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  • Larry and Matthew

    Larry and Matthew View Profile

    Larry and Matthew have been playing the Johnny D's Sunday brunch together since 1997.Together they forge a uniquely memorable sound that is spontaneous, yet well crafted. They explore the standards that comprise the Jazz Tradition, constantly searching out new avenues of expression while maintaining subtlety and sensitivity.

  • Fertitta and McClintock

    Fertitta and McClintock View Profile

    Fertitta and McClintock Raised in the port town of Beaumont Texas, these two Forest Park High School mates were always involved in music from an early age. Leaving Beaumont for the big city of Houston, David Fertitta and Steven McClintock performed for the Steak and Ale chain as well as locking in the coveted club gig at the Lion Bar for the famed Galleria Houston Oaks Hotel. It was there Fert...

  • Liam and Me

    Liam and Me View Profile

  • High and Mighty Brass Band

    High and Mighty Brass Band View Profile

    There’s a reason that musical trailblazers from Galactic to DJ Logic have recently chosen to collaborate with High and Mighty Brass Band! and legends such as Dr. John, Rebirth Brass Band, and Trombone Shorty have chosen them to share the stage. Co-mingling band members from New Orleans, NYC, and a host of other cities across the globe, this dynamic krewe has the unique ability to combine ...

  • Karissa and Monica Lee

    Karissa and Monica Lee View Profile

  • Tigers and Monkeys

    Tigers and Monkeys View Profile

    Led by Shonali Bhowmik, the band is comprised of a lady and some gentlemen. The music is a mash-up of all things loud, trashy, and loose.

  • Motown and More: The Legacy Lives!

    Motown and More: The Legacy Lives! View Profile

    MOTOWN. Just the name evokes sounds and images of a past musical era full of great artists, classic songs, smooth choreography and exciting stage shows. Well, it's not all gone. THE LEGACY LIVES brings it all back with an ensemble of today's most talented artists. Vocalists Vic Frierson, Karen Linette, Gene McBride, Deborah Poole-Williams and Micah Smith--each phenomenal in their...

  • Christel and Music Evolved

    Christel and Music Evolved View Profile

  • Me and My Brother

    Me and My Brother View Profile

    ME AND MY BROTHER. a trio consisting of schuyler fisk, carl anderson, and sam wilson. grammatically incorrect, and we're not actually related. get over it.

  • Kalin and Myles

    Kalin and Myles View Profile

    Music's got a long history of impressive duos, from Simon & Garfunkel to Method Man & Redman. There's just something special about a tag team of two distinct personalities joining forces for a singular musical mission. That brings us to Northern California duo—Kalin & Myles. These two forge together pop and hip hop into an irresistible and inimitable hybrid, affectionatel...

  • Johnny and Nick

    Johnny and Nick View Profile

    Johnny Miller and Nick Donnelly met through mutual friends in the entertainment business at a sushi dinner in Hermosa Beach California quite recently. After a stimulating conversation about music and influences and plenty of sake the two solo musicians, friends and family headed to a party at an old motel on the pacific ocean. There they all drank beer and smoked cuban cigars and jammed on old cla...

  • Will and Nick

    Will and Nick View Profile

  • Gemma and Noah

    Gemma and Noah View Profile

  • Jesse and Noah

    Jesse and Noah View Profile

  • Bullets and Octane

    Bullets and Octane View Profile

    Bullets and Octane are a punk/hard rock band originally from St. Louis, Missouri and now based in Southern California (as referenced in the song "Cancer California"). They originate from the band Ultrafink (which released one album titled Carbotrolly, currently out of print). The band has been touring in Europe and North America since December 31, 1998, playing as a support band for Aven...

  • David and Olivia

    David and Olivia View Profile

  • Down and Outlaws

    Down and Outlaws View Profile

    Rock and roll isn't a sound. It's not an attitude. It's a need, it's a fight, it's the saving grace in the wake of a broken heart or something lost. Down and Outlaws are a rock and roll band, pure and simple. Influenced by bands like The Stooges and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, you can call these San Franciscans dirty, bluesy, rootsy; it doesn't really matter, becaus...

  • Chris and Pat

    Chris and Pat View Profile

  • Fiddle and Pine

    Fiddle and Pine View Profile

  • Lions and Poets

    Lions and Poets View Profile

    Made up of veteran Los Angeles musicians, the edgy pop-rock style of Lions N Poets has grown a consistent following over the last two years since their release of their first album, On The Vine. Performing a few select club dates as the second album, Twenty Days of Utter Indulgence, is being prepared for release, fans are getting a sneak preview of the modern songcraft that defines their new work....

  • Path and Proper Balance

    Path and Proper Balance View Profile

    Keep it positive and moving. Fluidity is key. Peace.

  • MacLear and Quinn

    MacLear and Quinn View Profile

  • Robots and Racecars

    Robots and Racecars View Profile

    LIKE DARK AVENGERS OF THE NIGHT, Robots and Racecars are here to save the day! After tragically losing their parents to a hold-up gone wrong outside a showing of The Mark of Zorro, Robots and Racecars (Matthew, Nicholas, Frankie, and Jordan) have dedicated their lives to bringing all criminals to justice. After years spent honing their bodies and minds to the utmost of human perfection, and studyi...

  • Nina and Randa

    Nina and Randa View Profile

    Singer/songwriter/sisters Nina and Randa have been making music since before they could walk.  Identical twins, they are naturally harmonious. Most of the time. The girls can be seen performing their original music and classics with their band The Guys at various venues in the ...

  • Andy and Renee

    Andy and Renee View Profile

    Since a chance meeting at the University of Denver, Canadian Andy Hill and his singing partner Renee Safier have carved out a unique musical niche for themselves in the Los Angeles music scene (and beyond). Their performances more than two-hundred a year are as much social gathering as musical event. Part fan family reunion, part rock & roll tent revival, their incomparable live shows attract a la...

  • Carly and Richard

    Carly and Richard View Profile

    Carly and Richard are a singer and guitar player duo who have been performing a range of music together for over 2 and a half years. Carly Richardson has been a singer for as long as she can remember and has acquired a soul-like vocal styling that can range from Stevie Wonder to Norah Jones. Carly is 16 years old and will be a Junior at McLean High School next month. Richard Smith has been pl...

  • Brook and River

    Brook and River View Profile



    "Take the best elements of a theatrical live rock concert, marry that to a super-charged karaoke/talent show night where only positive reinforcement and onstage rock stardom are its prizes and delightful voyeurism reigns supreme, and you'd be somewhere in the ballpark of the legendary Live R&R Karaoke show at Arlene's Grocery. Every Monday at 10PM...and now, every Friday at midnight ($10)

  • Rock And Roll Suicide

    Rock And Roll Suicide View Profile

    Band out of Omaha NE focused on covering albums in their entirety. Members include: Jacob Duncan, Max Meyer, Kevin Sullivan, Phil Smith, Jeff Kolega, Justin Fisher and Diana Arp.

  • Jim and Sam

    Jim and Sam View Profile

    "their songs are impeccably written, structured, and arranged. They’re also so very pretty, and incredibly catchy; earworms in the best possible way." - KCRW MUSIC BLOG   Regarding the release of their debut EP, This Is What's Left:    We live in Los Angeles and recorded these songs in Denmark with Swedish producer Lasse Marten, multi-instrumen...

  • Denitia and Sene

    Denitia and Sene View Profile

    Electro-soul duo Denitia & Sene not only exude sexy through their music, they invent it. The Brooklyn-based musicians came together with a shared vision to bring truth and ingenuity to stylistic music, and they've held their ambitions high ever since. The two met at a party where Sene, a rapper, was looking for someone to sing hooks on his new album, and Denitia, a singer-songwriter, welco...

  • starnes and shah

    starnes and shah View Profile

    Starnes&Shah, featuring vocal duo Dania Abu-Shaheen (guitar/vocals) and Zilpha Starnes (keyboards/vocals), was formed in Astoria, NY in 2005. Bring a poet/songwriter from Lebanon together with a choirgirl from Dallas, Texas, and you get a unique musical counterpoint. The songs range from pared down acoustic ballads to rock anthems complete with choral arrangements and layered guitar effects...

  • Swear And Shake

    Swear And Shake View Profile

  • Su and Sid

    Su and Sid View Profile

    ndian Neo-soul duo Su and Sid formed early 2018 when the two members were studying at music school in L.A. and have been making celestial, jazz influenced, new soul music ever since.  This page will feature their upcoming releases/shows and clips.

  • arms and sleepers

    arms and sleepers View Profile

    ARMS AND SLEEPERS is the American duo Max Lewis and Mirza Ramic. The group was formed in 2006 and has since released 16 albums and EPs, in addition to numerous tours of Asia, Europe and North America.

  • Bradford and Slim

    Bradford and Slim View Profile

    Marlie "Slim" is a highly accomplished, soulful and passionate guitarist and lover of traditional blues. She brings an energy that is both captivating and contagious. She has been a fixture in the New England Blues circuit as a guitarist for the Tim Taylor Blues Band, nominated for best blues act for several consecutive years in the Providence Phoenix and Motif Magazine. Marlie herself was also no...

  • Bullet and Snowfox

    Bullet and Snowfox View Profile

    Bullet & Snowfox is the musical lovechild of Kristen Wagner and Josh Shapiro. What began as a “casual encounters” ad on Craigslist has quickly evolved into LA’s hottest dance party. With influences ranging from Siouxsie and the Banshees and Blondie to Elastica and Garbage, they have created a unique brand of dance-rock with an infectious energy that can’t be stopped. Th...

  • Pictures and Sounds

    Pictures and Sounds View Profile

  • Simone and Spectrum

    Simone and Spectrum View Profile

    Rockin some Indie Pop Piano Magic for your listening pleasures.

  • Corey and Stacey Music

    Corey and Stacey Music View Profile

    Louisville/Southern Indiana based musical act playing hits from the 70's to current day hits. This acoustic duo also performs an original set with songs written by the local singer/songwriter, Corey Brumback. Corey and Stacey have only been in the music circuit as a duo for a little over a year but are steadily increasing their repertoire of music and has provided entertainment for numerous venues...


    ARC AND STONES View Profile

    Arc & Stones is an alternative rock band originating from Brooklyn, NY. The band, comprised of members Dan Pellarin and Ben Cramer, is set to release their debut five song EP, Arc & Stones EP, September 2012. The EP was produced and mixed by established producer Jeremy Griffith at Singing Serpent Studios in the heart of NYC. Each of the five songs display distinctive attributes of the band. From l...

  • Breaks and Swells

    Breaks and Swells View Profile

    Super sweet soul sounds and boogie breaks from Seattle, WA.

  • 35th and Taylor

    35th and Taylor View Profile

    Anna Taylor, lead singer, 18, has no fear of the stage and spotlight. She was the Rockestra “American Idol” winner in Sioux City, Iowa, and went on to become a contestant on NBC’S sixth season of “The Voice” where she sang before esteemed singers and songwriters Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Usher and Shakira. Evan Kaler, lead guitarist/vocals, 18, is an original mem...

  • Doug and Telisha Williams

    Doug and Telisha Williams View Profile

    Although they're based in Nashville, Wild Ponies have always looked to Southwest Virginia — where bandmates Doug and Telisha Williams were both born and raised — for inspiration. There, in mountain towns like Galax, old-time American music continues to thrive, supported by a community of fiddlers, flat-pickers, and fans.   Wild Ponies pay tribute to that powerful music and r...

  • Sweet and Tender Hooligans

    Sweet and Tender Hooligans View Profile

    The Los Angeles-based Sweet & Tender Hooligans are riding the crest of this resurgence of interest in the Smiths. Formed in 1992, the Sweet & Tender Hooligans have gained local and international attention as the “Ultimate Tribute to Morrissey and The Smiths.” The band has performed sold-out shows in some of the top venues in Southern California including the Hollywood Palace, The House of Blue...

  • Tim and the 23's

    Tim and the 23's View Profile

    Formed in 2006 by Philadelphia transplant and front man Tim Malley, San Diego based rock n’ roll trio Tim and the 23s has been paying their dues on the road and in local clubs laying down they’re gritty style of riff filled, story laden, sometimes Americana infused homegrown rock. Inspired by classic artists such as Bruce Springsteen and the Rolling Stones as well as more contemporary acts like ...

  • J and the 9s

    J and the 9s View Profile

    quoting henry rollins: "real rock music should make you wanna break sh*t and f#ck on the floor." j and the 9s has been described as that as well as an experience of "walking into a pyramid and hearing Andy Warhol perform while watching some nail biting movie smashing a refrigerator from a meat department carried by a tow truck and a driver wearing a mask." decide...

  • J and the 9's

    J and the 9's View Profile

    rising rock/pop/punk band straight outta brooklyn. ep out now!

  • Soji and the Afrobeat Band

    Soji and the Afrobeat Band View Profile

    Making his debut as a leader of his own band and celebrating the release of his CD, “In the Flow,” Nigeria’s legendary guitar master and singer Adesoji “Soji” Odukogbe was, among other things, the lead guitarist for the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s groundbreaking Afrobeat band. Odukogbe draws on an extensive background in Nigerian Afrobeat, highlife, and spiritual...

  • Adam and the Ants

    Adam and the Ants View Profile

    One of the seminal figures of new wave, Adam Ant (born Stuart Leslie Goddard) had several distinct phases to his career. Initially, he explored a jagged, guitar-oriented post-punk with his group Adam & the Ants before giving way to a more pop-oriented, glam-tinged musical direction that brought him to the top of the charts. After that had run its course, he refashioned himself as a mainstream ...

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