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  • Nathan and the Zydeco Cha Chas

    Nathan and the Zydeco Cha Chas View Profile

    Nathan Williams plays zydeco, the fast and furious accordion-driven dance music of the Creole people of South Louisiana, a relatively modern style that emerged after the Second World War. With its trademark rubboard percussion, electric guitars and R&B influences, zydeco is distinct from the fiddle-driven music of neighboring Cajuns.

  • Love and Theft

    Love and Theft View Profile

  •  And Then There Were Two

    And Then There Were Two View Profile

    And Then There Were Two is an indie rock duo consisting of identical twin sisters Sophie and Meg Boes. Both Sophie and Meg write, sing, and play guitar and piano. Born and raised inCarmel Valley, California the twins were surrounded by music from an early age. At 12 they moved to Nashville, Tennessee with their parents and by 18 had performed with artists/writers such as Rodney Crowell, Walter Ega...

  • Vigil and Thieves

    Vigil and Thieves View Profile

    Vigil and Thieves is a group of vagabonds who create sounds and poetry that will make you wanna dance. We are currently beginning our first tour across the lovely United States, and parts of Canada, pursuing music and good times. We have been described as raw, tragically optimistic rock & roll. Our music is honest, and real. Spreading stories and messages regarding everything from heartbreak and h...

  • Robby and Things

    Robby and Things View Profile

    Drawing inspiration from all over the timeline of music, One-man band Americana artist, Robby and Things brings a familiar yet undistinguished sound of Early Jazz and Blues. With surprising song progressions, hard hitting lyrics, and adoption of the mouth trumpet; Robby builds his performance on providing the audience with a show to remember

  • Color and Thunder

    Color and Thunder View Profile

    Color + Thunder (spoken as Color and Thunder) is a Los Angeles band that makes pop songs that sometimes get heavy and weird. C + T is made up of songwriting duo Greer Ashton and Zach Beachum and accompanied live by various players. She's the vocalist and he's the instrumentalist/producer.  Zach and Greer met in Atlanta as teenagers. They eventually discover...

  • Grace and Tony

    Grace and Tony View Profile

    She played bluegrass. He played punk... When Grace and Tony White met, they fell in love and the music just followed after. “I had seen Grace play years ago and, not only was I impressed, I developed a serious secret crush,” Tony reminisced. “When I found out that she was learning mandolin and banjo, I took a shot and asked her to jam with me. The rest is history.” Exposed to music early on...

  • Michael and Trevor's Spectacular Evening of Comedy and Magic

    Michael and Trevor's Spectacular Evening of Comedy and Magic View Profile

    Michael Friedland is a sleight of hand artist and memory expert located in Los Angeles, CA. Using nothing but every day objects and the power of the mind, Michael dazzles audiences with incredible performances from just a few feet away. He has performed around the world for more than 20 years, providing entertainment, laughs, astonishment, and plenty of food for thought. Trevor Smith is a stand...

  • Wolff and Tuba

    Wolff and Tuba View Profile

    Brian Wolff first discovered the tuba at a music store in Austin, Texas. It was the summer of 1994, one of the hottest July's on record. And Wolff, whether deranged by the heat or the instruments sumptuous curves and shiny bell, knew instantly and inexplicably that he would dedicate the rest of his life to the pursuit of Tuba Stardom. Knowing little of the tuba itself, he had few preconceived ...

  • Smoove and Turrell

    Smoove and Turrell View Profile

    Smoove and Turrell are a Newcastle, UK based duo that have been creating soul music since 2009. Since their debut album release, Antique Soul, their musical lives have grown exponentially with writing, producing, recording, and touring.

  • Sloth and Turtle

    Sloth and Turtle View Profile

    Sloth & Turtle has been a part of the Bay Area Math-rock scene for the last three years, starting as a duo, and then eventually adding two other members to fill out their complex yet melodic, tap-guitar laden sound. Their debut EP has been described as a tastefully complex and sonically well-rounded album within the Math-rock scene, with moments of intricate guitar tapping harmonies, as well a...

  • Grow and Twine

    Grow and Twine View Profile

    Here are storied romances, both dark and hopeful; here are love songs, aching with pleas; here are sweet ballads, crooned with soul. Where the Southern charm of Nashville meets the sun-speckled, free-spirited coast of California, there is Grow and Twine, a folky quartet based out of San Francisco. Ryan Devens and Roxi Pianko are the earnest male-female voices that sing to each other, backed by Rya...

  • Angels and Vagabonds

    Angels and Vagabonds View Profile

    Old friends from NYC who are getting together to trade licks and stories

  • Dailey and Vincent

    Dailey and Vincent View Profile

    A 21st century bluegrass duo, Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent both had long careers in bluegrass before they officially joined forces, Dailey as the guitarist and lead singer for Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver while Vincent played for years in Ricky Skaggs' band Kentucky Thunder (plus his older sister just happened to be bluegrass star Rhonda Vincent). Dailey and Vincent first met in 2001, and...

  • Nico and Vinz

    Nico and Vinz View Profile

  • Nees and Vos

    Nees and Vos View Profile

    For more than a decade, Andrew Neesley and Chris Vos, both midwest born and raised have combined their heartland roots and artistic sensibilities to form a compelling musical voice. Andrew Neesley made the trumpet his own from an early age. Perfecting his skill and talent with broad strokes, he focused on the jazz idiom with great success. Open to inspiration from all genres, Andrew found his n...

  • Trails and Ways

    Trails and Ways View Profile

    Oakland, CA’s Trails and Ways is a band built on plurality. Their songs never shy away from personal and political heavy-lifting, while making some of the most compelling pop music we’ve heard in some time.  The four bandmates, (Hannah and Keith on guitar, Ian on drums, and Emma on bass) cast off from the co-op houses at UC Berkeley in the depths of the great recession. The...


    MEN AND WHALES View Profile

    Men and Whales is a four member original rock outfit based in Queens, NY whose sounds summon the pop sensibilities shared by bands the likes of Superdrag, Weezer, and the Foo Fighters.

  • Jack and White

    Jack and White View Profile

    A lost boy of Neverland living for the moment, meets the all-American girl next door, is the tale of this quirky and unexpected pairing now known as JACK AND WHITE. Outside looking in, it doesn’t make sense. But when you dig below the surface, you’ll find two souls tuning to an identical wavelength, an undeniable bond that has led them to an electric passion rooted deep within. Jack Matranga, b...

  • Stardeath and White Dwarfs

    Stardeath and White Dwarfs View Profile

    Meet Stardeath and White Dwarfs - an experimental rock four-piece from Oklahoma City & Norman, OK which Kliph Scurlock of The Flaming Lips lovingly refers to as "the little band with the big sound and weird name".    The band, led by Dennis Coyne (whose last name suggests actual blood-lineage to the Lips' own ringleader, Wayne), and filled out by bassist Case...

  • Whiskey and Wine

    Whiskey and Wine View Profile

    Whiskey & Wine is an up and coming duo based out of both Nashville, TN, and Los Angeles, CA, made up of singer-songwriters, Justin Gaston and Emily Reeves. The pair met through a mutual friend in LA, and seeing as they both shared the same passion for writing music individually, they decided to start writing songs together. A few short months later, Whiskey & Wine was born. Once could desc...

  • Kiss and Yell

    Kiss and Yell View Profile

    Kiss and Yell is a rock band based out of Southern California. Comprised of John Fullwood on guitar/vocals, Caitlin Noel-Gormsen on lead guitar, Kim Kristy on bass and SoZo Diamond on drums; they've created their own unique blend of rock, soul, and just plain ol' reckless abandon. With an arsenal of catchy, fresh songs born out of dynamic chemistry, they are gearing up to record their firs...

  • Me and You

    Me and You View Profile

  •  And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

    And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead View Profile

    . . . And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead's explosive indie-prog is defined by the push and pull of Conrad Keely's epic mysticism and Jason Reece's primal punk surge. But when it came time to write their eighth studio album, Lost Songs, the two songwriters weren't even living in the same country: Reece remained in Austin, the band's longtime home base, while Keely had ...

  • Heroes and Zeroes

    Heroes and Zeroes View Profile

    The trio formed in 2005 and has been performing relentlessly around Europe ever since, supporting two LPs and a handful of EPs. Heroes & Zeros have been aiming wide from the start and approached their song writing and sound accordingly. And to great success, for the recurring description is that an exceptional knack for crafting songs with the quality that secures wide appeal is furthered and made...

  • Brendan Anders

    Brendan Anders View Profile

  • Rich Andersen

    Rich Andersen View Profile

  • Matt Andersen & The Bona Fide

    Matt Andersen & The Bona Fide View Profile

    With nearly 10 million views on YouTube, a 2013 European Blues Award, and winning Best Solo Performer at the Memphis Blues Challenge, it appears that the entire world is now discovering Matt Andersen. A powerhouse performer with a giant soul-filled voice and commanding stage presence, Matt has built a formidable following the old fashioned way – touring worldwide and letting the converted...

  •  Bridgette Anderson

    Bridgette Anderson View Profile

    Bridgette Anderson is a former Humber College music student with a powerful voice, dynamic stage presence, and relentless ambition. Her voice has the classic seductiveness of a Las Vegas lounge singer; the raw emotional feel you’d expect from Etta James or Amy Winehouse, a tone described as a cross between Leona Lewis and Amel Larrieux, and vocabulary heavily influenced by the likes of Beyonc...

  • Abby Anderson

    Abby Anderson View Profile

    The anticipated follow-up single, “GOOD LORD,” from Black River Entertainment songwriter/artist Abby Anderson is digitally available now and set to impact Country radio on 4/15. This summer, Anderson is slated to open as direct support for Rob Thomas on Thomas’s 44-date Chip Tooth Smile Tour, kicking off on May 28th in Red Bank, NJ and running through August 4th with stops i...

  • Al Anderson

    Al Anderson View Profile

    Al Anderson has in recent years emerged as one of Nashville's most dependable tunesmiths, churning out an impressive string of irresistibly catchy, organically gritty hits for the likes of The Mavericks ("All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down"), Trisha Yearwood ("Powerful Thing"), LeAnn Rimes ("Big Deal"), Diamond Rio ("Unbelievable"), Carlene Carter (&q...

  • Amy Anderson

    Amy Anderson View Profile

    Comedian/Actor/Writer/Producer/All Around Groovy Gal Don’t let the name fool you… Amy Anderson has been described as “a skinny Margaret Cho” and “a heterosexual, Asian Ellen”. Amy would describe herself as “a funny American girl who happened to be born in Korea and adopted by Swedish parents in suburban Minnesota”. Amy is a true one-of-a-kind on th...

  • Anthony Anderson

    Anthony Anderson View Profile

    Anthony Anderson is currently a member of NBC’s Emmy Award-winning drama "Law & Order.” Anderson plays Detective Kevin Bernard opposite Jeremy Sisto as Detective Cyrus Lupo. Anderson has appeared in over 20 films, and his performance on “Law & Order” earned him his second consecutive NAACP Image Award nomination for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series for the 2...

  • Barrett Anderson

    Barrett Anderson View Profile

    Fronted by Boston-based blue singer/guitarist, the award winning Barrett Anderson Band packs a mesmerizing, backbeat-heavy, hypo-boogie punch.  The Barrett Anderson Band has learned from, and played with, the very best in the music world, and provides a unique voice, one equally informed by classic blues, soul, and rock & roll.

  • Bill Anderson

    Bill Anderson View Profile

    He moved to Nashville, Tennessee, secured a recording contract with Decca Records, and began turning out hit after hit with songs like “Po’Folks,” “Mama Sang A Song,” “The Tips Of My Fingers,” “8X10,” and the unforgettable country and pop smash, “Still.” His compositions were recorded by such diverse musical talents as Ray Price, Po...

  • Brad Anderson

    Brad Anderson View Profile

    Too often in today's country music, artists sing about experiences they've never had, selling a lifestyle they've neither lived, nor experienced. That is not the case with Brad Anderson. He has lived what he sings about. When you hear him, you know exactly who he is and why he's destined to become a legend. Born and raised in Blackshear, Georgia, Brad's childhood was steeped in gospel music, wh...

  • Brent Anderson

    Brent Anderson View Profile

    Brent Anderson is described by his co-writers as a “creative force”- a songwriter that can play anything, sing anything, and write anything – and he’s just getting started.  A Pascagoula, Mississippi native, Anderson’s love for performing and writing songs developed early and by age 13, he had already started his own band. With the support of his parents, Anderso...

  • Carl Anderson

    Carl Anderson View Profile

    Carl Anderson's "adept folksy songwriting and never-fail sense of humor took him from a local festival staple to a full-time Tennessee troubadour. His earnest lyrics, sincere, rich baritone vocals and simple acoustic guitar stylings find him trailing a long wake of critical praise."

  • Carlton Anderson

    Carlton Anderson View Profile

    The balance between traditional sounds and contemporary themes is evident on Carlton Anderson’s his first single on Arista Nashville, “Drop Everything.” Originally from Cypress, Texas, Anderson grew up on sports and the other Texas pastime: music. His inspiration came from Willie Nelson, George Strait, and a long line of musical mavericks who transcended borders. While most membe...

  • Carolton Anderson

    Carolton Anderson View Profile

  • Cheri Anderson

    Cheri Anderson View Profile

    Performs "feel good" jazz and rhythm/blues in a range that reaches five octaves. Expressing her passion of singing positive lyrics that speak of living loving and loving living Cheri has found her niche, calling it "Jazzin' the Spirit"!

  • Chris Anderson

    Chris Anderson View Profile

    Anderson first received recognition in 2003 working with M.T.V as a drummer for a late night talk show pilot series produced by Nick Cannon called "Past ur Bedtime". While touring globally with the Hypnotic Brass Ensamble multiple opportunities working with Industry artist needing a studio drummer was presented to Anderson. Recording drums with Able Garibaldi ( http://www.allmusic.c...

  • Clayton Anderson

    Clayton Anderson View Profile

    In the past three years, Clayton Anderson has managed to do the unthinkable.  He has cracked into the country music world backwards, independently, and with a fury.  Opening for some of country’s biggest stars, the likes of Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Kenney Chesney – twice, and Mr. Party himself Jimmy Buffett, Clayton has put himself on the country music map without the be...

  • ET Anderson

    ET Anderson View Profile

    ET Anderson is an American Artist and/or American Rock-n-Roll Band. Vote for ET Anderson, an American Artist and/or American Rock-n-Roll Band. K, Thanks.

  • Grover Anderson

    Grover Anderson View Profile

    Raised in the historic mountain town of Murphys, CA, Grover Anderson cut his teeth playing the bars of Santa Barbara and now makes his home in the Bay Area. His albums delicately tread the border between folk storytelling and pop/rock, and his live shows are high-energy affairs inspired by Garth Brooks, John Fogerty, and Josh Ritter.

  • Hamish Anderson

    Hamish Anderson View Profile

    Not many twenty-three year old blues/rock guitarists can claim to have opened for BB King on tour in the US, but that is exactly Hamish Anderson’s destiny, as he recently finished a tour with the legendary Blues guitarist in September and October 2014. Having made a name for himself in Melbourne, Australia for his impressive live show that encompasses a mix of electric blues-soaked rock ...

  • Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson View Profile

    Ian Anderson, known throughout the world of rock music as the flute and voice behind the legendary Jethro Tull, celebrates his 44th year as an international recording and performing musician in 2012. Ian was born in 1947 in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. After attending primary school in Edinburgh, his family relocated to Blackpool in the north of England in 1959. Following a traditional Grammar ...

  • Jade Anderson

    Jade Anderson View Profile

    British singer/songwriter and soul music fan Jade Anderson began writing poetry and composing when she was a teenager. The youngest daughter of Jon Anderson, leader of the legendary progressive rock band Yes, became involved in show business at the age of 16 after joining a female teen pop group. However, she wanted to express herself in a different way. That opportunity came after teaming up with...

  • Jeff Anderson

    Jeff Anderson View Profile

    Jeff Anderson is a freelance Producer/Engineer/Songwriter in Nashville, TN.  A New England native, Jeff graduated from the Hartford Conservatory of Music with a degree in record production and engineered at Nickel Recording in Hartford, CT.  Jeff moved to Nashville in 2012 after spending years commuting for co-writes.   Whether it is pop, rock or country, Jeff is extremely versat...

  • John Anderson

    John Anderson View Profile

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