies an edgy yet magnetic stage presence, the group emanates an electrifying energy while pouring its heart into every performance. Resistant to conformity, this Baltimore-based band ...

  • Roseanne Barr

    Roseanne Barr View Profile

    is an American actress, comedian, writer, television producer and director. Barr won both an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her work on Roseanne. In addition, she has won six People's Choice Awards, three American Comedy Awards, and a Kids Choice Award. In 2008, Barr and the cast of Roseanne were honored with the Innovator Award at the TV Land Awards.

  • Peter Barr and the Double Double Trio

    Peter Barr and the Double Double Trio View Profile

    Peter Barr is a drummer and multi-percussionist who has been exceedingly active on the New York music scene. Barr has lent his talent to an array of modern music stars as a performer, a composer, a recording artist and as a bandleader/producer.

  • The Barr Brothers

    The Barr Brothers View Profile

     To begin their third album, The Barr Brothers weren't writing any songs. For the first time, the Montreal outfit's three members - namesake siblings Brad and Andrew Barr, harpist Sarah Pagé - went empty-handed into the studio. No plans or preconceptions, no books of lyrics or sheets of chords - they went down miles of snowy road to a cabin on a frozen lake, a place full of win...

  • Erin Barra

    Erin Barra View Profile

    Erin Barra's sound draws from a diverse range of musical influences that creates a distinctive mix of Pop, Rock and Soul with splashes of Reggae. Using Ableton Live she creates a beautiful collision of the digital playground the organic breath of Live Music. Singer/Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer, Arranger and Performer... this is the future of music. If Alicia Keys and Nelly Furtad...

  • James Barre

    James Barre View Profile

  • 4 Barrel

    4 Barrel View Profile

  • The Barrel House Kings

    The Barrel House Kings View Profile

    t Bio Modal_close_icon The Barrelhouse Kings is the mutant spawn of singer/ songwriter/harmonicist, Chris Wilson, and long time Collaborator, guitarist/impresario Jed Ojeda. Their sound rises like a swamp creature from the LA music scene to envelope unsuspecting listeners in a mind blowing haze of tone and feeling ,leaving their happy victims drained dazed and deeply satisfied . the...

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