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  • The Bad Parts

    The Bad Parts View Profile

    "The Bad Parts are a super fun ska and punk band that sound as if Green Day got into an arm-wrestling match with The Pietasters."- The Deli Magazine

  • The Bad Plus

    The Bad Plus View Profile

    For the past ten years The Bad Plus—- Reid Anderson, Ethan Iverson and David King —-have broken down the walls of jazz convention and created an uncompromising body of work. Few jazz groups in recent memory have amassed such acclaim, and few have inspired such controversy. Their belief in the band ethos and their personal brand of avant-garde populism have put them at the forefront ...

  •  Bad Religion

    Bad Religion View Profile

  •  Bad Ronald

    Bad Ronald View Profile

    Named after an obscure made-for-TV-movie from 1974, the New York City quartet Bad Ronald fits in well with early 21st century crop of goofy rap-popsters as the Bloodhound Gang. Comprised of three MCs and a DJ (which includes gentlemen who go by the names of Ray, White Owl, Kaz Gamble, and DJ Deetlax), the group came together in the late '90s when all its members were working the NYC DJ circuit -- ...

  • Tomorrows Bad Seeds

    Tomorrows Bad Seeds View Profile

    Tomorrows Bad Seeds, “leaders of the new school” is a five piece American band from Hermosa Beach, California formed in 2004. Their Southern California influences helped yield their unparalleled sound. A coalition of rock and reggae, punk and blues, beats and riffs. From break dancing to spinning tracks these boys emerged into multi-cultural musical phenomenon with a cause. Tomorrows Bad Seeds aim...

  • The Bad Signs

    The Bad Signs View Profile

  • One Bad Son

    One Bad Son View Profile

    Originally from Saskatoon, One Bad Son is a hard rock band made of four hard rock musicians: vocalist Shane, guitarist Hicks, bassist Granny, and drummer KD. Now based in Vancouver, the band has ten years of pounding out explosive rock and roll under their belt. One Bad Son has taken their influences of Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses, and the Stones and recently released their newest album Black Buffa...

  • The Bad Tenants

    The Bad Tenants View Profile

    The Bad Tenants write raps, play instruments, sing blues, spin vinyl and combine it all for a sound that’s soulful and unique. They are based in Seattle, by way of Bellingham, WA.

  • Very Bad Things

    Very Bad Things View Profile

    Sex Blood and Rock n Roll

  •  Bad Wizard

    Bad Wizard View Profile

    Formed in Athens, GA, in 1999 by singer Curtis Brown and drummer Scott Nutt, Bad Wizard soon migrated north to New York City, where they would eventually add guitarist Eddie Lynch and bassist Marc Tanner to their lineup. Boasting a high-energy hard rock sound combining AC/DC's bombast and the MC5's manic hyperactivity with traces of Southern rock, the band's electrifying debut album, Free and Easy...

  • The Bad Years

    The Bad Years View Profile

    The Bad Years are an LA-based band consisting of members Sami Akbari and Aaron Mort. Their music spans genres from different eras, evoking sounds of bands like INXS, The Cardigans and The Kills. They have started things off with a Double A-side single, the haunting yet upbeat "Common Mistake," and "Didn't Need to Know", a middle-finger anthem to our naive attempts at coolness when we were young. B...

  • Good, Bad, Ugly

    Good, Bad, Ugly View Profile

  • Joey Bada$$

    Joey Bada$$ View Profile

  • Joshua Bader

    Joshua Bader View Profile

  • Merit Badge

    Merit Badge View Profile

    MERIT BADGE RETURNS Bicoastal Babes: Josh and Brian played together years ago in New York City. Kate also played music in New York City and and knew Brian. She moved to LA. Brian also moved to LA. Josh came to LA on a business trip. 'Why not play a show?' he asked Brian. 'Funny you say that, because I know just the person to play with,' Brian said. Kate, Josh and Brian met ...

  •  Badly Drawn Boy

    Badly Drawn Boy View Profile

    Belying his status as a narcoleptic slacker icon, Badly Drawn Boy proved himself a tireless pop songwriter, with arrangements that reflect a great deal of creativity. Born Damon Gough, he began recording after meeting the like-minded Andy Votel at a Manchester nightclub. The pair formed the Twisted Nerve label, and Gough debuted as Badly Drawn Boy with an EP and several singles. The recordings dov...

  • Erykah Badu

    Erykah Badu View Profile

    She grew up listening to '70s soul and '80s hip-hop, but Erykah Badu drew more comparisons to Billie Holiday upon her breakout in 1997, after the release of her first album, Baduizm. The grooves and production on the album are bass-heavy R&B, but Badu's languorous, occasionally tortured vocals and delicate phrasing immediately removed her from the legion of cookie-cutter female R&B singers. A sing...

  • Carley Baer

    Carley Baer View Profile

    Carley Baer’s original blend of “folk/pop with a ukulele twist” turns heads everywhere she goes. Based in Portland, OR, she entertains audiences on guitar, ukulele, and accordion, dazzling the masses with her crystal-clear voice, high-energy performance, and coyly confident stage demeanor. In 2010 she released You Can’t Control The Weather, her first full-length EP, and is currently in the pro...

  • Jesaiah Baer

    Jesaiah Baer View Profile

    Jesaiah Baer was recently featured on American Idol and will be remembered as that girl whose performance was so HOT, she set off the fire alarm on the Queen Mary right in the middle of her audition. Since then, Jesaiah has collaborated with Grammy nominee Robert Berry(Hush, Ambrosia, GTR), Emmy Award winning songwriter Monica Pasqual (Blame Sally) and Emmy Award winning sound engineer BZ Lewis...

  • Joan Baez

    Joan Baez View Profile

  • Grab Bag

    Grab Bag View Profile

    From the depths of the intraweb three strangers who share a dream are drawn to meeting in a carpeted room in Vista CA.....the rest is drama, pain, love, sweat and tears. The result is Grab Bag! A carefully blended mix of all the good music live and loud!

  • Papa's Bag

    Papa's Bag View Profile

  • Air Bag One

    Air Bag One View Profile

    Debut album RICH KIDS coming soon.

  • Ian Bagg

    Ian Bagg View Profile

    Who is Ian Bagg and what has he done? Ian was born in a little town of Terrace B.C. Canada. In the year that the Vancouver Canucks lost to the New York Rangers in the Stanly Cup Playoffs, a year better known as 1994, he began doing stand up comedy. After moving to New York City, he quickly became a regular at all the major comedy clubs. After a short three years in New York, Ian had made three app...

  • Kikee Bah

    Kikee Bah View Profile

    Kikee Bah is an African-European singer/songwriter whose influences range from Miriam Makeba to Serge Gainsbourg. Born and raised in France, the singer was very quickly exposed to a variety of genres such as Nbombolo, R&B, Pop and Electro-Funk. It is only once after having settled in the UK that she started performing professionally at multiple venues across the North-East of England; and ...

  • Patricia Bahia

    Patricia Bahia View Profile

  • Trevor Bahnson and Pipes Canyon Band

    Trevor Bahnson and Pipes Canyon Band View Profile

  • The Bailen Brothers

    The Bailen Brothers View Profile

    Songwriting twin duo David and Daniel Bailen have been playing music and writing songs ever since the womb, in fact, they came out singing in perfect harmony! The two grew up singing in the Metropolitan Opera Children’s Chorus, where both were featured soloists. In 2007, the two went into the studio with pianist Pierre Piscitelli and recorded their first album as The Bailen Brothers Band,...

  • Ben Bailey

    Ben Bailey View Profile

    Acclaimed stand-up comedian, Ben Bailey is the most desired cabbie in New York. He is the host of the highly successful shows "Cash Cab" and "Cash Cab: After Dark" on the Discovery Channel. He was singled out by publications such as Entertainment Weekly, who put Ben on their MUST LIST in 2006, People magazine who said "All Hail Cash Cab," and the New York Post. As ...

  • Christina Bailey

    Christina Bailey View Profile

    If you were to ask Christina her favorite musical inspiration, depending on the day, she may say anyone from Brahms to Robert Plant to the Black Keys to sirens like Joni Mitchell or Bonnie Raitt. Christina’s love for musical diversity, natural songwriting ability and undeniable stage presence has led her to various musical projects. A set of Nashville inspired rock demos, Indie pop/rock band Bi...

  • Taylor Bailey

    Taylor Bailey View Profile

  • Tylor Bailey

    Tylor Bailey View Profile

  • Victoria Bailey

    Victoria Bailey View Profile

  • Corinne Bailey Rae

    Corinne Bailey Rae View Profile

    Neo-soul songstress Corinne Bailey Rae was born in Leeds, England, in 1979 to a British mother and West Indian father. Displaying an interest in music from an early age, Rae studied classical violin until she acquired an electric guitar in her early teens. Inspired by such '90s alt-rock icons as L7, Veruca Salt, and Belly, Rae formed her first band, the all-female indie rock outfit Helen. Despite ...

  • Andrew Baille

    Andrew Baille View Profile

  • Kathie Baille

    Kathie Baille View Profile

  • Maya Baily

    Maya Baily View Profile

    Maya Baily, 22, coming out of Montreal Quebec Canada - She plays piano and sings her songs with it.

  • Matteah Baim

    Matteah Baim View Profile

  • Nat Baimel

    Nat Baimel View Profile

  • Grand Bain

    Grand Bain View Profile

    The melancholic electro-rock sounds of indie duo GRAND BAIN were born in 2013 when American singer Erica von Trapp met Jules de Gasperis, a producer/musician in Paris.  Their lyrics vacillate between abstract and direct intention, sung heartfully in split lead vocals in English and woven bits of French.  Accompanied by singing guitars, modulating synths, and pulsating mixed percussion, t...

  • Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires

    Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires View Profile

    What awaits you when the needle drops on Dereconstructed, the new album by Lee Bains lll & the Glory Fires? Nothing less than pure fucking heaven, that’s what.   Consider the record’s opener, “The Company Man.” It revs up with a riff sleazy enough to clog Rod Stewart’s stomach pump as an incantation that only a Yellowhammer can truly understand is ...

  • Sandy Bainum

    Sandy Bainum View Profile

  • Doug Baird

    Doug Baird View Profile

    Born February 6, 1985 in Upstate New York, Douglas Baird was destined for a career in comedy. After 21 years, he relocated 1,800 miles to his current abode in Fort Collins, Colorado. Doug, as he likes to be known, worked consistently on his comedy routines before his turn in the spotlight came in June 2009. The stage fit him like a glove and he has been touring Colorado's comedy scene ever since, ...

  • Kevin Baird

    Kevin Baird View Profile

    Two Door Cinema Club are 3 people with the help of technology and a thirst for anything quirky. If you were to pose the question, “Where do Two Door Cinema Club live?” and someone was to answer, “Why, Bangor!” That someone would only be 66.67% correct because Two Door Cinema Club are a Bangor/Donaghadee based electro pop band. An obvious absence in the rhythm department is humbly filled by an unad...

  • Layla Baird

    Layla Baird View Profile

  • Rob Baird

    Rob Baird View Profile

  • Slade Baird

    Slade Baird View Profile

    the loud one that thinks he's so funny at Amigo

  • Bear Baiting

    Bear Baiting View Profile

  • Estelle Bajou

    Estelle Bajou View Profile

  • Boston Baked Blues

    Boston Baked Blues View Profile

    Boston Baked Blues is fronted and managed by Vinny Serino who was recently selected to the World Harmonica Players list of most influential blues harmonica players. Boston Baked Blues started in 1986 by Rick Russell & Vinny Serino. New England mainstay for years - 220 dates a year.1988 nominated for the Boston Music Awards - won the Boston Battle of the Blues Bands-went to Memphis were in a Na...

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