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  • Once and Future Band

    Once and Future Band View Profile

    A representative of Bay Area neo-psychedelia with a prog slant, Once & Future Band is a project by Joel Robinow (vocals/guitar/keyboards), Eli Eckert (bass/guitar/vocals), and Raj Ojha (drums/programming). The friends had already played together in several other psych-rock outfits, including Drunk Horse, East Bay Grease, and Howlin Rain. A mash of virtuosic rock, Pink Floyd-type psychedelia, a...

  • DL and FX

    DL and FX View Profile

  • Ghost and Gale

    Ghost and Gale View Profile

    Ghost and Gale is a boy and a girl who make music together.

  • Laura and Ggreg

    Laura and Ggreg View Profile

  • Crows and Ghosts

    Crows and Ghosts View Profile

    Crows and Ghosts is a Charlotte based free improvisation group with a combined age of 186. Ari Lehtela (guitar), John Shaughnessy (bass) , Scott Thompson (keys) and Dave Bullard (drums) will simultaneously generate individual threads and clusters of sounds in response to each others extemporaneous output. The moment-to-moment choices and the resulting actions are to be shaped and guided by thei...

  • Patten and Goff 1

    Patten and Goff 1 View Profile

    Lucien Patten and Lane Goff only knew each other six months when they sat down in a local coffee shop one morning and within a short time drafted the lyrics and music to “Proud of Who I Am,” a tribute to America’s armed forces stationed around the world. Curious to see what others thought of their song, the talented musicians in anticipation uploaded to the Internet a...

  • Grit and Gold

    Grit and Gold View Profile

    Grit and Gold is an alt country rock band from Oakland, CA. With all the pieces in place, they deliver stories of pleasure, pain, heartache, addiction and love learned the hard way. Boasting a heavy rock sound, a slightly-punk attitude and an introspection reserved for the lone wolves, these aren't your old fashioned cowboys.

  • David and Goliath

    David and Goliath View Profile

  • Oak and Gorski

    Oak and Gorski View Profile

    Ken Oak, vocals and cello, and Ed Gorski, vocals and guitar, have been making music together since 2005. The group has self booked twelve national and international tours, sold over 50,000 albums and secured numerous TV and film placements such as Dreamwork’s “She’s The Man”, Lifetime’s “A Nanny’s Secret” and CSI: NY. Described by Billboard Magazine as “soulful” and “calming”, Oak & Gorski’s ha...

  • Dove and Gun

    Dove and Gun View Profile

    A stone, a leaf, an unfound door. The Script. We are Jordan Holman and Mark LeRoy, a duo of contrasting mood and style named Dove and Gun. A first writing session lead to a piano/vocal demo, which lead to ongoing trips to London England to record with Producer Chris Potter (The Rolling Stones, The Verve). We moved to New York, toured as a band, had Kerouac highs and lows, and then stopped. Eve...

  • Hammers and Hearts

    Hammers and Hearts View Profile

    Adam Gelbach - lead vocals Lynn Lopez - guitar Chad Pelkey - guitar John Gelbach - drums Zaid Asi - bass guitar

  • Hoots and Hellmouth

    Hoots and Hellmouth View Profile

    Hoots & Hellmouth are a busy bunch. Road warriors to the bitter end, they’ve somehow found time to enter the studio twice in the last year to produce two records showcasing their forward-thinking roots/soul music. Their latest offering, the full-length Salt (street date 10/4/11), was recorded in their hometown of Philadelphia at Miner Street Studios with friend/engineer Jon Low (Dr. Dog,...

  • AK and Her Kalashnikovs

    AK and Her Kalashnikovs View Profile

    AK and Her Kalashnikovs "This is a unique and original musical ensemble. There is the diverse instrumentation --balalaikas, mandolins, tinwhistles, accordions, violins, bass, a variety of guitars, percussion and a pandeira that thinks it’s a Ringling Brothers Circus. There are the Kalashnikovs, intense, virtuosic and inventive. And rhythmically tight as a drum. The repertoire is a collection of...

  • Val and Her Lovers

    Val and Her Lovers View Profile

    Val and Her Lovers are an L.A. based Indie Pop/Folk band consisting of 5 members: Steve Crane (lead guitar), Patrick Simon (piano/synth/mandolin/vocals), Henry Muelhausen (bass), Justin Barnes (drums), and Val Macias (vocals, guitar). Led by Macias, writer and director, their songs reflect on relationships, and explore the various stages of emotional states within the context of romantic involve...

  • Hank and her Ponies

    Hank and her Ponies View Profile

    Hank and her Ponies are a Southern Californian band, formerly a duo of Lauren Chanel Cobb and Ryan Bartholemy known as "Dead Flowers". The band has blossomed into what has become a six-piece collective of old souls delivering nostalgic tunes to your ears. The first recordings by the duo were done in a hidden upstairs lockout in Long Beach next to a fire station. The two made 19...

  • Leopold and His Fiction

    Leopold and His Fiction View Profile

    Naked, stripped down and aching with adrenaline is the rawness of Leopold and his Fiction. A revolving group of friends led by Daniel James (lead vocal/guitar), their essential make up sprouted from collaborations made on the road in the whirlwind cycle of touring. From San Francisco to LA to Austin various musical adventures had come and gone, until James found a common vision in the musicians he...

  • Chuck Mead and His Grassy Knoll Boys

    Chuck Mead and His Grassy Knoll Boys View Profile

    After leading several popular ‘80s cult bands in and around his hometown of Lawrence, Kansas, Chuck Mead landed on Nashville’s Lower Broadway where he co­founded the famed ‘90s Alternative Country quintet BR549. The band’s seven albums, three Grammy nominations and the Country Music Association Award for Best Overseas Touring Act would build an indelible bridge b...

  • M.H. and His Orchestra

    M.H. and His Orchestra View Profile

    One could easily throw a "musical chairs" allusion into the description of this group: from a one man project to a 44 piece orchestra then finally resting as a ten person touring band-- it's impossible to escape the notion that this has shaped what Sounds of RVA calls their "ever-shifting wall of sound". M.H. stands for Max Holiday, the composer, lyricist & singer behind M.H. & His Orchestra- with...

  • Greene and Hurst

    Greene and Hurst View Profile

    Formed in early 2011, Greene and Hurst hit the country music scene in October 2011 with full force by playing to a full house at Toby Keith’s Bar & Grill. Greene and Hurst is a new kind of country, a fun kind of country. The band mixes in today’s hits, some classics, a few classic rock songs and even originals. Wanting to do nothing but have a good time with the crowd, G&H makes sure to leave e...

  • Alli And I

    Alli And I View Profile

    There are many good things on the horizon for Alli and I! 2015 will bring the release of a full length record and lots of travel time for the acoustic act from Lincoln. A&I's new album is a documentation of Andrew Standley's heart on his sleeve, and will have tracks spanning from just him and his guitar, and reaching deep into a handful of full band numbers. Stay tuned for 'Imagina...

  • Cold and In the Bay

    Cold and In the Bay View Profile

    Cold and in the Bay is a collection of Bay Area musicians dedicated to paying tribute to the classic bay area bluegrass band Old And In The Way, which was led by legends Peter Rowan, David Grisman, and Jerry Garcia. They take selections from the one released album, and also hand pick songs from their live repertoire, which provides for a well balanced mix of barn-burning fast tunes and the swee...

  • Young and in the Way

    Young and in the Way View Profile

    YAITW (Young and in the Way) are a blackened metal/crust hybrid from the shadows of North Carolina. Over the last four years YAITW have evolved through multiple releases from vicious monster to multi-headed beast. With each offering melding a vicious metal speed and hypnotic atmospherics with a bleak hardcore/punk spirit.

  • Poz and Infekt

    Poz and Infekt View Profile

    Poz and InfeKt are a comedy hip-hop/electro duo from Glendale, AZ and have quickly been making a name for themselves throughout the valley with their silly and spontaneous stage shows and hilarious viral videos. Poz and InfeKt have recently released their debut LP, No Coattails to Ride, with producer Kelly "Carnage" Cairns (As I Lay Dying, A Kiss Could Be Deadly and Molotov Solution) on B.O.A.T.S...

  • John and Jacob

    John and Jacob View Profile

    John & Jacob, born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama found their roots in the sounds of back-porch pickers and harmonies of gospel singers. After ten years of playing together, a stripped-down style emerged, leading the boys back to the basics with feel good melodies and lyrics. They started making trips to Nashville where they soon landed a publishing deal with Major Bob Music. Within ...

  • Jamie and James

    Jamie and James View Profile

    Over the past three years, Jamie & James has matured from a simple collaboration of two prominent D.C. singer/songwriters into a notable group in its own right. Boasting an eclectic, yet authentic sound, Jamie & James is not your average guy/girl duo. The two blend each others musical backgrounds to create a fresh musical recipe. Indie, jazz, americana, and a large helping of blues grabs a...

  • Edward and Jane

    Edward and Jane View Profile

  • Joey and Jeane

    Joey and Jeane View Profile


    GENNA AND JESSE View Profile

    Genna and Jesse are duo alchemy at its finest. Sweet and savory, raspy and smooth, together they create a unique vocal sound, and then they complement that blend with Jesse’s prowess at the piano and guitar. Whether they sing their own songs, or the well-chosen songs of their peers, audiences are along for the ride in an intimate and inclusive show.

  • Flotsam and Jetsam

    Flotsam and Jetsam View Profile

    Flotsam and Jetsam is a thrash metal band that formed in Phoenix, Arizona in 1981.

  • Jewels and Johnny Nation

    Jewels and Johnny Nation View Profile

    Cool as a cucumber meets hot as a pistol. The rock & roll wise man and the dancing dynamo. A gifted natural musician and a gifted natural comedienne creating music that is engaging, entertaining, and energetic. Jewels and Johnny Nation have a combined professional background ranging from trash rock to Broadway and they've  honed their chops on 10 years worth of live shows that...

  • Sina and Josh Unpunked

    Sina and Josh Unpunked View Profile

  • Jmac and Junior

    Jmac and Junior View Profile

  • Jill and Kate

    Jill and Kate View Profile

    Driven by their own sensitive, well-rendered tunes and sterling vocal harmonies, Jill and Kate are a dynamic singing and songwriting duo with the pipes, poise, and personalities necessary to build an explosive career in their home base of Nashville, Tennessee. While Jill and Kate are best known as former background singers for award-winning vocalist, Kelly Clarkson, Jill Pickering and Kate Rapi...

  • Andy and Kathryn Karg

    Andy and Kathryn Karg View Profile

    Andy is originally a native of Nashville and is no stranger to the Bluebird. Half of the legendary Karg Brothers with round mate and brother Richard, the Bluebird was one of their first gigs in town! He now resides as a musician in Saint Paul and operates 2gether Productions with his wife Kathryn where they teach music lessons, perform live, and write and record with local artists. ...

  • Loch and Key

    Loch and Key View Profile

    It's not all about labrythian song titles and artwork, although at first blush you might think so of Loch & Key. The new L.A. duo is a collaboration between Sean Hoffman, the former guitarist in American Music Club and Bedroom Walls, and visual artist Leyla Akdogan, and their debut album "Jupiter's Guide for Submariners" (due Sept. 7 in a limited run featuring Akdogan's hand-stamped artwork) is an...

  • Matt and Kim

    Matt and Kim View Profile

    Keyboardist Matt Johnson and drummer Kim Schifino create the giddy, punky pop music of Matt & Kim. The two came together in 2004 while attending the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and sessions for their debut album began two years later after a spring tour with Meneguar. Featuring vocals from both members, the self-titled album was released by the iHEARTCOMIX label in fall 2006, and several festival...

  • George and King And Us Band

    George and King And Us Band View Profile

  • Gem and Leo

    Gem and Leo View Profile

  • Love and Light

    Love and Light View Profile

     Gaining momentum and international recognition, the Love and Light movement has earned its way to a variety of venues, main stage opportunities and headlining time slots. The most memorable of which being: BURNING MAN, SHAMBHALA, ULTRA, COACHELLA, WAKARUSA, LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE, SONIC BLOOM, SYMBIOSIS, ENVISION, RAINBOW SERPENT, THE BOUNCE, EARTH FREQUENCY, and ENCHANTED FOREST.   ...

  • Letters and Lights

    Letters and Lights View Profile

    Letters & Lights is a dynamic pop/rock band from Seattle, WA.

  • Lungs and Limbs

    Lungs and Limbs View Profile

    Lungs and Limbs are an alt pop band from the San Francisco Bay Area. Known for their thick, hip-hop-and-80's-inspired beats, cowboy guitar licks and hook-laden vocals, the quartet's debut EP Lifelike (2015), written and recorded in a horse stable, garnered positive press from critics in the Bay Area, Boston, LA, Germany and beyond. Do the Bay describes Lungs and Limbs as "...a tight, ...

  • Phil and Lu

    Phil and Lu View Profile

    Brother sister duo from Venice, California by way of Michigan.

  • Joy and Madness

    Joy and Madness View Profile

    A Joy & Madness dance party lives up to its name by breaking down barriers between the dancers, listeners, and the band, while creating grooves which inspire joy in the soul and madness in the body. An eight piece soul and funk explosion out of Sacramento’s growing funk and jam scene, Joy & Madness brings its namesake to every performance and leaves everybody sweaty, inspired, and...

  • FLWRS and Maralisa

    FLWRS and Maralisa View Profile

    FLWRS + Maralisa are an indie electronic duo based in Brooklyn, NY.

  • Jesse and Mariam

    Jesse and Mariam View Profile

    Jesse and Mariam is a collaborative duo that combines the talents of two local Boston-area musicians Jesse Gallagher (Apollo Sunshine) and Mariam Saleh (Fat Creeps). Jesse and Mariam can be found entertaining every Tuesday evening at Johnny D's on the bar side throughout the month of January!

  • Dave and Marissa

    Dave and Marissa View Profile

    We're largely influenced by everything we listen to, from our close friends to fellow musicians on the road.

  • Ricky and Mark

    Ricky and Mark View Profile

    Ricky Pharoe is a 1990s artisan try-hard, with an asymmetrical cadence, sarcastic wit, and humbly arrogant flow. Producer/multi-instrumentalist Gajamagic (drummer and founding member of defunct Seattle post-hardcore institution The Blood Brothers, Champagne Champagne, Neon Blonde, and Past Lives) is a master of dark arts, road-trip MacGyver, and sound systems savage. Together they form Ricky and M...

  • Hollywood and Mars

    Hollywood and Mars View Profile

  • Yazan and Martin

    Yazan and Martin View Profile

    Yazan is a born and bred New Yorker, raised on salty East River breezes and pizza slices, video game arcades and street art everywhere. His sound is as colorful and soulful as the city that reared him: he is part urban storyteller, part guitar wizard, and all psychedelic explorer of the universal spirit. On his debut album Your Crooked Part (Shoulder Tap Records, SHT010), acc...



    We are Alix and Jacob Masters. We are twin sister and brother originally from Los Angeles California and have been playing music since childhood. Our music consists of a wide array of genres ranging from Blues, Jazz, Pop and Soul. We truly realized our potential as a duo when we began playing around the bar scene in Madrid Spain. Through that experience and extended practice we can get a big a...

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