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  • Siouxsie and the Banshees

    Siouxsie and the Banshees View Profile

    Siouxsie and the Banshees were among the longest-lived and most successful acts to emerge from the London punk community; over the course of a career that lasted two decades, they evolved from an abrasive, primitive art punk band into a stylish, sophisticated unit that even notched a left-field Top 40 hit. Throughout its numerous lineup changes and textural shifts, the group remained under the lea...

  • Beggar and The Beast

    Beggar and The Beast View Profile

  • Boyz and the Beez

    Boyz and the Beez View Profile

    Boyz and the Beez was originally formed in 2011 as a female A cappella trio, that turned into a Swing Band, which eventually evolved into a “Swingabilly band.” What is a “Swingabilly” band you might ask? Take a Swing Trio & Swing Band, add in a Rockabilly flair and that describes Boyz and the Beez… SWINGABILLY! Boyz and the Beez perform music from the 1940′s, 1950′s and beyond and are inspir...

  • Underwoman and the Believers

    Underwoman and the Believers View Profile

    Photo Credit: Carolyn Chen indie piano-based music with child-like vocals and mature strings influenced by classical, electronic, dream pop, and rock.

  • Derrick and the Black Sea

    Derrick and the Black Sea View Profile

    Derrick & The Black Sea are a stripped down dark folk group from Brooklyn who shine a light into broken hearts and translate the pain into songs about hope.

  • Daytona and The Blueside Rockers

    Daytona and The Blueside Rockers View Profile

    Born Jeffrey Dayton Haflich, in Kansas City, Kansas. Began playing guitar at age nine. Played in several rock cover bands from the late 70's through the early 80's. In January of 1988 moved to San Diego, California. Later that year formed the rock cover band, Tantrum. After a couple of years of the cover grind, started writing original songs for the band and Tantrum soon became a powerful music f...

  • Sophie and The Bom Boms

    Sophie and The Bom Boms View Profile

  • Marek and the Boss Chops

    Marek and the Boss Chops View Profile

    Marek and the Boss Chops is a piano pounding, vocally driven spin on boogie woogie, honky tonk, and early rock & roll. Marek Sapieyevski (piano/vocals) leads a full throttle run through the stuff of Hank, Fats, Chuck, Jerry Lee, Muddy and more. With Charley Layton (bass), Griffin Sherbert (drums), and special guests on saxophone, fiddle, or guitar.

  • Crow and the Canyon

    Crow and the Canyon View Profile

    Crow and the Canyon is an acoustic folk quartet from Portland, Oregon. "Crow and the Canyon are a band with a future. They have a good look, they’re affable and easy-going on stage and the most important thing: (obviously) they sound tremendous.  All of the signifiers of a fantastic night of pickin’ were there: sad songs, drinking songs, dancing songs and of course: hea...

  • Nightmare and the Cat

    Nightmare and the Cat View Profile

    We are Nightmare and the Cat... and that is that.

  • Elizabeth and the Catapult

    Elizabeth and the Catapult View Profile

    Elizabeth Ziman, who performs as Elizabeth and the Catapult, is a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter from New York, living and working in Brooklyn. She's toured​ with the likes of Sara Bareilles​ and Kishi Bashi; collaborated with Esperanza Spalding, Gillian Welch, Blake Mills​ and ​Ben Folds; scored, with Paul Brill, a variety of international award-winning documentaries including ...

  • Elinor and the Cavalry

    Elinor and the Cavalry View Profile

    Elinor Arwyn left her native New York for Los Angeles to tell stories about the nights, women, and children she left behind. Her debut album "I Get Mine," available spring 2015, marries unabashed rock 'n roll with sultry and decisive blues.

  • FRNKIERO And The Cellabration

    FRNKIERO And The Cellabration View Profile

    "The funny thing about belonging to a scene," begins singer/gui- tarist Frank Iero, "is that at a certain point, there becomes all these factions. Are you pop-punk? Are you emo? Are post-hardcore? Hardcore? Are you a fuckin' hipster? In my last band, these factions were waiting to see, 'What are these guys? They came from here, they're not really this, we need to labe...

  • Jaime and the Chamacos

    Jaime and the Chamacos View Profile

  • Me And The City

    Me And The City View Profile

    What started as a one man project, Me and the City has grown into a 4 person adventure. With a sound that can't be described with one word, they have crafted a unique experience both on and off the stage. Even with all the speed bumps and stop signs that all bands go through, Me and the City has persevered and hasn't let drama slow them down. Give them a listen and if you happen to find yo...

  • Carrie and the Clams

    Carrie and the Clams View Profile

    Jam out with your clam out!

  • Tommy and the Commies

    Tommy and the Commies View Profile

    "The slogan “Punk is dead” is nothing more than a cop-out. Tommy and the Commies — from Sudbury, Ontario, CA — prove that the genre is timeless. The trio unleashes a time-warp of blistering, classic punk rock on their 8-song debut album Here Come Tommy and the Commies. Prior to forming, Jeff Houle was the mastermind behind garage punk band Strange Attractor. The trio’s frontman, Tommy Commy, con...

  • Nikolitsa and the Comrades

    Nikolitsa and the Comrades View Profile

    Nikolitsa and the Comrades is fronted by Nikolitsa Boutieros, a multi-media artist from New York City. An already acclaimed photographer (who's work has appeared in, Time Out and various galleries), Nikolitsa has photographed industry icons like Nick Cave, Patti Smith and many others. You see a vivid, dramatic dance in her photography. Not merely photographs, but compositions unlike any o...

  • Meta and the Cornerstones

    Meta and the Cornerstones View Profile

  • Devon and the Crazy Hearts

    Devon and the Crazy Hearts View Profile

  • Kim and The Created

    Kim and The Created View Profile

    Kim and The Created is the brainchild of Kim House. What started as lo-fi demos she created on her own in her apartment, quickly grew days after a friend played the tracks on KXLU radio. Just two weeks later, she played her first live show by piecing together members of local popular bands. That trend has continued over 2 years later racking up 35+ band members! With the ever-evolving cast, wild b...

  • Eddie Cohn and the Dark Hearts

    Eddie Cohn and the Dark Hearts View Profile

    Singer/songwriter Eddie Cohn is just one example of an artist who is not immune to the allure of a well-crafted love song, having studied the work of other artists and exploring similar themes in his own work. All of which was simply building up to the raw, heartfelt emotion that he brings to his latest album Guarantee Me Love. That feeling of tenderness and candidness prevails on this, C...

  • Janina And The Deeds

    Janina And The Deeds View Profile

  • Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

    Devil and the Deep Blue Sea View Profile

    Devil and the Deep Blue Sea are an indie-folk band based in Washington, D.C. Songwriters Lizzie Quinlan (harp) and Patrick Kennedy (guitar) have performed in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, St. Louis, Denver, San Francisco, and college towns across the country. They are currently on a national tour promoting their debut EP.

  • Deacon and The Devil

    Deacon and The Devil View Profile

    Deacon & The Devil were spawned out of the hard edged and tattooed punk-rock n roll bar scene of the Cahuenga corridor that lets frightened tourists know they've walked too far down Hollywood Blvd. Initially conceived in 2011 by Mike Barrett and Jeremy Deacon as a two piece acoustic project (set to play street shows on the Blvd.), they soon changed direction with the addition of Colin as a thi...

  • Kilo and the Dew

    Kilo and the Dew View Profile

    Jason “The Dew” Daw and Daniel “Kilo” Rivera first began collaborating in February of 2013. The clash between Jason Daw and Daniel “Kilo” Rivera began in the living rooms of college houses with experiments consisting of Rivera’s furious drums and Daw’s playful electronic melodies. After the completion of their first song, “Lose Yourself&...

  • Marina and the Diamonds

    Marina and the Diamonds View Profile

  • Ned and the Dirt

    Ned and the Dirt View Profile

    Ned and the Dirt is a southern tinged rock outfit from Los Angeles, CA. Through their music and live performances, their fans can see Ned’s southern roots inhaling the Dirt of LA, creating a fresh brand of emotional, high-energy music for the listener. Ned and the Dirt has been touring for 3 years and has played with such acts as The Whigs, The Hold Steady, The Good Old War, of Montreal, The...

  • Hunter and The Dirty Jacks

    Hunter and The Dirty Jacks View Profile

    Hunter & The Dirty Jacks are Hand-Crafted California Rock & Roll - like smoky whiskey with phosphorescent ice cubes in a blues-tinted glass. Led by frontman Hunter Ackerman and flanked by guitar players Carmelo Bonaventura and Jon Siembieda, with Aaron Barnes grooving the bottom end on bass and Brian Lara keeping the rootsy tribal beats, this band has been packing roadhouses a...

  • Ziion And The Eclipse

    Ziion And The Eclipse View Profile

  • Edison And The Elephant

    Edison And The Elephant View Profile

    Originally formed as a 3 piece, Edison and the Elephant was regrouped after some time away as a 5 piece Indie/rock/folk/country band in September to 2015.

  • Cae and the Embrace

    Cae and the Embrace View Profile

    She has sung alongside Austalian folk artist Jeff Lang and Blue Note up and coming world artist of the year Zahra Hindi. Now, CAE (pronounced Kay) wants to make music that provokes the mind and feeds the soul. Drawing on a variety of influences, ranging from the literary works of Toni Morrison and Léonora Miano as well as her personal struggles, this up-and- coming Franco-Haitian sin...

  • Darwin and the Evolution

    Darwin and the Evolution View Profile

  • Daphne and the Evolvers

    Daphne and the Evolvers View Profile

  • Tapioca and The Flea

    Tapioca and The Flea View Profile

    LA/OC band, Tapioca and the Flea bring a fresh new combination of video game synths, psychedelic guitars, pulsating bass, and heavy beats that’ll make you want to dance until your legs fall off. Turn up, Detune, Drop in.

  • Dunks and The Funks

    Dunks and The Funks View Profile

    Dunks and the Funks is quite like no other. Coming soon to your favorite bars and music venues alike, this funky rhythmic experience is sure to leave your feet moving for days. Fronted by lead vocalist of The fat Peace, Alex “Dunks” Gideon and featuring tons of guest appearances from local artists, this jam packed show brings a twist of covers from the Grateful Dead to Sublime along wi...

  • Clementine and the Galaxy

    Clementine and the Galaxy View Profile

    Clementine & The Galaxy's whirling blend of soaring vocals and synth-driven art-pop has earned them a reputation as one of indie music's fastest rising acts. The NYC-based duo of vocalist Julie Hardy and guitarist/producer Mike MacAllister has already captured the attention of critics such as Time Out New York, MTV Iggy, The Huffington Post, AOL Spinner, Brightest Young Things and T...

  • Lady and the Gentlemen

    Lady and the Gentlemen View Profile

    Lady and the Gentlemen presents a heart-warming Americana sound filled with the love of soul. While pushing the envelope as musicians and simultaneously remembering the roots of great American music, Lady and the Gentlemen will move you not only musically, but will inspire sentiment.

  • Joshua and the Giant

    Joshua and the Giant View Profile

    Joshua and the Giant is an independent synth-pop piano project out of Brooklyn, NY.

  • Noa and the Giant

    Noa and the Giant View Profile

  • Willie and the Giant

    Willie and the Giant View Profile

    The debut single from Willie and the Giant is a double shot of vintage rock 'n' soul, tastefully wrapped and carried like a party gift into the now. Open it up and you'll find a few key ingredients missing from a lot of today's music—for starters, space, warmth, subtlety and dynamic range. "Ain't Gonna Wait" b/w "Poor Boy" begs to be played on vinyl th...

  • Chloé and The Giant Peach

    Chloé and The Giant Peach View Profile

    "During her summer job in Glacier National Park, Chloé Little of Chloé and the Giant Peach began writing music on her guitar. Straight out of High School and headed for college, Chloé had always toyed with the idea of starting a band but was too intimidated. Once she graduated college with a handful of original songs she figured, “If not now, then when?” ...

  • Alice and the Glass Lake

    Alice and the Glass Lake View Profile

    Many summers ago I took my first trip to the Glass Lake. Having arrived at its wooded bank my eyes caught the tree line and found their first full-on view of the water— the sun and setting colors reflecting from its silvery surface as a perfect mirrored half. I knew I’d found something important. Since that summer and as my artistic vision has grown I’ve always returned to the Glass Lake. I‘ve rev...

  • Sambo and the Goonz

    Sambo and the Goonz View Profile

    Reggae, Metal, Blues, Jazz, Psychedelic rock, everything! Joe Sambo and the Goonz consists of:    Joe Sambataro- Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele, Songwriter Anthony Sambataro- Bass, Ultimate Groove Machine, writer Greg Hill - Guitar, Fro Box, Vocals, writer Chris Mcfarland - Drums, Reggatone Groove Box, writer Chris Walker - Drums, Percussion, Love Triang...

  • Di and the Guys

    Di and the Guys View Profile

    Creating an engaging, uniquely Colorado spin on classic rock, Di and The Guys are fueled and inspired by the guitar-driven rock and roll of the 60's and 70's.    In 2011 lead guitarist, J.B. Stuart of Lazy Lightning (who has shared the stage with greats like Buddy Cage of The New Riders of the Purple Sage, Pete Sears of Hot Tuna & Jefferson Starship, and Vince Weln...

  • Elio and the Hank Sinatra band

    Elio and the Hank Sinatra band View Profile

  • Andrew London and The Hard Light

    Andrew London and The Hard Light View Profile

  • Xiomara and The Headband

    Xiomara and The Headband View Profile

    Female fronted soul power!  San Francisco’s own Xiomara and The Headband come forth bearing original rare groove and neo-soul classics, thrown down with heaping doses of funk and jazz.  Soul Queen #1, the ferociously talented Xiomara Grace- belts them out like no one’s business, and comes backed by a crushing team of Bay Area  A-list musical headhunters.   &n...

  • AC and the Heat

    AC and the Heat View Profile

    A/C and The Heat is a Charlotte, NC indie rock band featuring violin and upright bass. A wild, moody, energetic sound with songwriting slithering between cynicism and hope.

  • Honey and The Heroine

    Honey and The Heroine View Profile

    Honey and the Heroine is a New Wave Rock band spawned from the underground counter-culture of Orange, California and is instantly gaining recognition for its distinctive voice and infectious energy. Ren (apprentice of DEVO’s Mark Mothersbaugh) has a cooly-lit voice that seeps confidence as her melodies weave through the songs with almost jazz-like phrasing. Pete Fielis’ signature guitar-work has...

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