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  • K.P. Anderson

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  • Karen Anderson

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  • Keith Anderson

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    Singer/Songwriter Keith Anderson’s latest song “I’ll Bring The Music” sums up Anderson to a T.  That is one thing that you can always say about this academic athlete from Miami, OK, who has always excelled at anything he has put his mind to, is he WILL bring the Music. Although he has co-written hits for other artists, most notably "Lost In This Moment", t...

  • Louie Anderson

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    Two-time Emmy award winner Louie Anderson is one of the country’s most recognized and adored comics and was named by Comedy Central as “One of 100 Greatest Stand-Up Comedians of All Time.” Currently he is headlining in his own show, “Louie-Larger Than Life” at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino on the famed Las Vegas Strip. Anderson began his career at a comedy club i...

  • Marisa Anderson

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    Combining  boundless creative imagination with a deep reverence for American folk, blues and country music, Marisa Anderson’s guitar playing is fluid, emotional, dexterous and original. Signal to Noise magazine calls Anderson’s guitar work “Utterly fabulous”, TIme Out London refers to her playing as “Stunning…haunting and evocative”, Pitchfork calls ...

  • Mister Anderson

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    Mister Anderson. Indie Crooner. I pretend to be other people sometimes too.

  • Nathan Anderson

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  • Natisha Anderson

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    She has appeared in national SuperBowl commercials for McDonalds, a Comedy Central pilot, the cooking show Fed Up, and Bravo's reality show Blow Out. She placed 3rd in CA's Funniest Female Contest 2011 - Out of 80 women! She was a winner of the World Famous Comedy Store's Fresh Faces Contest 2010. Natisha has performed with Whitney Cummings, Aisha Tyler, Sebastian and Maria Bamford.

  • Nena Anderson

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    "part Neko Case and part Billie Holiday, with a dash of Ragged Glory-era Neil Young thrown in for good measure." - OwlandBear Americana artist Nena Anderson has been nominated for 7 San Diego Music Awards in the categories of Jazz, Americana, Acoustic, and New Artist. Her debut album "Beyond The Lights", released fall 2011, has earned comparisons to early Lucinda Williams, Rickie Lee Jones and ...

  • Pete Anderson

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    "Pete Anderson is as much a magician as a musician. He's been taking great sounds and making them greater so long he should get a prize. His new album takes everything to the next level, showing how this man really has few peers when it comes to music to curl your toes and supply the key to the highway. 'Even Things Up' is a true groove from start to finish." -Bill Bentley, ...

  • PJ Anderson

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  • Sunshine Anderson

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    Though she sang in musicals and talent shows throughout her childhood, Charlotte, NC native Sunshine Anderson was discovered while she was waiting in line in a cafeteria at North Carolina Central University, the institution where she earned a B.S. in criminal justice. A friend of producer/Soulife A&R Vice President Mike City heard Anderson humming while she waited and introduced her to City. After...

  • Trannie Anderson

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  • Ward Anderson

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    High-energy comedian Ward Anderson seemed to explode onto the scene out of the blue and, instantly, was everywhere. In reality, Anderson has always been out there, working in comedy clubs, private shows, and colleges all over North America. He tours a very demanding forty-six weeks per year, a routine that has taken him throughout the Continental US, as well as throughout Canada. His rapid-fi...

  • Wil Anderson

    Wil Anderson View Profile

    Some of you will know Wil Anderson as “the bloke who sits in the middle on that ABC-TV show with the weird name” (The Gruen Transfer); or “the one who wasn’t Corinne or Hughesy on that show that used to get in trouble all the time” (The Glass House); or maybe even “the guy who hosts Spicks and Specks” (That’s actually Adam Hills but he gets that a lot.) You might have also heard him on the radi...

  • Will Anderson

    Will Anderson View Profile

    Wil is a stand up first and foremost, touring Australia and the world at every opportunity, performing more than a hundred shows a year. His stand up is a densely written, high-speed ride though one of the most wonderful comedic imaginations in the country. Politics, pop and the banal come together in a Wil Anderson routine, always delivered with more conviction and enthusiasm than any man&rs...

  • Gene Anderson and the Kings of the New Hollywood Cabaret

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    From the Apollo Theater in New York City to Stadiums in Moscow and concert halls in Monte Carlo, Nice, Asia and all points beyond. Gene Anderson is the legendary member of the Two Time Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Group, George Clinton’s Parliament Funkadelic and the P – Funk All Stars. Gene is an entrepreneur with his newest venture, Champoopoo, The Sparkling Wine of The Stars &re...

  • Clancy Anderson Band

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    Formed in 2008, singer/songwriter Clancy Anderson paired up with Keyboard/Piano player Randy Ingram to form the band with musicians from the rock and jazz world. Clancy Anderson (AKA Ted) had written lots of songs on acoustic guitar, but imagined them in a band setting. With the addition of Matt Clohesy, Tony Jarvis, and Jared Schonig, the songs & the band came to life.

  • Alexander Anderson Trio

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    The infinite awareness that currently embodies the flesh known as Alexander Wayne Anderson arrived in Oceanside, California on October 4th 1993. His fascination with music began in classical music, studying the nuances of Beethoven and Mozart, and then spun into a psychedelic inclination during a high school escapade. The music of progressive rock and jazz-fusion mesmerized led him to ...

  • Felicia Andolong

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    Felicia Andolong is not just some chick singer/songwriter; she is a force of nature.  Described by industry greats as “sexy, cool, awkward,” she marries pop music’s bubble-gum accessibility with the rich stylings of R&B and jazz.  She’s got the voice of a songbird, the soul of a tiger, and the bottle-blonde hair of a true Californian.  Whether you are a d...

  • Jason Andors

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  • Dylan Andre

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    Dylan Andre is a singer/songwriter born and raised in north east Pennsylvania. Dylan has an eclectic and unorthodox approach to the typical singer/songwriter formula. Using only an acoustic guitar, his vocals, and a BOSS RC-30 loop station, Dylan's music will keeps you hooked, entertained, energized, and even confused at times. Check out his website for a deeper look into his music - http://ww...

  • Eric Andre

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    Originally from Boca Raton, Florida, actor/comedian Eric Andre now lives in Los Angeles (by way of New York) and performs live almost every night of the week. He brings a manic energy to the stage, combining autobiographical experience with experimental psychedelic rambling. In addition to his series regular role on ABC’s “Don’t Trust the B---- in Apartment 23,” Eric is ...

  • His Majesty Andre

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     His Majesty Andre is quickly raised with his worldwide played track "Peep Thong" (from "Great Matters EP"), featured on several compilations and radios. With a massive support by Pete Tong, which assonance with the tune name is critical, Annie Mac, Jaymo & Andy George, Mstrkrft, A-trak and lots more has brought back a funky-house groove that make you real feel the mus...

  • Ingrid Andress

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  • Hollie Andrew

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  • Jay Andrew

    Jay Andrew View Profile

    Love is a double edged sword for this 28 year old singer/songwriter/poet. Jay Andrew was introduced to music through his parents record collection. He picked up his first guitar at the age of 9, a gift given to him by his mother. Influenced by the musical sounds of Paul Simon, Sting, The Beatles, Al Green, The Beach Boys, and Barry White, Jay started to live out his dream’s within his headph...

  • Vandell Andrew

    Vandell Andrew View Profile

    Hailing from the "Birthplace of Jazz", Vandell Andrew's path to greatness and his purpose in music would not be too hard to find. While studying music at the age of 13 at a local jazz summer camp in the Treme' area of New Orleans, it was there that he learned to play the trumpet. After an entire summer of playing the trumpet at the camp, he was approached by one of his teachers t...

  • Keith Andrew Band

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  • Amy Andrews

    Amy Andrews View Profile

    Known for her brilliant performances, stunning vocals, and unassuming wit, charm, and candor on stage, Amy has played festivals from 30A Songwriters Festival to Alaska Folk Fest and the University of Mississippi's Music of the South Conference. An award-winning, tree-hugging, ever-traveling, modern day torch-singer and songwriter, Amy is an artist you definitely don't want to miss ...

  • Gary Andrews

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  • Jill Andrews

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  • Kyle Andrews

    Kyle Andrews View Profile

    When confronted with the question, “WHY DO YOU MAKE MUSIC?” Nashville-based singer/songwriter Kyle Andrews doesn’t even need to stop and think about it. “I make music that makes people happy,” says Andrews. “I realize that there’s no shortage of stuff to listen to, you know? I just feel like if I’m going to put my energy into making something, I want...

  • Lynn Andrews

    Lynn Andrews View Profile

    Singer/songwriter Lynn Andrews is excited to be in LA after spending the last few years performing with her band The Shirtwaist Sisters in and around NYC.  She recently completed the national tour of ANNIE where she played the infamous role of Miss Hannigan for over 1,000 performances.  Her band's debut EP "The Shirtwaist Sisters" is available now (https://theshirtwaistsist...

  • Megan Andrews

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  • Meghan Andrews

    Meghan Andrews View Profile

    Meghan Andrews is a singer/songwriter whose music and lyrics modernize the folk spirit of the sixties by encompassing the world around her into a new contemporary sound. Andrews’ career began at an early age.  By eighteen she had already spent years as a studio singer in New York before she began writing and playing solo shows in clubs around Manhattan. As a member of the anti-fol...

  • Michael Andrews

    Michael Andrews View Profile

  • Tom Andrews

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  • Mike Andrews (aka Elgin Park)

    Mike Andrews (aka Elgin Park) View Profile

    Originally from San Diego, Michael Andrews is a multi-faceted musician/producer/film composer. Mike’s work is always characterized by his distinctively personal touch. His gift for striking the delicate balance between humor and drama can be heard in his soundtracks for cult classics “Donnie Darko”, “Me and You and Everyone We Know” and the TV series “Freaks and Geeks”, as well as mainstream movie...

  •  Android Lust

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  • The Androids

    The Androids View Profile

    Led by ex-Superjesus guitarist/vocalist Tim Henwood, the Androids also included drummer Marty Grech, guitarist Matt Tomlinson, and bassist Sam Grayson. After recording their debut album in summer 2002, the band quickly found themselves at the crest of a wild wave of press and platinum sales. Upon its release that September, their cheeky, insanely catchy single "Do It With Madonna" quickly worked i...

  • Titus Andronicus

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  • Sad Andy

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  • DJ Andy K

    DJ Andy K View Profile

    A native of Athens, has been spinning in Charlotte for over 30 years. Played and helped open many clubs from the disco days of yesteryear to the megaclubs of today; like The Odyssey, Park Elevator, and Mythos.

  • Ify Anene

    Ify Anene View Profile

    fy Anene is known for her commanding presence on stage. Pairing together her ethereal voice and obsession for smooth melody lines Ify Anene’s music brings new depth to the contemporary R&B music genre. With her influences ranging from Solange to Lianne La Havas, Ify Anene brings her perspective on self love, womanhood, and self discovery. Serving as president and two time soloist of ...

  • Aunt Ange

    Aunt Ange View Profile

    Aunt Ange began as a subconscious entity residing in the heads of boyhood friends Patrick O’Brien and Jack Kearney, and has since evolved into an art-rock collective of varying line-ups and instrumentation, also incorporating visual arts and storytelling into their performances and recordings. The innovative sound combines lush instrumentation and choral harmonies into what Lucid Culture described...

  • Asher Angel

    Asher Angel View Profile

  • Breelan Angel

    Breelan Angel View Profile

  • Melody Angel

    Melody Angel View Profile

    Young singer-guitarist Melody Angel cites artists as diverse as Prince, Slash, Michael Jackson, and Jimi Hendrix as role models, but her style is already distinctively personal—unlike her flashy predecessors, she conveys powerful emotion through subtlety and nuance rather than pyrotechnics. Her love songs gird vulnerability with a steely resolve, and when she tackles social themes her quiet,...

  • Snow Angel

    Snow Angel View Profile

    The Psych-Pop girls of Snow Angel, doused with hard hitting drums, bass, synth, omnichord, guitar, electric sitar and 7 voices, will rock the emotional dust off your musical shelf. Snow Angel released their first 7" record this year, and the title track features the drumming of Ian Vanek from Brooklyn art-punk duo Japanther. The B side, "We Are Stars" is produced by Boots Ril...

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