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  • Ages and Ages

    Ages and Ages View Profile

    Ages and Ages is more than a band. It’s a collective of like-minded souls that believe in the power of music to change the world and elevate the spirit. Their music is bright and uplifting, with lyrics, penned by bandleader Tim Perry, that deliver serious introspective messages full of insight and consideration for others.   “When we made this album, we wanted a word to...

  • Mitch and AJ of Lose Control

    Mitch and AJ of Lose Control View Profile

  • Ben and Alex Morrison of The Brothers Comatose

    Ben and Alex Morrison of The Brothers Comatose View Profile

    Brothers Ben and Alex Morrison have been playing music together their whole lives. The origins of the Morrison brothers’ harmonic blend, as well as their compelling and introspective original songs, are rooted in family. When the brothers were young, their parents hosted the legendary “Morrison Music Parties” where they soaked in the spontaneous collaborations of musicians, earni...


    BOW AND ARROW View Profile

  • Birds and Arrows

    Birds and Arrows View Profile

    Andrea and Pete Connolly have written their lives into Birds and Arrows newly released record “Coyotes”. Inspired by their bucolic surroundings, the record was recorded at their small, 19th-century, school house turned cabin nestled in the woods on an 88 acre horse farm in Rougemont, NC. Mixed by Chris Stamey of the dB’s, “Coyotes” has a polished yet still organic sound that emotes desperation and...

  • Slings and Arrows

    Slings and Arrows View Profile

    Slings & Arrows, a Nashville-based duo comprised of Zach Broocke and Marlaina Youch, were formed in late 2014. Before officially forming Slings & Arrows, the pair sang and played together for over a year developing onstage chemistry and perfecting their collective sound.  They blend elements of Rock n’ Roll, Country, Folk, and Blues.  Although their debut record has yet to ...

  • Allan and Ashcraft

    Allan and Ashcraft View Profile

  • Tom and Bart

    Tom and Bart View Profile

  • Rose and Ben

    Rose and Ben View Profile

  • Hughie Stone Fish and Ben Sheridan

    Hughie Stone Fish and Ben Sheridan View Profile

    An entertainer at heart, Hughie's shows are always exciting. Whether you're laughing between songs or crying during them, you will be engaged with Hughie from the moment the show starts. 'His honesty could almost make you uncomfortable, if you didn’t believe every word he sings – but you do, and so you go along song to song, amazed at both the humor and the sadness a song c...

  • Scott and Benji

    Scott and Benji View Profile

    Scott and Benji come into NYC from a small town in Western Massachusetts and from humble beginnings. Growing up together and being friends since 5th grade, they organically discovered their shared passion for music in 2014 when they became roommates. They would often come back to the apartment after a long day of work or a night out and play into the early hours of the morning (much to the pleasur...

  • Nancy and Beth

    Nancy and Beth View Profile

    In the Cool of the Day Jack, You're Dead

  • Bad and Blue

    Bad and Blue View Profile

    Bad and Blue is a Hip-Hop/Jazz collective from Tufts University and New England Conservatory with members hailing from Chicago, New York, and New England. We have played shows around the Boston and New York area since 2013 and released a full length album fall 2014. Our sound has been influenced by many artists including Esperanzing Spalding, Amy Winehouse, Thundercat, The Roots, and Mos Def. ...

  • Girls and Boys

    Girls and Boys View Profile

    The chance meeting between one girl and one boy has resulted in a fruitful musical partnership that grows by the day. Girls and Boys released their first album in October 2011, the impeccably produced The Feel of the Sun. Recorded in top studios around the Bay Area over the course of two years, The Feel of the Sun is filled with emotional, intricately woven songs that conjure feelings of loves los...

  • Lisa and Brian and Lisa

    Lisa and Brian and Lisa View Profile

  • Zach and Bridget

    Zach and Bridget View Profile

    Zach and Bridget... ...are an independent alt-county/americana duet comprised of songwriter/producer Zachary Galanis and musical theater actress/vocalist Bridget Schack. The two met while singing in a gospel choir and orchestra at a college in Los Angeles. Their music has been characterized as narrative and melodically-haunting. Galanis as a songwriter wants you to hear the story, but even more so...

  • Skull and Bullets

    Skull and Bullets View Profile


  • Rae and Christian

    Rae and Christian View Profile

    Rae & Christian emerged in the late '90s as a successor to the many stellar British production teams of the '90s, updating the rich urban grooves of Soul II Soul and Massive Attack with a bit more emphasis on classic hip-hop. The duo of Mark Rae and Steve Christian, often helped out by vocalist Veba, began recording together in 1995. Grand Central Records released several of their collaborative si...

  • DELETE artist and Cigarettes

    DELETE artist and Cigarettes View Profile

  • Lewis and Clark

    Lewis and Clark View Profile

    Lewis and Clark was formed by Andrew Brendel and Aaron Liebman at Syracuse University in October 2013. "I swear what I say sounds so clear to me"-- Andrew Brendel

  • Balance And Composure

    Balance And Composure View Profile

  • Mom And Dad feat members of Dopapod

    Mom And Dad feat members of Dopapod View Profile

    Mom And Dad is a three-piece music group that values being genuine, putting off airs, and making sure you have a good time tonight. With drums, bass, and guitar, Mom And Dad guides you through a lyrically sardonic landscape that leads to a reservoir of compassion, and the ability to laugh at your own self-loathing. And they can be loud.  

  • Chris and Daniel

    Chris and Daniel View Profile

    Chris and Daniel Slama have been jamming together for as long as they've been alive. From way back in the 3rd grade on makeshift, replica guitars built from scrap wood and cardboard to the present - on finely crafted acoustic instruments ran through state-of-the-art effects, delays, loopers, etc. They are two acoustic guitar players/ singers performing covers of some of your favorite songs and s...

  • Hunny and Danny

    Hunny and Danny View Profile

  • Jack and Dean

    Jack and Dean View Profile

  • Jan and Dean's Beach Party

    Jan and Dean's Beach Party View Profile


    LIBERTY AND DEATH View Profile

  • David and Devine

    David and Devine View Profile

    Dave Yaden (vocals/keys) and Candace Devine (vocals) joined forces after co-writing a few songs together and instantly feeling a natural chemistry. After playing a few local shows together in Los Angeles and gaining major industry buzz, the two artists decided to form David & Devine. Both artists had a great amount of success prior to David & Devine. Yaden is a Grammy award-winning songwriter ...

  • Jack and Diane Untz

    Jack and Diane Untz View Profile

  • Time and Distance

    Time and Distance View Profile

    Time and Distance are a Rock band from Charleston, West Virginia, started around 2002. To date, we've released two full length albums, two ep's, toured the country countless times with bands big and small, signed to a couple different record labels, put like 200,000 miles on our van, and made a lot of friends. we also really like mexican food.

  • Hawk and Dove

    Hawk and Dove View Profile

    Hawk and Dove is a post-Americana rock band with a calm-before-the-storm approach, a contemporary yet classic sound that's like the psychedelic country David Bowie never wrote. “Hawk and Dove channel a 60’s pop band and a modern alternative outfit,” The Deli says. Supajam adds, “it's almost like an alt act doing the seventies.” Singer Elijah Miller and guitar...

  • Reignbow and Dragon-fly

    Reignbow and Dragon-fly View Profile

    A long-time lover of pouring out the content of her heart through music and the Arts, Reignbow (Janet Roth) was born in the Ukraine to a multicultural family with Armenian, Polish, Jewish and French roots and was set aflame by the words floating in her head when she wrote her first love song at 14. She began writing poems and rhymes in multiple languages as a means to entertain herself, escape and...

  • Asteroids and Earthquakes

    Asteroids and Earthquakes View Profile

    David Westbom was born and raised in Massachusetts where he began playing classical music from a young age. Growing up studying violin, viola, guitar and bass, his passion for music led him to study at Boston's Berklee College of Music. With a strong interest for all things odd, David was sucked into the world of experimental electronic music and was soon accepted into the Electronic Productio...

  • Jack and Eliza

    Jack and Eliza View Profile

  • Anna and Elizabeth

    Anna and Elizabeth View Profile

  • Jimmy and Enrique

    Jimmy and Enrique View Profile

    Jimmy Patton, a nationally acclaimed guitarist claimed the title of "Best Unsigned Guitarist in the Nation" in 2001, defeating over 3,000 guitarists across the entire United States in "Guitarmageddon", a Guitar Center sponsored competition. He is renowned for his ability to play two separate guitars at the same time, playing both melody and accompaniment parts simultaneously. Jimmy has been honore...

  • Eric and Erica

    Eric and Erica View Profile

    Eric + Erica is a duo making music with two voices, an autoharp, a keyboard, and a sampler. Their songs are pop music at their core, dressed up with the unusual shimmer of autoharp; soulful, reverb-drenched electric piano; and beats that are as strong and simple as they are surprising. Erica’s naturally sweet and soaring vocals lead the way, floating dreamily above the music and delivering lyrics ...

  • Joy and Excess

    Joy and Excess View Profile

    Hailing originally from New York City, Joy and Excess was born to very musical parents. His father is a well known composer while his mother was an opera singer. He became very interested in music when he was five years old, by the time he was six he was being classically taught piano. He began singing when he was eight years old but has had no formal vocal training. Joy and Excess is currently wo...

  • Gem and Eye

    Gem and Eye View Profile

  • Feathers and Eyes

    Feathers and Eyes View Profile

    Meshing dark, gritty beats with soaring orchestral arrangements, FEATHERS+EYES captures a fresh sonance.

  • Broke and Fameless

    Broke and Fameless View Profile

    Xella is a singer/songwriter and recording artist from Los Angles, CA. In 2012 she was recording at Energy Center Studios in Upland CA where she met singer/rapper YnGLb, an aspiring artist also from SoCal. After working on one compilation with Energy Center artists they decided to join forces to create Broke and Fameless, a collaboration of cohesive sounds varied from both artists. Hip hop, rap, R...

  • BIGGCITTY BAND featuring Donte Boss and Farah Moans

    BIGGCITTY BAND featuring Donte Boss and Farah Moans View Profile

  • Charly and Faust

    Charly and Faust View Profile

    A solid mix of psychedelia infused by blues brings the unique sound of Charly&Faust to the stage. Fronted by two French female vocalists, the multi-ethnic band performs heart touching ballads telling stories from love to heartbreak. Initially introduced to each other in Paris, France, both Charly and Faust decided to join forces and recruit the band’s current line up after decidin...

  • Feather and Flower

    Feather and Flower View Profile

    Feather and Flower is a creative project that began in 2014. Robert Perez (keys) and Alex Domingo (voice) have come together to write original music inspired by a variety of jazz artists, final fantasy, and Sondheim.

  • Tar and Flowers

    Tar and Flowers View Profile

    Folk, Country, Western, Rock, Alternative  

  • Moon and Forty-Two

    Moon and Forty-Two View Profile

  • Auralponic and Friends

    Auralponic and Friends View Profile

  • Family And Friends

    Family And Friends View Profile

  • L.YOUNG and Friends

    L.YOUNG and Friends View Profile

    Born and raised in Louisville, KY was groomed for music in the church; by the age of 5 yrs old was already singing in the adult choir. L. Young emerged his self in the arts by acting and singing, at the age of thirteen he had established himself as an actor and began working professionally in regional theaters across the Tri-State area such as the world renowned “Actor’s Theater of Lou...

  • Zerimar and Fritz

    Zerimar and Fritz View Profile

    Easy Reader: “Zerimar and Fritz performed on acoustical guitars, but with a Flamenco-inspired frenzy that made the room sound like a tunnel with a freight train running through it. Bach and Dick Dale in the same set make perfect sense when by these virtuoso speed demons.”

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