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  • The Anubis

    The Anubis View Profile

    Alternative rock band from Staten Island, NY

  • Fahim Anwar

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  • Steve Aoki

    Steve Aoki View Profile

  • The Apache Relay

    The Apache Relay View Profile

    Michael Ford Jr. was a music business major when he met The Apache Relay in a Belmont University dorm. They were already deep into “a very Americana, very rootsy” sound, and before long the band was backing up Ford around campus, and soon everywhere else. Ford Jr. dropped out of college, and the group, which at the time included Mike Harris (guitar, vocals), Brett Moore (keys, guita...

  • Band Aparte

    Band Aparte View Profile

  • The Apartment Club

    The Apartment Club View Profile

    Good times, good vibes

  • Super Ape

    Super Ape View Profile

    A monster of creation's dawn breaks loose in our world today! Super Ape is...

  • Great Apes

    Great Apes View Profile

  • Space Apes

    Space Apes View Profile

  • The Apex Theory

    The Apex Theory View Profile

    The Apex Theory came together because of an ethnic bond. Frontman Andy Khachaturian, guitarist Art Karamian, and bassist David Hakopyan are of Armenian descent. While growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, each of them was exposed to various genres of world music as well as pop music, jazz, and classical. Drummer Sammy J. Watson, who is not of Armenian background, grew up in Chimacum, WA, and h...

  • Gabrielle Aplin

    Gabrielle Aplin View Profile

  • Fleshgod Apocalypse

    Fleshgod Apocalypse View Profile

  • DJ Apollo

    DJ Apollo View Profile

    DJ APOLLO is a hip hop legend and musical pioneer who helped lay the foundation for the subculture known as turntablism. Born in the Philippines and raised in San Francisco, Apollo is a jack of all trades known for his many musical styles, from hip hop to soul, funk, breaks, 80's & disco to name a few. He was one of the first DJs to experiment with the turntable as a musical instrument,...

  • Drop Apollo

    Drop Apollo View Profile

    We're a five piece band from San Francisco playing soul funk oriented rock. We play throughout California and are constantly making new music. Check out our website at for the latest news, music, and events.

  • Island Apollo

    Island Apollo View Profile

    Having gained a seriously considerable following, Island Apollo is off to new and exciting things. After originally forming a band as teenagers in Irvine, California, the five indie rockers were able to pick up airplay on KROQ, win Orange County's "Best Pop Artist" from the OC Music Awards, open for Capital Cities and Third Eye Blind, and even managed to get a song placed in a c...

  • James Apollo

    James Apollo View Profile

    James Apollo strikes an eerie chord across a lonely American landscape, mixing the exotic 60s rocknrolll with a cinematic view of the western frontier. The group's formation is the stuff of legend: driving on Highway 62 outside Joshua Tree, James Apollo and Noah Strom spotted a hearse that Apollo was sure belonged to Jack Chandelier, a percussionist he had crossed paths with in Seattle. Indeed...

  • Wildcat Apollo

    Wildcat Apollo View Profile

    Wildcat Apollo is a Brooklyn/Austin-based indie rock band, founded in 2012 and made up of Alex Margolin, Cat Tassini, and brothers Aaron and Taylor Eichenseer. Synthesizing shoegaze, garage, psychedelic, pop and dance rock, “each Wildcat Apollo song is wildly unique” and “encompasses the feelings of youth.” After developing their sound in a Bushwick basement for much of 2012 and 2013, the band ...

  • Christina Apostolopoulos

    Christina Apostolopoulos View Profile

    was born in Toronto, Canada, then moved with her family to Southern California when she was 7 years old. The following year she received a guitar for her 8th birthday, and she took to it immediately. Christina hit the ground running, learning to play the music that she was raised on: Simon and Garfunkel, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Queen, and of course, The Beatles. Growing up, she moved and trave...

  • Rising Appalachia

    Rising Appalachia View Profile

     Sisters Leah Song and Chloe Smith tear into sound with sensual prowess as stages ignite revolutions and words light up soul fires. Listen to their beautiful sound for banjo and fiddle duets and poetic harmonies like only sisters can do… Joined full-time by their beloved band, Biko Casini on percussion, and David Brown on stand up bass and baritone guitar, expect everything from fol...

  • Coastline Apparition

    Coastline Apparition View Profile

  • Carey Appel

    Carey Appel View Profile

    It’s hard to believe this LA native has been writing music for under two years and already has a loyal following. Carey began belting melodic tunes off of her backyard balcony at the early age of three.  After raising a family and owning a chain of successful retail home stores, this captivating performer and soulful storyteller returned to the music community in 2011 with her first ...

  • Barbi Appelquist

    Barbi Appelquist View Profile

    Biography FAQs Experience Contact Us Run with Barbi Appelquist for Senate District 26 in 2014 Barbi Appelquist is a 14-year resident of Santa Monica and West Los Angeles, a two-time cancer survivor, a wife, and a mom to a 6-year old girl. A former corporate and non-profit lawyer who is the great-granddaughter of immigrants, the granddaughter of farmers who didn’t ...

  • Jennifer Appelquist

    Jennifer Appelquist View Profile

    Rich and mesmerizing, she has a warmth and sincerity that few artists possess. Sweet melodies, heartfelt lyrics and intimate conversations about things that matter in this world, she takes you on a journey to everywhere you've been or hope to go.

  • Fiona Apple

    Fiona Apple View Profile

    Fiona Apple defied categorization or any easy career path, almost running the pattern in reverse, opening her career as a highly touted and popular alternative singer/songwriter then transitioning into a cult artist. Apple certainly benefited from the open-door policy of modern rock in the mid-'90s, following the path of crossover alt rock piano-based songwriters like Tori Amos, but Apple was hard...

  • The Apple Blossoms

    The Apple Blossoms View Profile

  • The Apple Core

    The Apple Core View Profile


    BIG APPLE ROCKS PRESENTS: Rockstar Sissy View Profile

    Rockstar Sissy has been playing guitar for 8 years. As a child she had played guitar for 5 years. She relearned everything she lost over the non-playing years - enjoying simple classical sonnets and rockin’ cover tunes. Then poof, she began composing songs. Over 20 hit songs have poofed out since. She has performed and performs her original music in many clubs throughout New York City - solo...

  • Bob Applebaum

    Bob Applebaum View Profile

  • Bryan Appleby

    Bryan Appleby View Profile

    Bryan John Appleby has been working hard this year writing the follow-up to his acclaimed debut, "Fire on The Vine". Expanding his palette both as a player and a writer, Appleby has started to incorporate elements of classic songwriters, with an intense pursuit for musical and lyrical excellence. Following the release of Fire On The Vine, BJA toured with notable acts Hey Marseilles, D...

  • Edward Appleby

    Edward Appleby View Profile

    Edward Appleby is a musician living in Mobile, AL who composes cinematic music that combines aspects of indie folk pop-art songs with modern classical composition. His debut full-length album, "The City (Waiting for the Inevitable Disaster)" has been played on over 150 college radio stations across the United States and Canada. He has also self-recorded and released six EP's ranging in concep...

  • Bad Apples

    Bad Apples View Profile

    Bad Apples have meshed together a sound that includes all styles of rock, gaining influences from classic rock bands, punk bands, ska bands, you name it. Bad Apples are on the rise playing as many shows as time will allow, and have shared the stage with many known local bands such as Higher Grounds, Hierba Mala, Beyond I Sight, High Tides,Clouded Vision, Sono Vero and many others. Slowly creeping ...

  • Black Apples

    Black Apples View Profile

    The Black Apples, a band that began three years ago and has lived in at least as many cities, have spent their time in Los Angeles building an impressive resumé. They've performed at the Silverlake Jubilee, Sunset Junction and Conjunction Junction music festivals; they've shared the stage with Guitar Wolf, Cap'n Jazz and Mark Sultan (among many others).The band recently headline...

  • The Apples In Stereo

    The Apples In Stereo View Profile

  • The Appleseed Cast

    The Appleseed Cast View Profile

    Lawrence, KS-based emo quartet Appleseed Cast were originally comprised of singer/guitarist Christopher Crisci, guitarist Aaron Pillar, bassist Jason Wickersheim, and drummer Louie Ruiz. Signing to Deep Elm, the group made its debut on the 1998 label sampler Records for the Working Class, releasing the full-length The End of the Ring Wars later that same year. In 1999 Appleseed Cast (now with new ...

  • The Appleseed Collective

    The Appleseed Collective View Profile

    Mix the Hot Club of Paris with the sweaty soul of Dixieland, a couple blades of bluegrass, a pinch of ragtime beat, and a western swinging swagger and you've just conjured the sound of The Appleseed Collective.

  • Eclectic Approach

    Eclectic Approach View Profile

  • Relentless Approach

    Relentless Approach View Profile

  • The Approach

    The Approach View Profile

    The band was formed in 2012 with a vision of creating energetic groovy tones and sounds to spark interest in all genres. With founding members deriving from the metal scene Sam Morrow and Jeramey Abarca began creating music, while Jeramey's brother Joseph housed the daily jam sessions. Joseph was soon to follow in their footsteps to take over vocals after participating in the basement sessions...

  • The Approaching Storm

    The Approaching Storm View Profile

    Folkpunk tunes of overcoming oppression and spreading equality by sharing humanistic and Anarchist views. Lighting heart fires with our songs of revolution

  • Maybe April

    Maybe April View Profile

  • Al Aprill

    Al Aprill View Profile

  • The Aquadolls

    The Aquadolls View Profile

    The Aquadolls were founded in Janurary 2012 by Melissa Brooks, the lead singer and writer of the band.  Shortly there after Melissa began recording bedroom demos of the songs she had been writing and eventually formed a relationship with Fullerton-based indie label Burger Records who released the Aquadolls first and only EP titled We Are Free in early 2013. Their songs put forth a trip out...

  • American Aquarium

    American Aquarium View Profile

  • DJ Aquatic

    DJ Aquatic View Profile


  • Araabmuzik Araabmuzik

    Araabmuzik Araabmuzik View Profile

     If you were to Google the name Araabmuzik, you would discover a lot video's showing this music producer hammering on an MPC as if he was Travis Barker on the drums. With his fast rhythmic touches on the machine - while donning a New Era fitted, some might call it poetry in motion, others might say it's suicide on an MPC, but for the Dipset in-house producer...

  • Lawrence Arabia

    Lawrence Arabia View Profile

      "As one man findeth shelter under the eaves of his neighbour’s wife, so shall he be plagued by the sparrow. And lo, where fields of wheat once grew lush upon the soil, lies now the infernal desert of the pestilential sparrow." – Lawrence Arabia, 2011.   “Thinking person’s pop music - finely honed, tightly arranged” - Rolling Stone ...

  • The Arabs

    The Arabs View Profile

    Pioneers in Arab Surf, Mirage Rock, Desert Glam, and FutureBlues

  • Greg Aram

    Greg Aram View Profile

    Indie Pop/RnB artist originally from Hoboken, NJ, but currently based out of LES

  • Adam Aranda

    Adam Aranda View Profile

  • Daniel Aranda

    Daniel Aranda View Profile

    Daniel Aranda was born on the 13th of December, 1996, in Liverpool, NSW, Australia. His parents, specifically his father Rodney, involved him with a musical influence at an early age. Daniel recalls "I remember listening to my dad's old records that he used to always put on. It was bands like The Beach Boys, The Damned, The Jam and The Clash that had a big impact on my life and music in l...

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