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  • Adam Baker

    Adam Baker View Profile

    Singer/Songwriter for Annuals.

  • Barbara Baker

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    Barbara Baker is an American singer/songwriter, raised in the rural outskirts of historic York, Pennsylvania where she grew up singing. Barbara dabbled in guitar and some writing as a teenager, but didn’t consider music a career until moving to Los Angeles after college in 2010. Barbara started playing local gigs in LA, with her band, and writing with guitar to accompany her distincti...

  • Brock Baker

    Brock Baker View Profile

    Brock Baker started his musical journey at the age of four performing in front of thousands and participating in singing competitions. In 2007, he received his first musical award at GMAs for "Best Vocals." After being a Warbler on the hit television show GLEE he has had the opportunity of singing with and opening for artists such as Katy Perry, Jordin Sparks, The Eagles, Michael W. Smit...

  • Charlie Baker

    Charlie Baker View Profile

    30 years of performing & touring Charlie shared the stage as a music artist Opening shows for “Reo Speed-Wagon” “Damn Yankees” Featuring “Ted Nugent” “Tommy Shaw” As a solo acoustic artist he opened for “Warren Zevon’s” final tour in the Midwest USA. Before moving to Ventura, CA. in 2014 Charlie spent 15 years based in Nashville, TN. Where he recorded with some of the worlds top musicians. While...

  • Eddy Baker

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  • Elna Baker

    Elna Baker View Profile

    Elna Baker is a writer and comedian who performs regularly at The Moth and on This American Life. She wrote a memoir called The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance.  Elna was born in Tacoma, Washington. She moved overseas when she was nine, and grew up in Madrid, London and New York City—where she attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Her parents now live in S...

  • Erick Baker

    Erick Baker View Profile

    If you listen closely, you can hear a heartbeat in the songs of Erick Baker. A warm familiar pulse of love and loss echoing from somewhere just under the surface. Written with unguarded lyrical honesty, Erick’s songs are passionate confessions that reflect many of our own deeply rooted emotions and secrets. Since releasing his debut EP, It’s Getting Too Late To Say It’s Early, ...

  • Jai Baker

    Jai Baker View Profile

    Born and raised in northern Indiana, Jai Baker found his love and passion for music at the early age of seven. Not more than four years after his father bought him his first guitar, Jai was given the opportunity to hit the road with his first band, his family. Together they traveled for seven years, and by the time Jai was eighteen he had played his share of fairs, festivals and celebrations. ...

  • Jeff Baker

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  • Kaitlyn Baker

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  • Kennieth Baker

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  • Margie Baker

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  • Polly Baker

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  • Tabitha Baker

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  • Tiffany Baker

    Tiffany Baker View Profile

    Tiffany Baker is a combination of contradictions that add up to a cohesive whole. A motivator offstage, she has a good enough attitude to be a dauntless, fearless stand-up. Simultaneously, she has a "bad" enough attitude to have an onstage edge and sardonic irreverence in her act. She is an aesthetically striking young woman, with her lustrous brunette mane, tone physique, and photogenic...

  • Timothy Baker

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  • Todd Baker

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  • Tony Baker

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    Jonathan Baker GURNEY PRODUCTIONS DJ SET View Profile

    Jonathan Baker was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he studied television, film, radio and music.  He moved to Los Angeles about five years ago and has quickly made a name for himself in the world of music supervision. With such shows as Duck Dynasty, Shark Week, Sons of Winter and Auction Hunters, he has supervised the music for more than 20 television series and specials...

  • Ron Baker Jr.

    Ron Baker Jr. View Profile

    Ron Baker Jr. is the ? year old sensation who brings to comedy a breath of fresh air.  His comedy style is reality magnified 100% to bring your attention to everyday subjects and situations that everyone experiences but rarely think about.  What makes Ron Baker Jr.’s comedy so unique?  Pure, unadulterated, natural talent!  No Censor necessary.  He shares the exper...

  • Dan Bakkedahl

    Dan Bakkedahl View Profile

    is an American improvisor, actor and teacher from Chicago. Born in Rochester, Minnesota and raised in Stuart, Florida, he attended St. Cloud State University in Minnesota before completing his studies at Florida State University where he was a member of the Chi Phi Fraternity. After college, Bakkedahl toured for a year with the Repertory Theater of America. After moving to Chicago, he made a name...

  • Aura Bakker

    Aura Bakker View Profile

    Raised in both California and Holland, Aura grew up playing piano and studying Indian Classical Music and Jazz. After completing a BA in music at the Maastricht Conservatory in Holland, she moved to London for two years where she began performing regularly and found her voice in songwriting.   From 2005-2009 Aura toured around the world where she sang at the renowned Teatru festiva...

  • Flying Balalaika Brothers

    Flying Balalaika Brothers View Profile

    The Flying Balalaika Brothers, founded in 1995 by Zhenya Kolykhanov(Rock), first began as an LA street band before establishing its roots in the musically zealous city of Austin, Texas.    For nearly 20 years, the feisty and funky group has entranced audiences with their unique  blend of Gypsy folk, electric rock n' roll and eye-catching, ...

  • Michele Balan

    Michele Balan View Profile

    Finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing Season 4 (2006) The Joy Behar Show (2010) Opened for the Smothers Brothers during their 50th anniversary tour (2009) Appeared in the movie Stand-UP 360, played in theaters across the country. (2009) Outlaugh Festival on LOGO (2007) She appeared on Byron Allen’s Comics Unleashed (2007) Voted one of the top 10 comi...

  • dj Balance

    dj Balance View Profile

    Balance (Beat Church SF) Balance can be described as a master vibe setter. One could even call her a beat-barista, pressing hand crafted shots of rhythm and bass that bring listeners into movement. Her career began many years ago when a strong passion for hip hop and electronic music combined with a dangerous curiosity toward the art of mixing and ass shaking fused together. Her journey officially...

  • Ph Balance

    Ph Balance View Profile

    After seven years fronting the Atlanta bossa-jazz-pop group Cicada Sings, chanteuse Pam Howe witnessed a performance by bluesy groove masters G. Love & Special Sauce that was inspiring enough to change her musical outlook. Having an inherent fondness for hip-hop, Howe and longtime collaborator/drummer Chris Burte toyed with the idea of a new project and in 1997, roped in a couple of local club DJs...

  • Jonathan Balas

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  • Ay Balazo

    Ay Balazo View Profile

  • The Balboans

    The Balboans View Profile

    the balboans were born from the noodlings of singer Loam Disher and songwriter Robb Bruns many moons ago. The arrival of brother Torello Disher cemented the deal and with the addition of Tate Overton they became a band, playing all the NYC institutions; CBGB's, the Don Hills, The Continental. As the clubs changed so did the band, but the anchor of Loam and Tate remained. Mike Crehore joined...

  • The Balconies

    The Balconies View Profile

    It’s a birds and bees sort of question… Or maybe a chicken or the egg sort of question… What came first: the rosined violin strings, major falls, and classical theory? Or the smashed guitars, split finger tips, and sweaty bodies? To see the Balconies play is nothing short of grasping at science. Even when placed down neatly in a Petri dish underneath thumbs and forefingers – the DNA-code of the...

  • Jeff Baldinger

    Jeff Baldinger View Profile

  • Craig Baldo

    Craig Baldo View Profile

    The summer of 2007, I landed an internship with Wieden and Kennedy in Portland, Oregon where I wrote my first TV and print ads for NIKE. While in the Pacific Northwest, I booked Bumbershoot in Seattle opening six shows for Janeane Garofalo. Six months later, a few weeks into my first full-time job as a copywriter for Kirshenbaum, Bond and Partners in NYC, I taped my debut stand-up appearance on La...

  • Drew Baldridge

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  • Ed Balduzzi

    Ed Balduzzi View Profile

    There is a Zen saying, “Paths cannot be taught, they can only be taken.” Ed Balduzzi, a singer, songwriter, and guitarist, who was born and raised in Syracuse, New York, chose a musical path from a young age. With the help of supportive parents, including his father who once sang in a barbershop quartet, Ed’s early experiences in music included piano lessons and recitals, ...

  • Ed Balduzzi & The Bon Vivants

    Ed Balduzzi & The Bon Vivants View Profile

    Ed Balduzzi & The Bon Vivants is an improvisational jam rock band with roots based in a blend of folk, bluegrass, jazz, rock, soul, and swing.

  • Matisha Baldwin

    Matisha Baldwin View Profile

    With an opera singer for a mother, and a father who toured the world with THE EMOTIONS, music is in my DNA. From the moment I could talk I knew I wanted to live my life as a performer, and I have been blessed to do just that. I have toured the U.S., received several awards and accolades for my work as a true triple threat as well as appearing on television and film. I have been singing with a Rhyt...

  • Mike Baldwin

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  • Tiffany Baldwin

    Tiffany Baldwin View Profile

  • The Baldwin Brothers

    The Baldwin Brothers View Profile

    Despite sharing monikers with one of Hollywood's most famous acting clans, the groove-based electronic group the Baldwin Brothers (aka drummer/programmer Jason Hinkle and keyboardist T.J. Widner) actually got their name from a childhood in-joke: as kids in Kokomo, IN, the duo used "Baldwin" as a term for someone "in-the-know." Hinkle and Widner also began their musical careers when they were child...

  • Steve Balesteri Presents Day and Night The Album Showcase

    Steve Balesteri Presents Day and Night The Album Showcase View Profile

    Steve Balesteri Presents "Day and Night:  The Album Showcase,"  A live performance of Steve's recent release along with some brand new unreleased music!  Joining Steve will be fellow Buffalonians Ali Critelli and RNSM, who will both be performing songs off of their upcoming EPs.   For more info visit:  

  • Kafana Balkan

    Kafana Balkan View Profile

    For eight years Serbian DJ Zeljko has produced Kafana Balkan, a seasonal party that SF Weekly called, the "Best Crazed... Brass Band Dance Party in SF." For the eastern European communities that come out, it’s a little bit of home, and for all it’s one of the Bay’s best parties. Sold out shows, sweat soaked dancers, home-made gibanica and burek (savory Balkan pastries) ...

  • Sim Balkey

    Sim Balkey View Profile

    Sim Balkey has a distinctive voice, which quite simply, doesn't sound like anyone else in country music today. There's an edgy intensity that brings out the best in every song whether it's a vulnerable ballad or uptempo party anthem. Balkey infuses lyrics with a warmth and authority that draws the listener into every song and makes it memorable.

  • Goth Ball

    Goth Ball View Profile

  • Loto Ball

    Loto Ball View Profile

    Loto Ball began reaching the people in the early 90s playing trumpet and messing around in weird punk bands until he started his own group the Boy Scouts of Annihilation with his Los Angeles friend Rich Moreno (New Collapse, Centimeters, Frank Alpine). He toured the West Coast with the Scouts but had his first national tours in the mid-90s with Chicken John’s (GG Allin) Circus Redickuless, p...

  • Midnight Ball

    Midnight Ball View Profile

    Midnight Ball was born in the darkest hours of night, when the fire crackles, and the wild run free, and fear and thrill become one.

  • Screamer's Ball

    Screamer's Ball View Profile

  • Kevin Ball & the Busters

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    HEADCHOPPERS BALL 2013 View Profile

    Headchoppers Ball Info

  • Frankie Ballard

    Frankie Ballard View Profile

    When Frankie Ballard was growing up in Battle Creek, Michigan, his father played him one classic album over and over again: Marty Robbins' Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs, featuring Robbins' signature hit "El Paso." Now Ballard, a quick-draw guitarist and rough-hewn singer, has cut his own metaphorical gunfighter album, decamping from Nashville to a gritty El Paso studi...

  • Rochelle Ballard

    Rochelle Ballard View Profile

    Rochelle Ballard is the co-host of The Music Melange. This is the first charitable benefit concert has organized with her bandmate, Palmer Foote, whom she met while playing in the Columbia University cover band Juranimal. Over the past few years, Rochelle has performed in concerts in New York and Washington DC, including the Georgetown Entertainment & Media Alliance (GEMA) Rocks, as well as fo...

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