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  • Black Birch Dogs

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  • Andrew Bird

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  • Black Bird

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    Gia Farrell created BLACKBIRD after taking some time away from the music industry following her hit song on Atlantic Records (Hit me Up). Gia was only a teenager (16) when she began her journey with Atlantic Records. Everyone who has heard Gia sing knows how amazing she is and what she's capable of. Gia took the time to grow up, develop as a writer and a person and craft the sound that ha...

  • Blue Bird

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  • Harley Bird

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  • Jade Bird

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  • KG Bird

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    Following a personal tragedy, brothers Chris and Tim James found solace in playing music together—Tim on guitar and Chris on drums. Now, ten years later, the brothers James have switched roles and recruited bassist Ryan Parmenter to create KG Bird. Pulling from legends like George Harrison, Silver Jews and Creedence Clearwater Revival, the three-piece creates lush freak folk laden with exper...

  • Spoken Bird

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    Blending poly-tempo, eclectic headnodic beats that captivate the listener, Spoken Bird takes his listeners on an auditory journey painting pictures on silence with sound waves. Prepare for full body vibratory orgasms as the bass waves wash over you, massaging mind, body and soul.

  • T Bird & the Breaks

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  •  Bird and the Bee

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    Multi-instrumentalist Greg Kurstin and doe-eyed vocalist Inara George draw upon a fondness for jazz standards and '60s tropicalia to deliver the stylish tones of the Bird and the Bee. The two musicians were introduced in 2004 by mutual friend Mike Andrews, whom George had enlisted to produce her solo debut, All Rise. Needing someone to contribute piano to several tracks, Andrews called upon Kursti...

  • The Bird and the Bee

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    Multi-instrumentalist Greg Kurstin and doe-eyed vocalist Inara George draw upon a fondness for jazz standards and '60s tropicalia to deliver the stylish tones of the Bird and the Bee. The two musicians were introduced in 2004 by mutual friend Mike Andrews, whom George had enlisted to produce her solo debut, All Rise. Needing someone to contribute piano to several tracks, Andrews called upon Kursti...

  • T Bird and the Breaks

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    T Bird and the Breaks are a big, funky, band.   Horns? Check.   Female singers that swing-it-while-they-sing-it? Check.   Fire-in-the-hole rhythm-section of drums, bass, guitar, and keys? Check.   Gravel-voiced front-man who always leaves it on stage? Check.   Hailing from Austin, TX, T Bird And The Breaks play a style of dance mu...

  • Active Bird Community

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    Active Bird Community is a NYC-based rock band consisting of four college students: Carter McNeil, Andrew Wolfson, Tom D'Agustino, and Zach Slater.

  • Bobby Birdman

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    Bobby Birdman is the ultraego of Rob Kieswetter. Born in San Diego, raised in Nevada City, grazed in Portland, OR, Bobby Birdman is currently hovering in Los Angeles. Bobby Birdman has released music with, K Records, States Rights Records, Not Not Fun, HUSH and Fryk Beat, and has toured with bands such as Hot Chip, RATATAT, Joanna Newsom, YACHT, Light Asylum, and Calvin Johnson. Bobby Birdman rece...

  • Boundary Birds

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    The Boundary Birds write songs thick with the experience of the human condition, but brightened by a two beer buzz and an insatiable optimism. Their new self titled EP is in uenced by artists ranging from Booker T. & the MG’s to Lucinda Williams, from The Band to Ricky Lee Jones. Their soulful new single, Try Not To Call is a slightly gritty sing along anthem with a groove that won’t quit. ...

  • Deadly Birds

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    Hailing from San Diego, CA, Cleveland Jim Gladstone (vocals), Christopher James Oppold (guitar), Daniel Kurtz (drums), and Johnny Rey (bass) define a new vintage style of rock ’n’ roll that has been described as "not to miss." Their debut release, "Lost Weekend" is an adventurous beast gaining attention throughout the country, while they feverishly stake their claim...

  • Falling Birds

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  • Mimicking Birds

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    Singer/songwriter Nate Lacy spent the years since his teens exploring his inner world and his connection with the universe at large. The result of his efforts was a small collection of songs that, when finally recorded and released as Mimicking Birds in 2010, received such accolades as Pitchfork’s assessment that the debut LP was “extremely gifted with cyclical melodies: thorny fingerpicked spines...

  • Radio Birds

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    Coming from different musical backgrounds and experiences, the four members of the band now called Radio Birds – Colin Dean (drums), Jaz Dixon (guitar), Justin Keller (vocals and guitar), and Chase Lamondo (vocals and bass) – are united by their passion for writing, creating, and performing rock n’ roll music.“Jaz grew up playing bluegrass, Chase had been playing with a hardcore band called Whorem...

  • If Birds Could Fly

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  • Sick Birds Die Easy

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    Exploring the worlds of white privilege, magical realism and the apocalypse, Director Nik Fackler takes a drug addled conspiracy theorist, an entitled love drunk musician, and an American film crew deep into the jungles of Western Africa, searching for Iboga, an extremely potent psychedelic plant said to have the ability to heal drug addiction. What initially begins as a trip towards enlightenment...

  •  Birds of Prey

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     Susan Burke, Lizzy Cooperman and Emily Maya Mills are the comedy group, Birds of Prey. They first met above the Hollywood reservoir stalking the same rodent... or was it backstage at a stand up show? Though they all have different voices, they have one common goal-- to ruffle the feathers of convention and create a new kind of sketch comedy... sketch comedy for the disenchanted. Kaw! Kaw! K...

  • Mary Birdsong

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    MARY BIRDSONG is best known as Deputy Cherisha Kimball on "Reno 911," but has also graced Comedy Central’s screen with her work on "The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart," Lewis Black’s “The Root Of All Evil,” and “Crossballs.” In film, she recently appeared as Kristin Stewart's stepmom "Francy" in the Greg Mottola film "Adventureland.&...

  • Dirty Birdy

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  • Jeremiah Birnbaum

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    A Jersey boy with a Southern heart, JEREMIAH BIRNBAUM is a “rootsy, soulful troubadour” (Time Out, London) whose sweet, gritty voice and skillful, effortless guitar work makes you believe every word he sings, whether about sunshine or blood. The son of a rabbi and an architect, Jeremiah grew up with his parents' LP records at hand and a great encouragement to be who he wanted to be. Thusly arme...

  • The Birthday Boys

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     After a near miss, The Birthday Boys formed in Los Angeles in the Spring of 2007. These loud actors are regular performers at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. The Birthday Boys are one of Los Angeles best sketch groups.  They perform a monthly show at the UCB Theatre. Members:  Jeff Dutton, Tim Kalpakis, Mike Hanford, Mike Mitchell, Matt Kowalick, Dave Ferguson, Chris VanArts...

  • Patrick's Birthday Jam

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  •  Birthday Massacre

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    New wave revival outfit the Birthday Massacre formed in London, Ontario, in 2000 -- originally dubbed Imagica, the founding lineup was comprised of frontwoman Chibi, guitarists Rainbow and M. Falcore, bassist Aslan, keyboardist Dank, and percussionist O.E. After recording a seven-song demo session, Dank left Imagica and the remaining members relocated to Toronto, where a second demo release follow...

  • The Birthday Massacre

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    FEATURING: Nina Storey, Kat Dyson, Kristen Gleeson-Prata, Keaton Simons, Shane Alexander, TJ. Gibson, Jackie Gouche Kai Brown, Kenton Chen, Kyla Graves, Lawrence Hatcher, La Mer, Nick Bearden, Laura Mase, Brian Titus, Laurnea, Jenni Alpert, Justin Carter, Julia Othmer, Angel Taylor, Ariana Hall, Aquile, Connor Zwetsch, Guy & Brad, Ian Martin, Ja...

  • The Birthdays

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  • Austin Bis

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    I'm a singer, songwriter, and producer living in LA, and love traveling often. I also co-founded the Get Well Soon Tour with Benny Blanco, Summit Series, and friends. We bring musicians (anyone from Bieber, Pitbull, Maroon 5) to hospitals to play with children ( I love to jam on piano, and guitar is my new love. I'm an optimist and like to dance. I'm spontaneous and like t...

  • David Bisbal

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    David Bisbal is a Spanish pop sensation who embarked on a chart-topping solo recording career in 2002 after catapulting to fame on the inaugural season of the popular television show Operación Triunfo. Born on June 5, 1979, in Almería, Spain, he was the second-place runner-up to Rosa López on the 2001-2002 season of Operación Triunfo, a reality show fashioned after Pop Idol. In...

  • Geno Bisconte

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  • Breaking Biscuits

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  • Aidan Bishop

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  • Bryarly Bishop

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  • Jaylyn Bishop

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    Jaylyn Bishop aka Just Jay is a comedic tour-de-force, delivering her unique material with incredible physicality and irreverent wit. Jaylyn always manages sharp interaction with every audience, with her versatile and engaging presence. She packs her shows with fast-paced material on her crazy world growing up as a fish out of water, from tipping cows in Thorton, Colorado and being a young mother...

  • Lauren Ashley Bishop

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    follow her on twitter. it's worth it: Lauren Ashley Bishop has been making people laugh since the day she could pratt fall. She may look like a nice southern belle, as she is a proud native of Arkansas, but don’t be confused. There is a razor sharp wit behind her debutante smile that can carve you up quicker than her mom can shoot whiskey. Lauren has performed ...

  • MJ Bishop

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  • Orlando Bishop

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  • Stephen Bishop

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    At the age of thirteen, Stephen Bishop found himself at a crossroads. A clarinetist with hopes of becoming a History teacher, he was forever changed  after watching the Beatles one night on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” He convinced his brother to buy him an electric guitar. He bought a “Mel Bay” chordbook and began to learn to play guitar and make up chords as well, writing...

  • Chad Bishop and The Master Plan

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    The Master Plan formed approximately two years ago and solidly started performing at many different venues. Previous to formation, certain players were connected and had performed together. Band leader, Eric Hirschhorn, formed the group using the musicians around him he felt were the best suited in all aspects Eric was introduced to drummer, Anthony Kochis, after the Berklee Five-Week through frie...

  • Deacon Bishop Revival

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    Since 2010, DBR has been blessing New York City with an ear-bleeding, soul-scorching, hair-growing, spleen-splitting, clothes-stripping, swill-gulping, candle-snuffing, furniture-chewing, glue-huffing, shark-bludgeoning, decade-toppling, pig-skinning, love-buggying, sky-rumbling, honey-dribbling, sand-shoveling, grandma-grumbling, bear-baiting, ego-swelling, hamster-licking good time!

  • The Bishops

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    Ska, rocksteady, reggae, beer.

  • Mr Bison

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  • Rain Bisou

    Rain Bisou View Profile

    Rain Bisou is a Latin American soul singer / songwriter from Norwalk, California. She is currently working on her first project, a 90's reminiscent hip hop and R&B EP titled Lucid Dreams, which will be released by Summer 2014.

  • White Bitch

    White Bitch View Profile

    Wild style punk freakout with members of Yardwork, K-9 Unit, Brain f/, Stepdad SS & no power

  •  Bitch and the Exciting Conclusion

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  • Whiskey Bitches

    Whiskey Bitches View Profile

    Drink Whiskey Fuck Bitches

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