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  • Rocky and The Pressers

    Rocky and The Pressers View Profile

    Rocky and The Pressers are a contemporary reggae band based in The Bronx, New York. The Pressers refresh the traditional genre tropes with lush vocal harmonies and flares of American folk and soul music. Intelligent, charming and passionate performers, the band never disappoints.

  • Jesus and the Rabbis

    Jesus and the Rabbis View Profile

    A 4-piece, high energy soul rock group straight out of the streets of San Francisco with a Funk to make you wanna drink 180 proof holy water.

  • Sierra And The Radicals

    Sierra And The Radicals View Profile

  • Wes and The Railroaders

    Wes and The Railroaders View Profile

    Meet Wes And The Railroaders! Charlotte, North Carolina’s, newest country-rock quartet, led by Wes Hamilton of the defunct alt-country band Pullman Strike. After a 2017 summer tour playing pedal steel with Peewee Moore, Wes returned home inspired to start work on a new project. He then picked up an acoustic guitar dedicated his time to writing songs. Drawing inspiration from 70’s honky tonk and ...

  • Billy and The Rebels

    Billy and The Rebels View Profile

    Billy and the Rebels 19 year old singer songwriter, Shaye is a true rebel. Rising above massive childhood trauma, she turned to music to heal. For Shaye, it's not just about making people feel good with her music, but also having an outlook on life that is positive. She wants everyone to share in her happy-go-lucky outlook. "I love unique style, steam punk, and all styles of music. I want others i...

  • Flavia and the Red

    Flavia and the Red View Profile

    Los Angeles-based band, Flavia & The Red, has shot onto the music scene like a bullet. The principal singer and songwriter is 22-year-old Flavia Watson. Born in California, but raised through her formative years in Ireland and Italy, Flavia exhibits a traveled and seasoned prowess that most women her age lack. Equipped with a sultry and soulful voice, her presence is the personification of ...

  • Bourke and the Revolving Door

    Bourke and the Revolving Door View Profile

  • Larry-Go-Round and the Rhythm Ponies Jazz Trio

    Larry-Go-Round and the Rhythm Ponies Jazz Trio View Profile

  • Blackie and the Rodeo Kings

    Blackie and the Rodeo Kings View Profile

    Blackie and the Rodeo Kings originally formed in 1996 when Colin Linden, Stephen Fearing and Tom Wilson came together to record what was suppose to be a one- off tribute album to the great Canadian songwriter Willie P. Bennett. At the time, all three members were deeply committed to burgeoning solo careers that they had no intentions of putting on hold, and had no plans to turn Blackie into an ong...

  • Marcel and The Roommates

    Marcel and The Roommates View Profile

    Marcel's songs are lyric driven with a folk-rock core and elements of funk, pop and blues. The Roommates are, with one exception, his actual roommates and are all incredible pros from diverse musical backgrounds. Together, they live above a recording studio where they first discovered their sound jamming at their frequent late-night house-jam parties.  

  • T.V. Mike and the Scarecrowes

    T.V. Mike and the Scarecrowes View Profile

  • LSD and The Search For God

    LSD and The Search For God View Profile

    LSD and the Search for God hit the Northern California coast in 2005--seemingly from another space and time--dosing San Francisco’s underground psychedelic music community with hypnotic live shows built upon swirling guitars, otherworldly drones, fuzzed-out pop hooks, and youthfully flirtatious male/female vocals. After one of their first gigs (with Australia's The Morning After Girls), ...

  • Otis and the Secret Army

    Otis and the Secret Army View Profile

    San Francisco's newest, rockin'est, jammin'est band, playing the best hits and deep cuts from your favorite blues men, women, British Invaders and more.


    ROI and THE SECRET PEOPLE View Profile

    Renowned for their exciting live shows, Roi and the Secret People (RSP) features the beautiful and mesmerizing voice of Mike Roi and the musical talents of Randy Melick on guitar, Craig Martyn on drums, Dan DeChellis on piano, and Dave Baun on bass. Roi, who hails from southern Florida, set out to assembled a group of talented, experienced, and like-minded musicians to create the version of rock m...

  • Nassab and the Sheep

    Nassab and the Sheep View Profile

    Nassab and the Sheep is an original rock group from the San Francisco Bay Area.



    Ruthless, gritty and hellbent!!! A relentless touring schedule has cemented SASQUATCH AND THE SICK-A-BILLYS as the most high gear, powerhouse entertainers around. Prepare yourself: Their show is loud, agressive and not for the faint of heart. They DO NOT take breaks before, during or after a extensive gigging. Performing over 150 shows from Coast to Coast per year since 2001. When not on tour, thi...

  • Kalen and the Sky Thieves

    Kalen and the Sky Thieves View Profile

  • Thelma and the Sleaze

    Thelma and the Sleaze View Profile

    Nashville based power trio sludge fest Thin Lizzy creeps on us.

  • Julissa and the Small Denominations

    Julissa and the Small Denominations View Profile

  • Albert and the Solid Goold

    Albert and the Solid Goold View Profile

    Albert and the Solid Goold - the indisputed best melancholy space/jazz pop band in New York featuring Charles Goold - Drums Steve Conroy - Bass Ned Goold - Sax

  • The Singer And The Songwriter

    The Singer And The Songwriter View Profile

    Rachel Garcia and Thu Tran met in the winter of 2006, as students of San Francisco State University at an open mic night at the now defunct Canvas Gallery Café. Some years later, on a road trip up the coast of California to Oregon, on the Pacific Coast Highway, they were inspired to write their first song together, which led to the formation of the band. In the fall of 2009 they recorded...

  • Bird and the Soul

    Bird and the Soul View Profile

    Bird and the Soul are an independent rock band from NJ formed in the spring of 2011. Fronted by the charismatic and soulful Chrissy von Savoye, BATS play an original style of indie rock that instantly connects with it's listeners on a personal level. Chrissy and guitarist Jay Czaja began writing songs together in 2010 and decided it was time to find other like-minded individuals to share their ...

  • Foxy and the Sound

    Foxy and the Sound View Profile

    Foxy and the Sound began as the musical baby of Gracie Finnigan-Fox. With several songs on her hands but no one to play with, she cast about for some kindred-spirit musicians, and found keys player Jeff Bauer. Then funky drummer Scott Jones and bad-ass bass man Jason Lobell hopped aboard. The rag-tag group starting playing gigs in greater Los Angeles, under various names, but felt that there wa...

  • Barrie and the Starz

    Barrie and the Starz View Profile

    Apart from BARRIE's regenerative solo song-writing trips to New Mexico and her Echo Park studio apartment, the heart of BARRIE and the Starz remains its communal artistry. With the help of an eclectic array of L.A. musicians who comprise the Starz, BARRIE and producer Adam Samuel Goldman set out to create the perfect electro-pop album. The fruit of their collaboration ...

  • Anna and The Static

    Anna and The Static View Profile

    " Anna and The Static’s first single, “Move Your Body”, found here:, is only a taste of the five-person band that encompasses an array of electro-soul to classic R&B/Pop. With their debut EP, In Light, set to release this October, the group fronted by vocalist and songwriter, Anna Elizabeth, creates a refreshing, yet ...

  • Tru and the Strays

    Tru and the Strays View Profile

    Tru: A singer, dancer, and actor, she is also an accomplished musician and complex songwriter. The recent graduate of Manhattan's Professional Performing Arts School has professional experience in numerous forms of entertainment. As a singer she has sung all over New York City and the tri-state area, performing her own work as well as singing back-up for profound artists in soul, pop, and rock. Sh...

  • Des and the Swagmatics

    Des and the Swagmatics View Profile

  • Kayla and the Tellers

    Kayla and the Tellers View Profile

    A four piece band playing the beautiful original music of Kayla McMahon (with a couple covers thrown in for good measure).

  • Storey and the Tellers

    Storey and the Tellers View Profile

  • Landon and The Tennessee Thunder

    Landon and The Tennessee Thunder View Profile

  • Lily and the Tigers

    Lily and the Tigers View Profile

    "Down the well-traveled highways of America comes Lily and the Tigers, rambling from town to town, infecting hamlets and cities alike with their arresting indie folk. Each song spins an intricate web of love and friendship while betraying a dark, pastoral Southern Gothic undercurrent. Depending on the night, you might find the tight-knit group on a candle-lit front porch swapping songs ’til sunris...

  • LP3 and The Tragedy

    LP3 and The Tragedy View Profile

    LP3 and The Tragedy are two gypsy cousins (Louis Perez III, son of Los Lobos' Louis Perez) and Ruby Rosas (daughter of Lobos' Cesar Rosas) and three friends who form a group of breakfast club rejects bringing you Americana in its darkest & youthful form. Their sound has been described both as "roots rock on smack and acid" and "the lust child of The Gun Club, Jimi H...

  • Lojo And The Truth

    Lojo And The Truth View Profile

  • Ewert and the Two Dragons

    Ewert and the Two Dragons View Profile

    Despite the impressive journey Ewert and The Two Dragons have already been on, there’s always somewhere new to go. While the four-piece band started playing covers in their native Estonia and have since become a worldwide draw thanks to smart, quirky pop songs and a slew of major awards, in order to make their newest album, Circles, the group went somewhere they’d never been before. “It was de...

  • Carly And The Universe

    Carly And The Universe View Profile

    Carly And The Universe is an indie soul pop band making waves on the Los Angeles scene. Incorporating old school soul with a contemporary R&B vibe.

  • Mona and the Universe

    Mona and the Universe View Profile

  • Adwela and the Uprising

    Adwela and the Uprising View Profile

  • Indi and The Vegas

    Indi and The Vegas View Profile

    Imagine Queen meeting Prince and jamming through the Jackson 5's greatest hits! 3 piece funk pop from Bedfordshire.

  • Vaud and the Villains

    Vaud and the Villains View Profile

    Vaud and the Villains is a 19-piece 1930's New Orleans orchestra and cabaret. With echos of Bruce Springsteen’s Seeger Session Band, they are Americana Noir meets Moulin Rouge. A genre bending spectacle…at once seedy and inspiring…gritty and sublime. Bring your wretched souls, your sins and your dancing feet…they will save you and you will never be the same&hellip...

  • Petunia and the Vipers

    Petunia and the Vipers View Profile

  • Joey and the Waitress

    Joey and the Waitress View Profile

    Our goal is to create timeless music that many people connect with. This first recording is just a small sampling of what is to come. More than a group of musicians, we are friends. Each performance is a celebration. And it is not enough to say that we enjoy what we do; it is an honor and a privilege to perform together. Since forming the band in 2011, we have been driven by a sense of destiny an...

  • Tilly and the Wall

    Tilly and the Wall View Profile

    Hailing for the musical hotbed of Omaha, NE, the indie pop anomaly Tilly and the Wall formed in 2001 out of the ashes of several groups -- including Conor Oberst's pre-Bright Eyes endeavor, Park Avenue -- and gained some underground recognition for their unorthodox approach to percussion, forsaking the traditional drum kit for the amplified tap shoes of dancer Jamie Williams (as well as hand percu...

  • James and the Wild Spirit

    James and the Wild Spirit View Profile

    Indie Rock music from Nashville TN.   Imagine Gunslinging Indie Rock or the sounds of a Cosmic Saloon.   Led by singer-songwriter James Templeton, the music gives a unique  blend of pop and western songcraft, melodic guitar lines, lush intimate acoustic guitars,  melodic hooks and thoughtful lyrics. An anthemic voice and backbeats give&...

  • Adriana and the Wildflowers

    Adriana and the Wildflowers View Profile

    A singer-songwriter from where twilight peeks through the pines of the Sierra Mountains, and the air is sweetened by the shores of Lake Tahoe. Currently residing in the city of angels and dreamers. Similar to Fiona Apple, Joni Mitchell, Ingrid Michealson

  • Lights And The Windows

    Lights And The Windows View Profile

    We are a band trying to defy convention and be something different. We started out as an instrumental band but have since recruited a vocalist to add something new to our already hard to define sound. Support the new revolution!

  • Frankie and the Witch Fingers

    Frankie and the Witch Fingers View Profile

    Frankie and the Witch Fingers are a 4 piece lysergic soaked rock n roll outfit from Bloomington Indiana.  Recently moved to Los Angeles with a mind exploding LP on Permanent Records. Each song is a fuzzed out pop gem! With mystical lyrics and a strong vocal delivery, they conjure the vibrations and patterns of the psychedelic revelators of the 60's with modern ears and eyes in ...

  • Pluto and the Wlfcnts

    Pluto and the Wlfcnts View Profile

    San Francisco based rock and Psychedelica band. Get Down with the Get Down.  House of The Setting Sun.

  • Vita and The Woolf

    Vita and The Woolf View Profile

    Vita and the Woolf is the sound of operatic vocals meeting neo-soul synth pop. Driven by the anthemic voice of front woman, Jennifer Pague and supported by the dynamic drumming of Adam Shumski, Vita and the Woolf has been melding cross-genre influences in their powerhouse electronic style since their first EP Fang Song came out in 2014. The band’s head-turning live show has since gr...

  • Cortes and the Y-Bros

    Cortes and the Y-Bros View Profile

    Michael Hernandez AKA CORTES is a french artist. After playing in the biggest venues in France, Belgium, Switzerland, opening for french star Véronique Sanson (Stephen Stills's ex-wife) with his first album (L’Amour est un Voleur) produced in LA by the Wizardz of Oz he is back with a new project under the name of "CORTES”. He started playing piano at 5 years old and has never stopped since t...

  • Dale and the ZDubs

    Dale and the ZDubs View Profile

    A fresh rock/reggae groove is flowing out of the nation’s capital, and its name is Dale and the ZDubs. Their lyrics depict the relationships, dreams, failures, and people that have inspired or slept with the band. DZD has a little something for everyone. Emphasis on “little”. Their high-energy live shows feature multi-part vocal harmonies and radical solos from guitar, bass, drum...

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