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  •  Arcade Fire

    Arcade Fire View Profile

    A combination of indie rock muscle and theatrical, unapologetic bombast turned Arcade Fire into indie royalty in the early 2000s. Originally comprised of Régine Chassagne, Richard Parry, Tim Kingsbury, and brothers William and Win Butler, the group formed during the summer of 2003, after Win spotted Chassagne singing jazz standards at a Montreal art exhibit. The grandson of famed swing-era ba...

  • My Arcadia

    My Arcadia View Profile

    Forming in March 2009' New York based My Arcadia wasted no time establishing a name for themselves. The band's singer, Jacqui Sandell, fits the band perfectly, in an era where female-fronted groups are a rarity. Her pop melodies coalesced with intense, hard-hitting music provides a perfect blend that defines the band's sound. Within months of their development, My Arcadia teamed up with produc...

  • Kelly Archer

    Kelly Archer View Profile

    Kelly Archer is a hit songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia. Her songs have been recorded by Jason Aldean, Dustin Lynch, Eli Young Band, Montogmery Gentry, Reba McEntire, Trisha Yearwood, Cassadee Pope, and many more. Most recently, Kelly's co-written Brett Young single, "Sleep Without You" and "Somebody Else Will" recorded by Justin Moore hit #1 on Country ...

  • Kim Archer

    Kim Archer View Profile

    Known for her raw, powerhouse performances and personable interaction with her audiences, Kim Archer has attracted a large and loyal following of fans in the Pacific Northwest and across the country. For nearly a decade this lifelong musician has entertained standing-room-only crowds that consistently fill venues – and where dancing in the aisles is highly encouraged. Whether she’s pla...

  • Quinn Archer

    Quinn Archer View Profile

    The word diva calls to mind some of music’s most acclaimed vocalists, and most infamous bad-girl behavior. Fortunately, Rock n Soul singer Quinn Archer is the quintessential diva, but only in the former sense. In fact, her feet seem firmly planted on the ground, except for that searing sense of sadness coloring this Brit’s sound. Archer’s tunes, from the smoldering “Dark Places,” to the quiet, tho...

  • Dino Archie

    Dino Archie View Profile

  • Dub Architect

    Dub Architect View Profile

    Based outside of Charlottesville, VA, Justin Pietro a.k.a. Dub Architect, has been heavily involved in the US reggae scene for the better part of the last decade. By blending traditional dubwise reggae remixing techniques with new technology and ideas of what “dub” can mean, Dub Architect aims to bring live dubwise reggae to the forefront of the emerging US scene by working with heavy-hitters suc...

  •  Architecture In Helsinki

    Architecture In Helsinki View Profile

    The Australian indie pop ensemble Architecture in Helsinki hail from Fitzroy, Melbourne, and have counted multi-instrumentalists Cameron Bird, James Cecil, Gus Franklin, Isobel Knowles, Jamie Mildren, Sam Perry, Tara Shackell, and Kellie Sutherland among their ranks. The band's musical arsenal is even bigger than its roster, featuring instruments as diverse as analog synths and samplers, glockensp...

  • David Archuleta

    David Archuleta View Profile

    David Archuleta became one of the most recognizable figures on television in 2008, when his tenor vocals and boyish charm helped earn him a second-place finish on American Idol. Although born in Miami, FL, he'd spent most of his childhood in Utah, where he lived with his parents (Jeff, a jazz trumpeter, and Lupe Maire, a Honduran salsa singer) and four siblings. Inspired by a videotaped performanc...

  •  Arctic Monkeys

    Arctic Monkeys View Profile

  • Sonata Arctica

    Sonata Arctica View Profile

    “We are the music-makers, we are the dreamers of dreams.” – Arthur William Edgar O’Shaughnessy (1844-1881) SONATA ARCTICA are no strangers to having fans cross several state lines to meet them, or to making entire venues sing themselves hoarse when they play their high-speed, keyboard-laden, and righteously melodic heavy metal music. Stirring up youth in the hearts of many...

  • Adam Arcuragi

    Adam Arcuragi View Profile

    According to NPR, Adam Arcuragi is 'a Philly soul with the old school power of Van Morrison', but this troubadour grew up listening to his grandparent’s collection of old soul, gospel and country records, which lead to music that spans a multitude of genres, a hybrid that some like to call 'Death Gospel'. As an award winning poet and playwright, Adam’s songs spill over with compelling and poig...

  • Sy Arden

    Sy Arden View Profile

    Folk skins its knees...

  • Tigers Are Bad For Horses

    Tigers Are Bad For Horses View Profile

    Tigers Are Bad For Horses is Mellen Funke and Lyell Evans Roeder. Blending lilting vocals with piano and production influenced by jazz, r&b, and film score, Tigers has generated growing acclaim over the past year and half performing and producing their music. “Taking cues from the likes of Sylvan Esso or Haitus Kaiyote, Tigers Are Bad For Horses is one of the top local bands to watch ...

  • We Are Doom

    We Are Doom View Profile

  • We are et al.

    We are et al. View Profile

    Alt-folk World Rock from San Jose, CA   

  • We Are Harlot

    We Are Harlot View Profile

  • You Are Here

    You Are Here View Profile

  • We Are In The Crowd

    We Are In The Crowd View Profile

  • We Are Kings & Queens

    We Are Kings & Queens View Profile

    The band met and formed in Los Angeles in April of 2013. Jonathan Mahan (vocals, piano and guitar), Ben Hancock (lead guitar), and Vincenzo Marranca (bass) have one common goal: to write and perform honest, badass music. There are European influences, but they have developed their own distinct sound - singular, vast, and cinematic. The songs open with raw heartfelt vocals, and ambient inst...

  • We Are Me

    We Are Me View Profile

  • We Are She Is

    We Are She Is View Profile

    USE OTHER PROFILE " We Are/She Is"

  • We Are The West

    We Are The West View Profile



    "The couple appear like a dream in black and white, almost within reach and yet still to be captured. Brooklyn is proud to have them as their own, but soon the world will realize that they belong to all of us, and we to them."-Alexandra Fees, Creative Spotlights Electronic duo We Are The Wilderness corkscrewed roots in Texas but shot skyward against a Manhattan skyline. Shanda Wo...

  • We Are The Willows

    We Are The Willows View Profile

    We Are The Willows are an orchestral indie rock band based out of South Minneapolis. The 6-piece ensemble features songwriter/frontman Peter Miller’s unique countertenor voice and guitar, supported by Jeremiah Satterthwaite (guitar/banjo), Leah Ottman (violin/voice/keys), Hilary James (cello/voice/keys), Travis Collins (bass), and Stephen Lindquist (drums/voice).  We Are The Willows ...

  • Where Are We

    Where Are We View Profile

    The tinkerings of Chirstopher Ian Brooker.

  • We Are/She Is

    We Are/She Is View Profile

    WA/SI is an alternative/dance duo from Orange County & Los Angeles, CA. Known for their Matt & Kim meets The Go-Go's sound, they have opened for artists such as The Naked and Famous, Foxy Shazam and Uh Huh Her.  Their songs Barlights and Puzzles were featured on The Real L Word, and they are planning to release their second EP Spring 2013 followed by another west coast tour.

  • Bay Area Belly Dance

    Bay Area Belly Dance View Profile

  • Bay Area Freshman 10

    Bay Area Freshman 10 View Profile

    In 2010, DJ Amen kicked off the Bay Area Freshmen 10 with a class featuring artists such as iamsu!, Roach Gigz, Jay Ant, and more. Now, 4 years later the Bay Area Freshmen 10 has become a pillar of the Bay Area music scene, putting a spotlight on undiscovered artists who have since risen to stardom like Sage The Gemini, Kreayshawn, Loverance and G-Eazy. Although it has been an amazing outlet for l...

  • Goodnight Argent

    Goodnight Argent View Profile

    Goodnight Argent, a Pop/Alternative band based out of Pasco WA, has won the Grand Prize for the John Lennon International Songwriting Competition (Pop) for 2009. Out of tens of thousands of entries, their song Battlegrounds was deemed the best song in the Pop category by a panel of judges consisting of artists such as Fergie, The Veronicas, Natasha Bedingfield, Jessie Harris, and many others. Good...

  • Steffan Argus

    Steffan Argus View Profile

    Chicago born Argus has the heart and mind of a poetic storyteller, but he also has the musical genius and passion of breakthrough modern rockstar.  His music, which is a perfect collision of alternative pop, folk and rock, depicts life’s constant battle for youth, freedom and adventure!  Steffan's Debut EP, LOST AT SEA, released this summer to a glowing review...

  • Adam Argyle

    Adam Argyle View Profile

  • Ray Argyle and the Associates

    Ray Argyle and the Associates View Profile

    Although at the darker end of the singer/songwriter spectrum, Ray Argyle doesn't just bring the doom and gloom. He manages to uplift and shed the negativity of darker topics by channeling them into haunting melodies and passionate performances. Some noticeable influences include: The Smiths/Morrissey and Jeff Buckley while the more subtle textures may include anything from T-rex to Elliott Smith....

  • Kirsten Arian

    Kirsten Arian View Profile

  • India Arie

    India Arie View Profile

    One of a handful of neo-classic soul artists to emerge following the late-'90s success of artists like D'Angelo and Lauryn Hill, Atlanta's India.Arie stood poised at the beginning of 2001 to make a major impact. A studied songwriter and guitar player rooted in the R&B, soul, Motown, and blues of the past, but grounded in the post-hip-hop urban world of today, Arie's debut, Acoustic Soul, was rich ...

  • Courtney Ariel

    Courtney Ariel View Profile

    Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Courtney Ariel Bowden combines her heartfelt lyrics, melodic voice, and gift for storytelling to create songs that are vulnerable and engaging. Born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in San Diego, California with a family that enjoyed an eclectic range of music, her parents imparted to her the importance of serving others, dancing in the rain, and laughing loudly. ...

  • L Ariel

    L Ariel View Profile

    L.Ariel is a singer/songwriter/producer of dance synth pop. She swirls complex chords into layers of synth sounds to create deliciously addictive hooks and dance-driven beats. Her pop songs are beguilingly sweet with clever, complicated lyrics, infused with a genuine longing that lingers after the last note.  A child of the 80's, L.Ariel's pop music influ...

  • Giants Arise

    Giants Arise View Profile

  • Opus Arise

    Opus Arise View Profile

  • The Aristocrats

    The Aristocrats View Profile

    Fresh off their wildly successful 2013-2014 Culture Clash world tour, The Aristocrats – by any measure the hottest new band in instrumental rock/fusion today – rewrote their own rules for their third studio album, Tres Caballeros. After two fairly raw trio albums, guitarist Guthrie Govan (Steven Wilson, Asia/GPS), bassist Bryan Beller (Joe Satriani, Dethklok) and drummer Marco Minneman...

  • Son Ark

    Son Ark View Profile

    Son Ark has been filling establishments across Los Angeles with their unmistakably unique brand of folk rock and with lyrics that tell tales of bygone eras and heartbreaking love lost. Son Ark's "unvarnished, heart-on-its-sleeve roots rock sneaks up on you like a speed trap on a two-lane highway" (Buzzbands). Son Ark longingly reminds us of days gone by. The songs are not antiques, t...

  • A/V Arkestra

    A/V Arkestra View Profile

  • Ryan Arklin

    Ryan Arklin View Profile

    The Ryan Arklin Band plays folk/rock with some crossover into country. The band plays nothing but original songs and performs regularly throughout the Santa Clarita and Los Angeles areas including: The House of Blues, Los Angeles, Howl at the Moon at Universal Studios, Hollywood. The band also created the singer/songwriter night at Mulligan’s Restaurant and Bar in Valencia, CA. Ryan Arklin’s fi...

  • Inter Arma

    Inter Arma View Profile

    INTER ARMA's music resists generalization and categorization, but if there's one thing that's consistently true, it's that the "A quintet possesses an unparalleled sense of scope. Few artists today accurately convey the complexity that INTER ARMA (Latin for "in times of war") does the band creates terrible and often hauntingly beautiful portraits of humanity through music that is deeply organic ye...

  • James Armata

    James Armata View Profile

  • Jacob Armen

    Jacob Armen View Profile

    Prince referred to Jacob Armen as "the most frightening drummer I have ever heard."  Having played the drums since age of 18-months old, internationally renowned child prodigy, drummer and multi-instrumentalist, Jacob Armen, has had performances and TV appearances worldwide including: Playboy Jazz Festival, Monterey Jazz Festival, ABC's "Good Morning America," NBC...

  • DJ Armenta

    DJ Armenta View Profile

    Music... Well there's no words to explain what it does to me, it makes me move, it makes me sing, it drives a part of me that I cant stop, it gives me passion... it makes me an Artist.... it makes "ME" Ive always wanted to create music, even when I didn't notice it... from recording old cassette tapes on an old boom box, scratching on old records players, being in the studio late hours, to Now......

  • Fred Armisen

    Fred Armisen View Profile

    Armisen grew up in Long Island, New York. His mother is of Venezuelan descent and his father is of German and Japanese ancestry.[1] He attended the School of Visual Arts (NYC).[2] Armisen is SNL's second Asian-American cast member (after Rob Schneider, who is part Filipino) as well as the second Hispanic-American cast member (after Horatio Sanz, who is Chilean-American).[3] With Darrell Hammo...

  • Madison Marie Armor

    Madison Marie Armor View Profile

  • The Armory

    The Armory View Profile

    The Armory is a rock band from Atlanta, GA that has been writing, playing and partying since 2009. They have built a solid fan base over the last five years by touring rigorously through the Southeast, East Coast and Mid-West. Their mixture of radio rock, indie rock and even a hint of post-hardcore rock, and their unique setup of two lead vocalist makes for ...

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