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    The Artists are Kit Pongetti and Jean Villepique. They have been covering soft rock songs in the Los Angeles area for over five years. They've appeared on TBS's My Boys, playing their original song, "Under Water I Can Breathe." The Artists can be heard occasionally at The Hyperion Public in Silverlake or in your dreams, and are available to play at your next love-centric event.

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    a hint of America, blanketed in loud noises, smothered in insanity, and 100% fun.

  • Goodyear Arts

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    Innovative artist residencies & events in underused buildings.

  • Squirrely Arts

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    Manufactured directly out of the City Of Plastics, Squirrelly Arts formed shortly after the Fem-Fux Rebellion in an effort to proceed in operation "World Enema". The squad consists of: Vikki SexXx (Ex-prototype Fem-Fux bot), ZOMB13 (Gutteral masturbation),Emma-O (canniballistic Japanese doll) , Error (flesh-covered machine), Korpse Dryver (Doll cadaver mutilation).

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  •  Arty

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    Arty is musician and DJ from Russia. Less than for a year a young talent from Russia has made tremendous strides on the international dance scene. His music is supported by top DJs and musicians from all around the world, including Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Above & Beyond, ATB and many others.

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  • Michelle Aryan

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    Michelle Aryan is a singer, song-writer and actress from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. She is of Armenian and Jewish decent and speaks fluent Russian. Michelle has her own unique style that is sure to turn heads with her raspy yet sultry tone. She has performed at various venues in cities such as: Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and New York.  Growing up, Michelle listened to the likes of Frank...

  • Life as Cinema

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    Life as Cinema is a Seattle-based rock band that formed in November of 2014. Their music incorporates aspects of progressive rock, pop, and indie rock.

  •  As I Lay Dying

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    As I Lay Dying are a metal-hardcore crossover band from San Diego, CA. The group formed as a trio in 2001 with vocalist Tim Lambesis, drummer Jordan Mancino, and guitarist Evan White, and shortly thereafter released Beneath the Encasing of Ashes. A split CD with the American Tragedy followed the next year. In 2003 the band signed with Metal Blade and released Frail Words Collapse. After the album'...

  • Animals As Leaders

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    When Tosin Abasi released his debut solo album under the moniker ANIMALS AS LEADERS in 2009, few would have predicted the band’s meteoric rise to the apex of the progressive rock/metal world. Although Abasi earned acclaim as the lead guitarist in the Washington, D.C.-based metalcore act Reflux, it was still a long-shot that an instrumental album of progressive metal with jazz, electronic and...

  • Life as Lions

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    Life as Lions are a fresh, raw, pensive, and passionate four-piece straightforward rock group from Los Angeles. They're bringing straight-up rock and roll back to the main stage armed with poignant lyrics, piercing riffs, and hard-driving rhythm. Members include: Singer/Rhythm Guitar- Keaton Branch, Lead Guitar- Bryan Shelton, Bass- Michael Filewicz, Drummer- David Rees.

  • Bold as Love

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  • Handsome As Sin

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    Handsome as Sin formed in the fall of 2011, when Max Waller (vocals/guitar), looking to get back to his bluesy/country roots after the dissolution of his previous band, enlisted longtime friend Chuck Riviera (lead guitar) to be a part of a new group he was putting together. Initially conceived as an 'outlaw country' band, the two quickly learned that their styles led to a more straight up ...

  • Thick As Thieves

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    Thick as Thieves began as a vision. A vision to integrate classic hip hop with timeless rock and roll. Since their inception in 2009, Thick as Thieves has done much more. From Zeppelin to Jay Z, they have created a sound that harkens back to the days of John Fogerty and Robbie Robertson, while incorporating intention-filled rap verses, uplifting catchy choruses with dual vocals, all brought to ...

  • Tall As Trees

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    Tall As Trees have a way of blending catchy hooks with groovy rhythms all their own. A indie folk-rock band with influences spanning from blues and funk to alternative rock and gypsy jazz, TAT are fronted by singer/songwriter Matthew Clark. Originally from all over, they came together in Hollywood to bring their music to the masses. They are currently recording their debut album to be released lat...

  • Yoji Asano

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    I've listened to Michael Jackson since I was 2 years old. Im 23 years old and living in New York now. I have a diploma of the college of music Osaka ,as a classic percussion major . I sing, dance ,and play drums (as performance ) ,make my music up now. Im gonna be a Great Entertainner ever live like MJ and James Brown ,or Elvis Presley. Im playing at Axiom TV in different tuesday as a dancer. You ...


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    DJ/Producer, #HeardYouGotThePlugASAP, Credits [IamSu, Sage The Gemini, Clyde Carson, Problem, Jonn Hart] #YoungCalifornia   

  • Lisa Aschmann

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  • Anna Ash

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    A Michigan native, and current resident of the Eastside of Los Angeles, Anna Ash is one of the most enthralling songwriters I've heard in years. Her songs hit that nostalgic country chord, but with a backbone of something so soulful and starkly emotional. The tunes give nods to an older era of folk, soul, and country, and with Ash's fearless voice, the result is an intimacy and intensity t...

  • Ellis Ashbrook

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    Ellis Ashbrook generates ferocious sounds and swarming vibrations. Swim in a psychedelic pool of aquatic delays. Be moved by a band that has rocked audiences all over the Northeast. Their songwriting reverberates beauty and heaviness with respect for the Funk and love of unique grooves. These players and singers have the prowess, technique, and tenacity to play original music that transcends trend...

  • Stephen Ashbrook

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    West Coast singer/songwriter Stephen Ashbrook had access to only two records growing up (Simon & Garfunkel‘s Bridge Over Troubled Water and Jesus Christ Superstar), both of which were enticing enough to send the California native on a hunt to his local library to expand his musical horizons. Citing heroes as diverse as John Steinbeck, the Rolling Stones, and Winston Churchill, Ashbrook h...

  • Johnny Ashby

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    Through a love of Paul Simon, Fleetwood Mac and Ryan Adams, Johnny has crafted his own sound, blending his love of American songwriting with his UK roots.   "I admire songwriters like John Mayer and Ryan Adams...they've both managed to find a way to connect with listeners by modernising that classic 1960's 'Bob Dylan' sound, and that's exactly what I'm trying to...

  • Sean Ashby

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  • Richard Ashcroft

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    As the frontman for the epic British drone-pop band the Verve, Richard Ashcroft proved himself the spiritual descendant of rock & roll icons like Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison -- rivetingly charismatic, menacingly serpentine, and possessed of an almost shamanic intensity, he embraced and articulated the anthemic fervor of rock music with a power and eloquence unparalleled by any of his contemporari...

  • Gareth Asher

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    On his third independent release, singer-songwriter Gareth Asher is coming to age as a writer, delivering a well-crafted and emotionally charged body of work. This new album is intensified with bold electric guitars, steady driving percussion, and balanced with lush string arrangements provided by members of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Asher recorded the album in home town Atlanta, with clo...

  • Gareth Asher & The Earthlings

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    On his third independent release, singer-songwriter Gareth Asher is coming to age as a writer, delivering a well-crafted and emotionally charged body of work. This new album is intensified with bold electric guitars, steady driving percussion, and balanced with lush string arrangements provided by members of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Asher recorded the album in home town Atlanta, with clo...

  • Blendin Ashes

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    Blendin Ashes is a band that combines different genres such as reggae, funk, World music, rock and Hip Hop, producing their own sound. The bands name suggests blending genres together. The band was founded in 2009 by Ash Soliman, former drummer of Passion Theatre, a Band formerly known for their catchy tunes played in many commercials across the United States. He found a young group of kids from ...

  • Green Ashes

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  • From Ashes To New

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  • Caroline Ashkar

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  • Erin Ashleigh

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  • Corin Ashley

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  • Laura Ashley

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  • Logan Ashley

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    When you play songs for pocket change, you learn how to turn on a dime. Just ask Logan Ashley. She’s been busking since she was 10 years old, playing guitar and singing Merle Haggard’s “Mama Tried” for crowds at Market Square in Knoxville and later performing in front of popular tourist restaurants in Pigeon Forge – anywhere people were lined up waiting for a t...

  • Brian Ashley Jones

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    Brian Ashley Jones is a soulful singer, acclaimed guitarist, actor, and versatile touring songwriter whose guitar-driven Bluesy Country tunes have found their way into film, television and radio and have been recorded by other performing artists. Originally from the Greenville/Spartanburg area of South Carolina and a longtime resident of East Nashville, Brian performs internationally at festivals,...

  • Mary Ashley Wisenhunt

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    Connor+Mary are a folk duo living in Los Angeles just enjoying life and the music they love making. 

  • Brian Ashton

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    In a city as well known as Los Angeles, little is known about the more positive side of the town. Many people from all over the world fly to Los Angeles with intentions of having their dreams come true. While all is possible, Los Angeles is yet to produce a hometown artist that can represent the city to its fullest. Brian Ashton aka Young Fean has been representing Los Angeles since his first reco...

  • Chris Ashton

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    Chris Ashton comes to The Mint all the way from Glasgow Scotland.  Also known as the frontman for the award winning band 'Fluorescent Hearts', he has toured the entire globe, but this will be his premier appearance in the United States.  Although this is Chris' first endeavor as a solo artist, he has performed at some of the biggest festivals the industry has to offer...

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