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  • Main Attrakionz

    Main Attrakionz View Profile

    Hailing from North Oakland, California, Squadda B and MondreM.A.N. of Main Attrakionz have been rapping together for most of their young lives. Early on, a shared love of rap music led them to put school on the back-burner and focus on producing music with a talented crew of local artists. Over the ensuing years, (and with an added assist from the world wide web and social media) Main Attrakion...

  • Warren Attwell

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  • Wicklow Atwater & The Fallen Flame

    Wicklow Atwater & The Fallen Flame View Profile

    The members or Wicklow Atwater and The Fallen Flame were born and raised in the same neighborhood and have been the best of friends since childhood creating an unbreakable bond that is more than just friendship – it’s a brotherhood. Like many of today’s young people, Wicklow Atwater and The Fallen Flame don’t like using labels to describe their relationship with music. However they do admit to th...

  • Miguel Atwood-Ferguson

    Miguel Atwood-Ferguson View Profile

    Multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer, music director, producer, DJ, and educator based in his hometown of Los Angeles, California. In addition to all things music, Miguel is recognized as a community leader and has organized numerous special uplifting events throughout the US. Miguel also does outreach concerts and talks for adults and kids at various schools, social facilities and venues, an...

  • Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble

    Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble View Profile

  • Federico Aubele

    Federico Aubele View Profile

    Back in the dim wooden floored room. Smoky amber light. Heavy red drapes cover the walls. The old mirror that’s reflected your thousand faces throughout the years, captures your image once again, sitting on the sofa. The deep sound of the bass crawls slowly on the floor, passes between you feet. The soft notes of the guitar and vocals floating on top of it, like black velvet butterfli...

  • Mark Aubert

    Mark Aubert View Profile

    SP 3O3 / DX 0BERHEIM

  • Hawk Auburn

    Hawk Auburn View Profile

  • Rich Aucoin

    Rich Aucoin View Profile

    Part indie-rock preacher, part wonder-kind, Aucoin's We’re All Dying To Live is a musical scrapbook compiling over 500 musicians, friends and fans from across Canada. We’re All Dying To Live is a testament to the metamorphic magic of music. “The record is really about making big life decisions or at least about thinking about those decisions and how to live one's life,&rd...

  • The Audacitours

    The Audacitours View Profile

  • In Audela

    In Audela View Profile

    "In Audela" is a folk/ progressive concept from Virginia comprised of singer songwriter/ guitarist Alex Mackey. Since late 2011 Alex began traveling from Tokyo to Los Angeles to London while writing, and experimenting with alternative sounds to bring to life a sense of folk less advanced with subtle warm lyrics from a tragic story of coming to life after leaving a his toxic environment.&...

  • Translation Audio

    Translation Audio View Profile

    Hailing from San Diego, CA, Translation: Audio (T:A) is an energetic rock band that infuses punk, pop and blues influences into their sound. With raw energy and a larger than life attitude, T:A sets out to do more than sell out local venues; their goal is worldwide recognition. From the start, founding members drummer Paul Anderberg and guitarist Christian Partida shared a musical vision, to ...

  • The Audiots

    The Audiots View Profile

  • The Audition

    The Audition View Profile

    Drummer Ryan O'Connor and bassist Joe Lussa formed the core of punk-pop/emo hybridists the Audition in 2003, working with a revolving cast of early members to hone the band's sound and perform the material live. After recording a demo and playing shows with other Chicago-based acts like the Academy Is..., the Audition signed with Victory Records and issued a debut album, Controversy Loves Company,...

  • Royal Auditorium

    Royal Auditorium View Profile

  • Windowsill Audrey

    Windowsill Audrey View Profile

    Windowsill Audrey is a dual singer rock group delivering up beat melodic tunes with a dab of dissonance.  WA echo’s the familiar sounds of the early 90’s.  Planning to flood the world with their music, the band hopes to gain some faithful listeners along the way.

  • Sawyer Auger

    Sawyer Auger View Profile

    Singer/Songwriter Sawyer Auger has been playing guitar for as long as he can remember including playing live venues on the East Coast all the way to the West Coast.  He has performed at Famous Venues like The Whisky A GOGO on Sunset blv, in Los Angeles, and has opened up for stars like Miki Howard at the Catalina Jazz club.  He is currently recording songs with Grammy award win...

  • Chris August

    Chris August View Profile

    I love writing, producing and mixing music. I started on an old 4-track tape recorder when I was 15 and never stopped. My new record, Seasons, is a little unlike any other record I've done. I didn't have a certain theme or sound in mind other than to make the music I love making. I poured my soul into every lyric and every piece of the music. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much a...

  • Michael August

    Michael August View Profile

  • Joe August Band

    Joe August Band View Profile

    From a young age, I’ve always had a passion for music, and have continued to realize the absolute power that music holds in my own life, as well as the people that surround me. The music blends a groovy 60s sound with catchy choruses, classic guitar riffs, celestial harmonies, and a modern lyrical twist.

  • Brooke Aulani

    Brooke Aulani View Profile

  • Sarah Ault and the Super Natural

    Sarah Ault and the Super Natural View Profile

  • Luna Aura

    Luna Aura View Profile

     Luna Aura is a singer, songwriter, and producer of cosmic dream-pop electronica. She found her love of music at a very young age and started writing when she was 10. Her teens were filled with live performances and it soon became her life. She mixes a variety of genres together to create songs that have pop melodies, with a trap beat and trippy synths. She is the perfect mixture of the To...

  • Samantha Aurelio

    Samantha Aurelio View Profile

    Grammy Nominated Samantha Aurelio is a "big voice in a tiny body." This 5'0'' girl has been actively singing and performing since wee days of a smaller Samantha. Now a twenty-something, this singer/songwriter has released her first (self titled) EP and snagged a Grammy Nomination for her work on Blue Note Records artist Joey DeFrancesco's album, Never Can Say Goodbye, ...

  • Raquel Aurilia

    Raquel Aurilia View Profile

    Rising star Raquel Aurilia traces her passion for music to talents such as Billy Joel, Elton John and Adele. Her stunning vocal talent is highlighted by a deeper, more personal level of songs that speak of soul searching and passion. As a singer/songwriter, her debut album "Finding My Way" (released with national distribution through Fontana/Universal) featured the hit single "...

  • Alice Austin

    Alice Austin View Profile

    Gritty Indie Country-Blues.  

  • Arielle Austin

    Arielle Austin View Profile

    Arielle Austin hails from NY and has been called a rising star by many in the industry. She has already performed for Pepsi for one of their largest corporate conferences in the country and with her love and passion for music there seems to be no stopping this beautiful young artist.

  • Helen Austin

    Helen Austin View Profile

    Helen Austin is a prolific singer/songwriter from the UK now living on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada and is no stranger to the stage having built a career as an award winning, musical comedian and regular headliner on the UK comedy circuit. She now writes and records music full time. With her self-produced music videos getting over half a million viewers online, she has been earning accolades and a...

  • Jeffery Austin

    Jeffery Austin View Profile

    Jeffery Austin is an up-and-coming pop singer and Finalist on season 9 of NBC's The Voice.   Following high school Jeffery gave up his musical aspirations to pursue a degree and career in public relations. After two years working in the corporate world and a six year hiatus from music, Jeffery took a chance and auditioned for season 9 of The Voice, landing a Blind Audition and ...

  • Leaving Austin

    Leaving Austin View Profile

    Leaving Austin is the new generation of country music. Don't let their tattoos, piercings, and skinny jeans fool you. These 5 young guys have the cutting edge to where country music is headed. Leaving Austin consists of members: Austin Machado on lead vocals, Davis Forney on guitar and harmonies, Michael Stevens on bass, Terry Ashford on keys and mandolin, and Ryan Chin on drums. Born and raised i...

  • Rippy Austin

    Rippy Austin View Profile

    Rippy’s music is a tasteful blend of hip hop, soul, jazz, and expressionism. He was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area until relocating to Indianapolis, Indiana where he was also raised. Rippy also spent time in North Carolina before moving to Los Angeles where he’s been the last four years. Growing up living and traveling around multiple city markets, his music is a direct ...

  • Sherrie Austin

    Sherrie Austin View Profile

  • Jeff Austin Band

    Jeff Austin Band View Profile

    As the mandolinist and frequent lead singer for the Yonder Mountain String Band, Jeff Austin was a prominent figure in the neo-progressive bluegrass of the new millennium. After 15 years with the band, he left in early 2014 due to creative differences and personal changes, choosing to pursue a solo career he officially launched in early 2015 with the release of the full-length Simple Truth. ...

  • Grant Austin Taylor

    Grant Austin Taylor View Profile

    Self-driven, and memorable, Grant has learned quickly from his accomplishments. Having thrust himself into the music world at age eight, by age nine, he had appeared on 2 National TV shows: Steve Harvey’s Big Time and America’s Most Talented Kids. His rendition of Dylan’s Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door earned him a winning performance on that episode in May 2005. In March 2007, Grant was presented an a...

  • Jake Austin Walker

    Jake Austin Walker View Profile

    Jake Austin Walker makes pop songs for feeling. Born in Hickory, Mississippi, the 20-year-old singer-songwriter found his rhythm on TV and film sets in Los Angeles before he discovered that music was his lifeline when the going gets tough.

  • The Australian Pink Floyd Show

    The Australian Pink Floyd Show View Profile

  • Len Austrevich

    Len Austrevich View Profile

  • The Author and the Illustrator

    The Author and the Illustrator View Profile

    An indie rock band from Kansas City, Missouri.

  • Rock Autism Battle of The Bands

    Rock Autism Battle of The Bands View Profile

    Who do YOU want to see play Rock Autism Music Festival? Your ticket is your vote. Your vote has the power to change lives! Proceeds benefit music workshops for youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 5 bands battle for the opener spot & for Autism families! THE LINE-UP: Creating A Sinner The Optimists The Space Dr. Earl & The Chillbillies Cheap Peach

  •  Autoerotique

    Autoerotique View Profile

    Autoerotique stores electro, techno, house, Dutch house, Dutch-colonial house, rave, rock, rave-rock, indie-rock and even ska on speed dial and calls them up frequently. Their effortlessly protean, shape-shifting sound can careen wildly from project to project, so it’s not unexpected to hear them transform from Techno to, say, Norwegian black metal on the same record – thus, earni...

  • Granville Automatic

    Granville Automatic View Profile

    Led by a modern-day Linda Ronstadt, Granville Automatic writes songs the Associated Press calls “haunting tales of sorrow and perseverance.” With influences as diverse as The Smiths, Emmylou Harris, Simon & Garfunkel and Dawes, Granville Automatic has created a one-of-a-kind sound that revolves around their passion for storytelling. The duo, comprised of Nashville songwriters Vanes...

  • The Automatic

    The Automatic View Profile

  • The Automatic Music Explosion

    The Automatic Music Explosion View Profile

    The Automatic Music Explosion were founded in 2006 thanks to a chance encounter. Soon after Matt (vocals, guitar) moved from New York City to Los Angeles, he found himself talking to Max (drums) in a local record store. Within a few days, the duo had decided to start a band and were joined by Cleveland, OH, native Chris (guitar). The trio set to work rehearsing and gained the additional talents of...

  • Head Automatica

    Head Automatica View Profile

    Head Automatica is the somewhat unlikely pairing of vocalist Daryl Palumbo (of New York City's hardcore outfit Glassjaw) and producer Dan the Automator (aka Dan Nakamura of Gorillaz, Handsome Boy Modeling School). Introduced by mutual friends, the duo began work on their debut, aiming for a sound somewhere in between the Automator's beats and squiggles and Palumbo's penchant for rock and punk. Whe...

  • The Autonomics

    The Autonomics View Profile

  •  Autopilot Off

    Autopilot Off View Profile

    Autopilot Off is an emo-punk four-piece from Orange County, NY. Composed of Chris Hughes (guitar), Chris Johnson (guitar/vocals), Phil Robinson (drums), and Rob Kucharek (bass), they formed in 1996 under the name Cooter. Building a fan base through its live shows, the group was found sharing stages with the likes of MXPX, Less Than Jake, H20, and Sum 41 throughout the '90s. They eventually issued ...

  • In Autumn

    In Autumn View Profile

    Combining a passion for progress, lyrics with substance, and a sound that blends classic Folk-Rock protest with Post-Rock texture; In Autumn saturates listeners with the timbre of intellectual honesty. With catastrophic global warming, and the world as we know it on the eve of destruction caused by greed and deception, In Autumn is a band with a sense of urgency. Motivated by anger toward injustic...

  • Joy Autumn

    Joy Autumn View Profile

    Joy Autumn is a Portland based singer-songwriter who’s voice will “give your tears and goose bumps at the same time.”  The daughter of scientists, her childhood was spent living on the Puget Sound making up song and hanging out with pet chickens, a horse, and two bunnies. Autumn’s voice can be heard on the Tron Animated Series on Disney XD, as well as on several indie ...

  • The Autumn Defense

    The Autumn Defense View Profile

    By day John Stirratt and Patrick Sansone sell thousands of albums and tour the world as members of indie juggernaut Wilco, while lending their writing, playing and producing abilities to dozens of high-profile recordings. But by night these renowned pros are able to sit down, relax and create something special that comes straight from the heart of why they pursued music as a career - and that's th...

  • DJ Aux Cord

    DJ Aux Cord View Profile

    As Co-Owner/Creative Director of the Gold Standard Company DJ Aux Cord is making a name for himself in the music game as a DJ across the Bay Area. With Aux Cord in the mix, be prepared to experience a  bit of nostalgia with his wide range and array of songs in his catalog. ANOTHER PARTY FAM | MOREVIBES

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