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  • The Ataris

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  •  ATB

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    Only a few international artists presenting their own style succeed in having such a lasting effect on the international dance scene for more than ten years. Andre Tanneberger presents his individual spirit in all of his tracks and still stayed true to ATB. Well known for his single “9PM (Till I Come)” and also his eight studio albums, the six „in the mix“ compilations, ...

  • Josiah Atchley

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    Josiah Atchley was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee. A pastor’s son, he, like his brother and sisters, was homeschooled. Constantly surrounded with a rich history of music and musical instruments, it didn’t take long for him to pick up on his family tradition. He began writing his own material around the age of 17 and by the age of 19 had graduated from the usual coffee shop fare to freq...

  • Emma ate the Lion

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    Formed in 2008, drummer change in 2009, mid-band crisis in 2010, EP released in 2011, expanded in 2012, debut Full-Length in 2013.

  •  A-Teen

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    Über-ABBA tribute the A-Teens assembled Stockholm, Sweden-based adolescents Marie Serneholt, Sara Lumholdt, Dhani Lennevald, and Amit Paul. Beginning work on their debut album The ABBA Generation in 1998, two years later the group topped the European charts with their cover of "Mamma Mia," achieving the feat exactly a quarter of a century after the original ABBA hit number one with their own ...

  • Brother Aten

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    Bleak music

  • Max Ater

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    "Deep lyrics, catchy melodies and powerful vocals have been the foundation to Max Ater's musical success.  Creating a simple yet genuine sound, Max defies the limits of his age to deliver music with wisdom often found only in seasoned musicians"

  • The Athiarchists

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    Hailing from Eugene, Oregon drummer Dano and guitarist/vocalist Aaron Tunnell are the twopiece madness that is The Athiarchists. They became popular locally with their DIY attitude, exposure on KFLY Radio, and the release of their raw tour footage known as "Athiarchist TV." Even more of a buzz got started when they began randomly showing up at major festivals and raging it in the parking lot in th...

  • Aristotle Athiras

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  • Elan Atias

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     It took more than a decade for the artist known as Elan to release his debut album, Together As One. After all, the labels were courting this intuitive and dynamic singer-songwriter not long after the L.A. native had graduated from high school. Fate took him in another direction, however, and Elan comes to his Interscope debut with more experience and validation than many artists have follow...

  • Nicole Atkins

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    To borrow a phrase from heaven’s new poet laureate, Leonard Cohen, Nicole Atkins was “born with the gift of a golden voice.” But somewhere along the way she misplaced it. Goodnight Rhonda Lee is the story of Nicole finding her voice, and how, in doing so, she went a little crazy. Great Art is born of struggle and Nicole was struggling. The problem was that she felt nothing. ...

  • Rodney Atkins

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    Rodney Atkins knows the value of taking the long way home, of veering off the beaten path onto that road less traveled once in a while. You can hear it in his music, in the lyrics of his smash single, "Take A Back Road," a song that celebrates that feeling of getting away from the noise of everyday life, really living in the moment, and getting right with your soul. Rodney always remains...

  • Shawn Atkins

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  • Angie Atkinson

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    Angie Atkinson is a Harlem based musician with roots in Starkville, MS and Richmond, VA. Growing up in the buckle of the Bible Belt was a challenge for Angie, an early adopter of frequent hair color changes and a non conformist sense of style. The positive attention she received for her incredible vocal ability was tempered with a healthy dose of negative attention for her appearance. She always d...

  • Troi Atkinson

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  • Scotty ATL

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  • Cross Atlantic

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    Cross Atlantic are country duo newcomer's whose music showcases their talent for storytelling as well as their musical chemistry.  They made waves with their 2017 debut single and video for “Mercy,” a track that took them straight to the top of the CMT Music 12 Pack Countdown and opening slots for Brandy Clark in the UK.   They are back with their debut EP, Beginning...

  • Fort Atlantic

    Fort Atlantic View Profile

    Fort Atlantic is analog warmth and digital madness, quiet songs of searching and anthemic songs of discovery. “We balance between heartbeats and hard drives,” says Jon Black, singer and writer for Fort Atlantic. Whether it’s the one-take troubadour folk song of suburban escape “New York Lights” or the nine-minute Bladerunner meets Gibson Guitars movement of “I’m Wrong”, Fort Atlantic’s debut truly...

  • Picture Atlantic

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    Picture Atlantic, San Francisco's ever-evolving alt rock group return with their new album this Spring, aiming to transcend their Bay Area cult following and reach national audiences and beyond. Vocalist/guitarist Nik Bartunek, bass guitarist Ryan Blair, and drummer Daniel Martinez spent 2014 redeveloping their English-slanted sound to become "more musically cohesive than ever befo...

  • Bells Atlas

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    Bells Atlas emerges from the vibrant cultural and musical backdrop of Oakland, CA. Blending heavy percussion, soulful vocal harmonies, and thoughtful arrangements, this dynamic group has arrived at a sound that is uniquely their own, calling it Afro-Indie Soul. They capture the spirit of an eclectic range of influences, including Highlife, Hip-Hop, Samba, R&B and aspects of Indie Pop.

  • Dem Atlas

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    Since signing to indie heavyweight Rhymesayers Entertainment in late 2013, deM atlaS hasn't wasted any time in spreading his brand of Hip-Hop music across the world. Steadily on the road since his signing, he was able to find the time to release his unofficial debut, DWNR, in late 2014. DWNR was a special release because each cover was uniquely hand-drawn by deM atlaS himself. Released to c...

  • Jiva Atma

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  •  Atom & His Package

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    Pennsylvania-native punk pioneer Adam Goren is one of the most unconventional musicians of his time. Armed with only his "package," the creative musician is known for his hilarious, playful synth pop punk songs and outrageous rhymes about unconventional topics. Adam Goren, as his alter ego persona Atom, writes, performs, and records all of the music himself with a QY700 Music Sequencer, an RM1X mu...

  • Mr Atomic

    Mr Atomic View Profile

    Owner/Co-Founder of Outside Recordings LLC, Kris oversees and releases music by an international collective of Mega Talented Artists, Producers and DJs Like ADJ, Mindelixir, 214, Scanone, Roel Funcken and Tropa. A respected DJ and Producer, Kris performs as Mr. Atomic and draws influences from heavy doses of Miami Bass, Electro, Detroit Techno, Dub Reggae and Hip Hop. Kris has performed with Hu...

  • The Atomic Bitchwax

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    The Atomic Bitchwax is an American rock band from Long Branch N.J. formed in 1993 by bassist/vocalist Chris Kosnik, guitarist Ed Mundell and drummer Keith Ackerman. Their music is a combination of 60s psychedelic rock, and 70s riff rock filtered though the progressive rock influences of today.   The original group was primarily a jam band playing local bars in N.J. and N.Y.C. but s...

  •  Atomic Kitten

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    After the rise and fall of Take That, Spice Girls, and Boyzone, the U.K. didn't hold back with churning out signature pop artists. British acts such as A1, Westlife, and the television spoof band, Hear'Say burned radio waves for the early part of the decade and the dance-pop trio Atomic Kitten joined the ranks of chart battles and tabloid hell. Fans loved it, for the story behind the group exudes ...

  •  Atomic Tom

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  • An Atomic Whirl

    An Atomic Whirl View Profile

    AnAtomicWhirl (AAW) was formed in January of 2013 by Kenji Usui (Japan) and Brian Giles (USA). Our music is an attempt to make melody and rhythm out of noise and energy. Our main influences are Fantomas, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Mars Volta, The Deftones, Bob Dylan, John Frusciante and many relatively unknown experimental bands in Japan, such as Slang Boogie, Shuhari, Pororocks and Matsuzaka. In 201...

  • Leda Atomica

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    In a technological age where anyone can be in a band and record a CD (and virtually everyone does), Leda Atomica holds tightly to the roots of music and creates organic Rock and it should be. How do you describe a sound that is unique? Many different elements come to mind, but it is still something all it's own...that's what Leda Atomica is about. They can be as strong and dyna...

  • The Atoms Age

    The Atoms Age View Profile

    Horn tinged 21st Century Rock 'N' Roll band from Oakland, CA beating Rock 'N' Roll dead just one more time.

  •  A-Trak

    A-Trak View Profile

     From his astonishing early days as a DMC world champ by age 15 to his acclaimed DVD "Sunglasses Is A Must" to releasing 2007's monumental Dirty South Dance mix (Obey), Montreal-born and New York-based DJ A-Trak has consistently exceeded all expectations of a traditional DJ. He launched his own record label, Fool's Gold Records, toured the world non-stop as a solo artist and as Kany...

  • DJ Atreau

    DJ Atreau View Profile

    DJ Atreau. Dancer for 25 years (Hip hop,Bboy, MJ imitation & Jamaican Dance styles) decided in 2012 it was time to get behind the decks and run the tunes he's always loved and been inspired by. You can find Atreau in the SF/Oakland Bay Area night life scene running tunes from Reggae and Dancehall, to African & hip hop, to funk/soul, and r&b. If you're lucky, You may even catch ...

  • Grand Atrium

    Grand Atrium View Profile

  • Spotted Atrocious

    Spotted Atrocious View Profile

    Spotted Atrocious started as one ferocious voice in a dimly lit dorm room, and grew into a five-piece band comprised of Ryan Warfield (vocals/guitar), Liam Tinney (lead guitar), Mark Mullen (keyboards/synth), Mitchell Way (bass) and Chris Hall (drums). Spotted is a militia with a unifying message; music is meant to express human ideas and emotions void of preconceptions. As a militia, Spotted Atro...

  •  Atropal

    Atropal View Profile

    Each day is better than the last, Born in July of 2010 there was a chance meeting between three people and from that meeting came the band Atropal. We didn't go looking for each other and to this day we share control of the band amongst all members. Each song comes from the five of us and nothing will ever change that. Metal Is Life!

  • Attic Attack

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  • Bear Attack

    Bear Attack View Profile

    When most people hear "bear attack," gruesome images of death and despair come to mind. Well, one courageous indie rock band is here to change that! This Bear Attack is a 5-piece group whose members hail from four different regions of the US. After meeting at music school in California and gigging around as supporting musicians for other acts, they became close friends and decided to cre...

  • Can Attack

    Can Attack View Profile

    Los Angeles based pop punk band, Can Attack, was formed in 2015 by vocalist/bassist Anton Kiril and drummer Jay Heidelberg. The band finalized their lineup later that year with the addition of guitarists Sean Lee and RC Rossell. Can Attack is an energetic, pop punk fun fest with meaningful lyrics and sweet vibes.

  • FM Attack

    FM Attack View Profile

    Inspired by 80’s synth pop, disco, new wave music and a love for analog synths, musician/producer Shawn Ward created FM Attack and released the debut album "Dreamatic" in 2009 on Tonite Records. The album was received with critical acclaim, leading to remixes for artists including Pnau, Edwin Van Cleef, Super Mal, Sally Shapiro, Tesla Boy, Visitor, Trans-X and Richard Marx. Fm Attack recently si...

  • Massive Attack

    Massive Attack View Profile

    The pioneering force behind the rise of trip-hop, Massive Attack were among the most innovative and influential groups of their generation; their hypnotic sound -- a darkly sensual and cinematic fusion of hip-hop rhythms, soulful melodies, dub grooves, and choice samples -- set the pace for much of the dance music to emerge throughout the 1990s, paving the way for such acclaimed artists as Portish...

  • Yak Attack

    Yak Attack View Profile

    Yak Attack ... is a live electronica power trio from Portland Oregon. Founded in 2013, the band has experienced steady growth over the past few years and has been building buzz by touring frequently throughout the Pacific Northwest, California, and the Mountain West. The group's music is best described as "organic electronica", using skillful playing, live loops, and tightly constr...

  • Zack Attack

    Zack Attack View Profile

  • Heart Attack Ack Ack Ack Ack Ack

    Heart Attack Ack Ack Ack Ack Ack View Profile

    Heart Attack Ack Ack Ack Ack Ack is a Billy Joel cover band based in Boston, MA. Anchored by a professional dueling pianist and lifelong Billy Joel fan, the band’s dynamic live shows focus largely on Billy’s more rocking mid-70s to early-80s output and have been converting 'too cool for school' Billy Joel doubters one by one, while giving lifelong fans a chance to sing along wi...

  • Anthony Attalla

    Anthony Attalla View Profile

    The last 18 months have been a whirlwind of success for up-and-coming Artist Anthony Attalla. During this timeframe not only has he shown personal growth in the studio as a producer and on stage as a performer, but he has also demonstrated his passion for the business side of the industry by creating a platform to catapult talent through Incorrect Music, his music production-company, and latest e...

  • Michelle Attardi

    Michelle Attardi View Profile

  • Dave Attell

    Dave Attell View Profile

    Born in Queens and raised on Long Island, Dave Attell got into stand-up comedy in the late eighties after graduating from New York University with a degree in Film and Television. Attell used this prestigious degree to land amazing jobs in the food service industry - as a waiter. At night he would hit the "open mic" circuit in Manhattan. After many years, Attell worked his way up through...

  • The Attic

    The Attic View Profile

    We started as a band long ago called Payola when Jordan was still in high school. once Jordan went to college, the remaining brothers started several side projects. After Jordan returned from college, we decided to continue where we left off. so The Attic is something that we hope to continue for a long time. all we want to do is to play shows and have fun with everybody!


    THE ATTIC ENDS View Profile

      The Attic Ends are a four piece, atmospheric indie-rock band from Bushwick, Brooklyn. Their music has been described as a spine-tingling mix of rock’s primal recklessness with the intricacy of complex indie-pop. The music evokes an expansive darkness, richly layered with appealing melodies and power pop vocals. The band formed in 2010, and recorded a de...

  • Ras Attitude & The Escort Service

    Ras Attitude & The Escort Service View Profile

    With the message of love, unity and consciousness embedded in his music, St. Croix born Ras Attitude is a musical force to be reckoned with.   M. Goodwin “RAS ATTITUDE” was born on the “twin city “island of St. Croix, the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands to renowned gospel singer, Harrella Goodwin. He was raised in his grandmother’s church. At 7 year...

  • Downtown Attraction

    Downtown Attraction View Profile

    Let’s get to the point, bios are lame… Downtown Attraction is a Los Angeles Rock n’ Roll band… We are a 4 piece, in your face, live, and loud kinda band. If you want to know more, come out to a show and hang out with us.

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