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  • Bravado: A Tribute to the Life & Music of Neil Peart

    Bravado: A Tribute to the Life & Music of Neil Peart View Profile

    Join us Saturday April 16th, 2020 as we pay tribute and celebrate the life and music of Neil Peart. We are 6 Buffalo musicians whose lives were greatly influenced by Neil Peart's work with Rush.Join us for two sets of music spanning the band's entire career. Proceeds after expenses will benefit the Sunnybrook Foundation Gord Downie Fund for Cancer Research.

  • Domino: A Van Morrison Experience

    Domino: A Van Morrison Experience View Profile

    Greg Hester It’s Van Morrison as you remember him in your heart when the inimitable tribute artist Greg Hester takes the stage with “Domino: A Van Morrison Experience.  The Atlanta-based Hester recreates the aura of the rock idol onstage with all the joy of the diminutive Irish giant complete with kicks, shouts, struts… all the classic stage presence of the Belfast C...

  •  A Wilhelm Scream

    A Wilhelm Scream View Profile

  • Once A Wolf

    Once A Wolf View Profile

    The best band in the world, invading every orafice with music and flesh

  • J A Y N E & Otherside

    J A Y N E & Otherside View Profile

  •  A.C. Newman

    A.C. Newman View Profile

    You might know AC Newman as Carl Newman, the spry redheaded leader of the New Pornographers. That band put Newman's brilliant songs in the hands of a varied crew of insanely talented pals; however, with his breaking out solo record The Slow Wonder, Newman's own talents take center stage, showcasing him as a classic, yet eccentric and witty songwriter.AC Newman had a thrilling and prosperous life p...

  • Creeps A.D.

    Creeps A.D. View Profile

    in 97 jeff&dan hooked up with Jason saltwater and formed the Creeps and split up in late99. in 2012 jeff&dan decided to rock it up again to something new along with Davey von hood on bass, that's when CreepsA.D. was born shortly after dave had to split to do some shit in his life, WE LOVE DAVEY VON HOOD!!!!!!!!! 3bass players later Lobo moved back to 1904 and we recruited him on bass after a handf...

  • Extinction A.D.

    Extinction A.D. View Profile

  • Kool A.D.

    Kool A.D. View Profile

    Kool A.D. grew up in San Francisco-- while this is a well-known fact, it's not one that's acknowledged particularly often. It's understandable considering Das Racist have become entrenched in N.Y.'s cultural milieu in so many different ways that their music has been embraced as something like a metaphor for a certain kind of lifestyle in the city. You can ascertain Victor Vazquez's Cali roots as a...

  •  A.D.Miles

    A.D.Miles View Profile

    Anthony D. Miles is best known as A. D. Miles, is an American actor, writer and comedian who is best known as Marty Shonson on Comedy Central's Dog Bites Man. He's also appeared in recurring roles on both Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!.

  • Down A.K.A. Kilo

    Down A.K.A. Kilo View Profile

  • The A.K.A.s (Are Everywhere)

    The A.K.A.s (Are Everywhere) View Profile

    Based out of New York City, the energetic and danceable punk of the A.K.A.s materialized around vocalist Mike Ski, the former frontman for influential Pennsylvania hardcore outfit Brother's Keeper. He relocated from Erie to N.Y.C. while BK were still active, and though the band managed to release one more album and tour worldwide, the distance ultimately proved too much and they eventually fizzled...

  • DJ A2J

    DJ A2J View Profile

    Andre Jakes is DJ A2J.  A lively and exciting DJ that will keep you entertained thru out the night. Pleasing the ear with music and smooth spinning.  

  • Element a440

    Element a440 View Profile

    Element a440 delivers an intelligent brand of Edgy, Hook-Heavy, Dark, Melodic, and Electronic rock that enthralls its listeners. Spreading from the band to the individual, the intense lyrics and seductive sounds merge with the mind and body, through the crowd like an epidemic until all are as one. A new album is currently in the works so expect many great things from Element a440 this year!

  • Snoh Aalegra

    Snoh Aalegra View Profile

  • Jon Aanestad

    Jon Aanestad View Profile

  • Blake Aaron

    Blake Aaron View Profile

  • Jason Aaron

    Jason Aaron View Profile

    Jason Aaron is an American musician, songwriter and performer originally from L.A. His music harbors influences from the sixties Motown pop scene as well as containing elements of folk rock and Caribbean sounds. Acts such as Van Dyke Parks and the Velvet Underground are big influences in his sound and the group he plays with. He started his musical career in college in Miami where he recorded and ...

  • Sasha Aaron

    Sasha Aaron View Profile

    Sasha Aaron is a Miami native who now calls Nashville home. Musically influenced by Linda Ronstadt, The Eagles, Sheryl Crow, and Trisha Yearwood – her sound is the result of a perfect balance of California rock, rhythm & blues and the honest sensibilities of country music. Her performance and songwriting skills have allowed her the opportunity to open up for major acts such as Sister Hazel and hav...

  • Chris Aaron Behrman

    Chris Aaron Behrman View Profile

  • Zach Aaron Klein

    Zach Aaron Klein View Profile

  • DJ Aaron Stein-Chester

    DJ Aaron Stein-Chester View Profile

  • Nomi Abadi

    Nomi Abadi View Profile

    Singer/songwriter/composer/actor Nomi Abadi began composing at age four and performing as a guest soloist with orchestras since she was five years old. Growing up as a child prodigy, she appeared on television shows such as Crook and Chase, This Is Amazing (hosted by Pat O’Brien) and Showbiz Today. Her classical background brought her to the Mannes School of Music in New York City at age ...

  •  Abandoned Pools

    Abandoned Pools View Profile

    Multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Tommy Walter goes by the alias of Abandoned Pools. Walter picked up a bass guitar in grade school and by high school was a classically trained French horn player. He enrolled at the University of Pacific in Stockton, CA, where he studied and taught music theory (and such early 20th century, 12-tone and modal composers like Schoenberg, Bartók, and St...

  • Josh Abbott

    Josh Abbott View Profile

    Thanks to its inherently upbeat and singable material, Josh Abbott Band has become one of the leading acts in Texas music, winning four trophies in the inaugural Texas Regional Radio Awards. But JAB has national cred to boot – it’s landed three singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart – including “Oh, Tonight,” the first charted track to feature Grammy-winning...

  • Paula Abdul

    Paula Abdul View Profile

  • Khalil Abdullah

    Khalil Abdullah View Profile

  • Gabe, Abe, and Will

    Gabe, Abe, and Will View Profile

  • Ian Abel

    Ian Abel View Profile

    Nashville born, LA based songwriter, psychedelic southern rock.

  • Saving Abel

    Saving Abel View Profile

  • Monica Aben

    Monica Aben View Profile

    Monica Aben is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter and Venice, Ca native. She is a total beach bum with a passionate love for tacos. Having been described as ambient rock with a southern influence and living a life between Venice and Nashville, she has completed her first studio album, "Decisions & Revisions," out this month!  

  •  Aberdeen City

    Aberdeen City View Profile

    Boston's Aberdeen City features Christopher McLaughlin (vocals/guitar), Robert McCaffrey (drums), Bradley Parker (vocals/bass), and J. Ryan Heller (guitar). The alternative rock foursome met in 2001, and together they create a swirling, hypnotic rock sound. In 2003, the band self-released the We Learned by Watching EP. Two years later, Aberdeen City issued The Freezing Atlantic, their first album ...

  • The Abigails

    The Abigails View Profile


  • DJ Abilities

    DJ Abilities View Profile

    Billy Freekin Dee. In the beginning… there were turntables on a hardwood floor. DJ'ing for the first six months was done on the ground with a case of beer. Eventually he got a table a mpc and better. With this betterness he was able to release 2 mixtapes, produce 4 full length albums, win 2 DMC's and play hundreds of shows. He is now combining all of these experiences together to cr...

  • Amanda Abizaid

    Amanda Abizaid View Profile

  • Soul Ablaze

    Soul Ablaze View Profile

    Music changes. Music evolves. We change. We evolve. Soul Ablaze is something true and timeless. The wind will blow us towards different directions but from Dust to Dust we are where we begin. Beginning and End come together to form one full circle, one complete Soul Ablaze... Armed with an arsenal of lethal instruments ready to groove the masses and light up a stage with the melodic, hypnotic t...

  •  Abner Who?

    Abner Who? View Profile

    Abner Who? is a three-piece groove-rock group based in Los Angeles, bringing an intellectual breed of rock that pushes the boundaries of modern rock.

  • Imiuswi Aborigine

    Imiuswi Aborigine View Profile

    Born in Los Angeles, Imiuswi is a writer, producer, electronic composer and stage performer actively engaged in the production of high caliber Hip Hop. Gaining recognition on the L.A. underground as an artfully outspoken advocate for progressive change, Imiuswi is in a singular league of her own design. As a rap artist, Imiuswi rips 'em a new one, void of profanity, her rhymes are laced with e...

  • Dayglo Abortions

    Dayglo Abortions View Profile

  • Thinking About Tomorrow

    Thinking About Tomorrow View Profile

    Thinking About Tomorrow focuses on the encouragement of social consciousness and the cultivation of participation in community service. Through the creation of projects centered around our core values and ideals of individual development – living, loving and learning; We believe that establishing a solid foundation of values and character help improve a persons’ leadership and overall success, at ...


    THE ABOVE View Profile

  •  Above & Beyond

    Above & Beyond View Profile

    a British dance music group formed in 2000 and consists of the members Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness, and Paavo Siljamäki. The trio are popular in the electronic dance music scene for their forward-thinking productions and collaborations with renowned artists. They have their own record label Anjunabeats, which releases trance and progressive music, and they also host their own weekly radio ...

  • Incan Abraham

    Incan Abraham View Profile

    Incan Abraham is the distillation of years of side projects and former callings. After spending their first month of existence in a cabin in upstate NY, throwing sounds against the walls and at each other, the experimental psych pop project relocated to their native los angeles. Three ep's and countless shows later, the quartet has garnered the attention of music lovers/mavens in and around...

  • Hans Abrahamsen

    Hans Abrahamsen View Profile

  • Casey Abrams

    Casey Abrams View Profile

    24-year-old singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and American Idol finalist Casey Abrams, proves he is here to stay with his self-titled debut album on Concord Records. Casey, co-wrote sang played bass, acoustic guitar, drums, Wurlitzer and even recorder. Casey Abrams opens with the finger-snapping cool of “Simple Life,” affirming there’s a genuine artist at work here. &l...

  • Justin Abrams

    Justin Abrams View Profile

    Justin Abrams is an American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Abrams is known for his Charismatic piano playing and multiple musical placements on programs for MTV Networks, as Composer and Music Contributor on feature length films; most notably 2010's National Lampoon's Sex Tax, and as theme song Composer for the NFL's San Diego Chargers (2010-2012).

  • The Abrams Brothers

    The Abrams Brothers View Profile

    With the release of Northern Redemption, The Abrams Brothers – John, James and cousin Elijah – make a transition from the music of their roots to their own distinct sound. It's a combination of bluegrass, country and folk-rock that's had the Canadian festival circuit up in arms over their potential, and the rest are sure to catch on. The release of the first single, "Nothing At A...

  • The Abruptors & Kman and the 45s

    The Abruptors & Kman and the 45s View Profile

    We are kicking off our mini tour with our friends from Montreal, K-Man and the 45s right here in Buffalo NY! We will hit 4 dates with these awesome people, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Elora and Toronto. An Asian Man/Stomp Records collaboration for the ages! We will be joined by some of my favorite acts from the Buffalo scene, Over & Out and Working Class Stiffs.

  • The Absolute

    The Absolute View Profile

    Phil Ross (lead vocals), Mike Pozzi (guitar), Ryan Driscoll (bass), and Anthony Paul Lopez (drums) are LA rock scene’s best kept secret – The Absolute. A modern rock band with the spirit of 1971 burned into their music. It all comes out in their latest EP, Time Will Tell, as their howling first step toward musical and spiritual authenticity.

  • Mizz Absurd

    Mizz Absurd View Profile

    Jill Avilez is a vocalist, song writer, musician, poet, artist and performer from Hollywood, California. Jill performs solo on Double Bass or Guitar and in several music projects around Los Angeles. The Love Absurd, Squid & Saturn and Norwood Fisher's Trulio Disgracias. 2014 kicks off with live shows trying to support this new solo bass project. Come with me as it grows. Looking to record an E....

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