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  • Mark Ballas

    Mark Ballas View Profile

    Bio: Emmy-nominated Mark Ballas is recognized worldwide as a multifaceted performer. Known for his dynamic energy and bold choreography, Mark stormed the US scene over six years ago, captivating over 20 million viewers per week on the ABC sensation, “Dancing with the Stars.” Named by Clear Channel as the 2011 “Artist to Watch,” he has emerged as a recording artist, signing ...

  • Whitney Ballen

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  • Kelsea Ballerini

    Kelsea Ballerini View Profile

    Kelsea Ballerini launched to stardom with two consecutive #1 smashes – PLATINUM-selling "Love Me Like You Mean It” and GOLD-certified follow-up “Dibs” – from her critically acclaimed debut album THE FIRST TIME. The Black River Entertainment recording artist is the first solo female artist in 15 years to hit #1 with her first two country singles and...

  • Spandau Ballet

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  • Ben Ballinger

    Ben Ballinger View Profile

    Ben Ballinger makes roots music with an emotional depth and songwriting mastery rarely heard on the Americana scene. A balladeer in the truest sense, Ballinger comes off as a craftsman, building fine-tuned melodies out of roughhewn passions. Ballinger mines every bit of his existence, a lifetime worth of triumph and disappointment and discovery, panning through the spiritual silt for a golden t...

  • Gloom Balloon

    Gloom Balloon View Profile

    Gloom Balloon is the debut solo project by Patrick Tape Fleming, the founder of the indie rock band The Poison Control Center. That band has played over 1,000 shows, released 3 critically acclaimed records, opened for Jeff Mangum, Pavement, and Of Montreal, toured with Apples In Stereo, and was named 2011 Live Act of the Year by Steven Hyden at the AV Club.   After a 13 month tour ...

  • Dead Balloons

    Dead Balloons View Profile

    Dead Balloons is a rock'n'roll trio from Birmingham, AL, that blends styles of jazz, punk, folk, and progressive rock into one unique sound. The group began in 2008, when vocalist Chris Seifert and drummer Sam Sanders decided to pursue music as a career- bassist Rollie Kraus joined the group soon after. The group’s sound was formed in the storage units of the Magic City they practiced in, in month...

  • The Ballroom Jacks

    The Ballroom Jacks View Profile

    Ballroom Jacks are an alternative rock and roll band which formed in Queens, New York in 2010. Composed of brothers Will Arland (Singer and Songwriter) and Ben Arland (Bassist), Conor McGlone (Drums) and Graham Stone (Guitar), the band is influenced by 1960's American girl groups, Phil Spector's Wall of Sound, and the aesthetic of new wave 80's music. The song writing of Will Arland combined with ...

  • The Ballroom Thieves

    The Ballroom Thieves View Profile

    The room is dark, as feet shuffle and people slowly mill about the open space in front of the barely-lit stage. The hiss as beer cans are cracked open mixes in with the swilling of whiskey and the dropping of ice in glasses and throwaway cups. It’s a lively, talkative crowd that starts moving closer and closer to the stage as the room lights dim and the stage lights come on. All of a sudd...

  • CAsey Balsham

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  • The Baltic

    The Baltic View Profile

  • Charli Baltimore

    Charli Baltimore View Profile

    Rapper Charli Baltimore was born Tiffany Lane in Philadelphia; her music career blossomed after she began a relationship with the Notorious B.I.G., and she adopted her stage alias from the name of Geena Davis' character in the film The Long Kiss Goodnight. In the wake of the Biggie's murder, Baltimore teamed with producer Lance "Un" Rivera to release a handful of singles and soundtrack appearances...

  • Basia Balut

    Basia Balut View Profile

    With an electrifying voice and lyrics like silver arrowheads, Basia Bulat has become one of Canada's most conspicuous talents. Juno nominated and shortlisted for the prestigious Polaris Music Prize, she often appears solo in gigantic halls, winning over crowds with an autoharp or charango, stomping feet and two mighty lungs. Her massive talent has also been recognized at scale: her songs ha...

  • Armen Balyan

    Armen Balyan View Profile

    Armen Balyan is an independent R&B/Hip-Hop artist with a sound like no other. Mixing R&B and Hip Hop with ethnic sounds gives Armen's music a modern touch and puts him in a category of his own. Armen's last album "New Style, New Sound" has sold over 100,000 copies with two number 1 singles on amazon, numerous nominations and awards including album of the year at the Tenth...

  • Afrika Bambaataa

    Afrika Bambaataa View Profile

  • Maria Bamford

    Maria Bamford View Profile

    Maria Bamford ( is the first female comic to have two half-hour Comedy Central Presents specials. She starred in the Comedy Central series, The Comedians of Comedy and Netflix’s Comedians of Comedy: Movie. She has made multiple late-night appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Late Night with Conan O&r...

  • Bodega Bamz

    Bodega Bamz View Profile

    Nathaniel De La Rosa, better known as Bodega Bamz, is an emerging artist from Spanish Harlem, New York. The 2012 mixtape release of Strictly 4 P.A.P.I.Z. showcased Bodega Bamz artistry and further solidified his place in the hip-hop community.   In alliance with Ohla, his manager, confidant and brother, they established a hip-hop movement known as ‘TanBoys’. ‘TanB...

  •  Banco de Gaia

    Banco de Gaia View Profile

    Inspired to enter the field of electronic music by Britain's acid house explosion of the late '80s, Toby Marks took quite a different spin on electronica with his recordings as Banco de Gaia, introducing elements of Eastern and Arabic music, sampling similarly exotic sources, and tying the whole to ambient-dub rhythms. Marks began releasing cassette-only albums in the early '90s, distributed throu...

  • 79 Band

    79 Band View Profile

  • Alex Band

    Alex Band View Profile

    Alex Band launched his career as leader of the Calling, a post-grunge act that rose to popularity in late 2001, when "Wherever You Will Go" assumed its reign atop the Adult Top 40 chart. The song remained there for 23 weeks, the second longest run of any chart-topping single, but the Calling's popularity quickly dwindled as future singles failed to chart as highly. The band eventually threw in the...

  • B.Andrews Band

    B.Andrews Band View Profile

  • Chamber Band

    Chamber Band View Profile

    Chamber Band is a 5-piece band playing songs about love, heartbreak, and dragons. Front nerd Chris Littler carefully weaves in references to the gods of tabletop gaming while the band keeps the tunes upbeat and catchy. Like "Weezer and Warlocks", if Rivers Cuomo had never plugged in.

  • Charmas Band

    Charmas Band View Profile

  • Colision Band

    Colision Band View Profile

  • Dahka Band

    Dahka Band View Profile

    Dahka band's music can be described as world music sound with a modern approach to it. We infuse our original cultural sound from Algeria, Nigeria, and Turkey and made it into something appealing to all by merging sounds from all around the world. The resulting music with lyrics in Arabic, Berber,west African Yoruba, and English, as sung through rock instrumentation like electric and bass guitars,...

  • DaUltimate Band

    DaUltimate Band View Profile

    DA'Ultimate, Los Angeles based 6 piece live hip-hop group is redefining music to its true essence. Created by Philly native pianist and composer Yoel DeJesus. Bridging East coast and west coast Hip-hop. Da'Ultimate is ushering in a fresh new breed of incredible artists with explosive talent, while still paying tribute to the ol school classics and remixing todays number one hits, the eclectic soun...

  • Fake Band

    Fake Band View Profile

    Fake band bio

  • Frazier Band

    Frazier Band View Profile

    FrazierBand is an original, multi-genre, acoustic/electric quintet from East Nashville, Tennessee, USA started in 2010 by John E Frazier III (composer/singer/multi-instrumentalist). “FrazierBand seamlessly blends bluegrass and americana with jam-rock and jazz fusion, and turn it all into killer tunes with catchy hooks, straight-from-the-heart lyrics, funky rhythms, and virtuoso solos. These ...

  • Gabby's Band

    Gabby's Band View Profile

    We are Gabby's Band, originally from Los Angeles. Very diverse high school students who met up because of Gabby. Gabby is in college now so he left us something we all love and want to pursue.

  • Grrrl Band

    Grrrl Band View Profile

  • HariKaraoke Band

    HariKaraoke Band View Profile

    The Harikaraoke Band & Gong Show is the creation of founder, Kenny Lewis. With an idea to bring the live band karaoke show to Washington DC, he set out to get some of the most talented musicians in the city and get a great song list together so the masses may sing. But beware the Gong! It was introduced as a fun thing, and does the job just like it did in "The Gong Show" days on TV. ...

  • Hous Band

    Hous Band View Profile

  • Ian Band

    Ian Band View Profile

    Members of IAN Band are: John Scott – Guitar, Glenn Jones – Keyboards, Tim Law – Guitar, Sundance Taylor – Bass, Glenn Jones Jr. – Drums, Robert Jones – Percussionist, Brittney Jones– Singer. The core of the IAN Band consists of six professional musicians with extensive experience performing and perfecting their instruments! The band's name (IAN) is an acronym for Independent Artist Netw...

  • JSK Band

    JSK Band View Profile

    JSK is a classic rock band that has been playing in Denver for over 30 years. Originally formed in 1981 on campus at Denver University, the founding members stuck together through the years to continue to deliver the high energy, harmony laden live music that has become their trademark. JSK delivers a diverse selection of classic rock from the 60's through ...

  • Lawrence Band

    Lawrence Band View Profile

    After years of consuming Stevie Wonder, Janis Joplin, and Eggo waffles, Lawrence delivers Breakfast, their twelve-song debut LP. Led by siblings Clyde Lawrence, 22, and Gracie Lawrence, 18, the New York-based soul-pop group blends old-school and new-school vibes to create a set of songs that sound as good on the record as they do at their high-energy live shows. To create Breakfast, ...

  • Maryama Band

    Maryama Band View Profile

    Known for its unique sound and style, Maryama Band, founded by composer/performer Maryam Mirbagheri, showcases an interesting fusion of  genres. The band's sound is a combination of soul/jazz/rock with a spice of Persian and Middle Eastern music. Maryama band is currently featuring Julian Karahalios (Bass), Linnea Sablosky ( Cajon, Voice ), Nick Hon (drums) , Maleke Clemmons (Piano) an...

  • Maryama Band

    Maryama Band View Profile

  • Maw Band

    Maw Band View Profile

    Maw Band is a powerful, acoustic driven rock band...with style. The band has released two records in the last 2 years and working on a third to be released winter 2016!  With influences from Dave Matthews Band, Umprey’s McGee, Slightly Stoopid, Neil Young, Glen Hansard, Jack White and more.  The Band combines curious sounds and rhythms with words of wisdom and rockin beats.  P...

  • Music Band

    Music Band View Profile


  • Nightcap Band

    Nightcap Band View Profile

  • Obsession Band

    Obsession Band View Profile

    OBSESSION BAND was created by Dant'e King and Mike Gross 1985 at Calvert High. The group Reunited in 2006. This was implemented with the blessings of the founders with some old faces as well as new blood that enabled the band to keep its foundation along with staying current with the feel of today's Music. Obsession Band has a unique sound that allows us to fit in any music venue. Whether it is...

  • Platinum Band

    Platinum Band View Profile

    Theo Huff is the most promising younger-generation soul-blues vocalist working in Chicago today. His voice, reminiscent of Johnnie Taylor in his prime, is remarkably developed, especially considering his age (he’s still in his twenties). His stage persona blends sensitivity and cocksure flamboyance, and combined with those resonant vocals it invariably gets even Chicago’s most seasoned clubbers to...

  • Robert Meade Band

    Robert Meade Band View Profile

    “Eugene, Oregon's Robert Meade channels some of indie rock's greatest souls in his raw, vulnerable lyricism and playing. His voice cracks at just the right emotional pitches, his solo guitar work builds and plateaus achingly and leaves you feeling, simply, depressed. But it’s deftly and soulfully done, a reminder that even life’s painful subjects have a strange beauty abo...

  • Royal Band

    Royal Band View Profile

  • S Band

    S Band View Profile

    S is the long-running solo project of Hardly Art's Jenn Champion.

  • Strecker Band

    Strecker Band View Profile

    Stephen Strecker – (Ace-Roc) lead vocals: A man of many interests and talents, Steve is the Chief Amusement park ride operator at Adventureland theme park in Farmingdale, NY. He is also often trying out his original musical compositions as the proud conductor/director of the FCSWGC (Freedom Christian Senior Women’s Gospel Choir). Interests: NASCAR, tractor pulling, superhero comic book...

  • string band

    string band View Profile

  • Swerve Band

    Swerve Band View Profile

    That's right folks... your favorite cover band of all time is getting together for some reuinion shows! It's been

  • Test Band

    Test Band View Profile

    Fake Bio

  • Test Band 14

    Test Band 14 View Profile

    Test Band Bio

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