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  • Leigh Ann Smith

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  • Lisa Ann Walter

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  • Rachel Ann Weiss

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    Born and raised in NYC, Rachel Ann Weiss has been writing and singing as long as she can remember. After the release of her first solo album, "Dear Love", she's been traveling the world, playing music and working on the next batch of tunes for a two part EP to be released this fall!

  • Taylor Ann Winn

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  • Lee Ann Womack

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    After spending several years as a professional songwriter, Lee Ann Womack became one of the breakout contemporary country stars of 1997 with her eponymous debut album. Shortly after its release, it reached the Top Ten on the country chart. I Hope You Dance followed in mid-2000. Something Worth Leaving Behind appeared in mid-2002, and it was a sure fit for Womack to move into the country mainstream...

  • Star Anna

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    STAR ANNA TOURS IN SUPPORT OF NEWLY RELEASED DIGITAL ALBUM THE SKY IS FALLING; STILL TOURING IN SUPPORT OF GO TO HELL, AVAILABLE DIGITALLY, ON CD, AND VINYL VIA SPARK AND SHINE RECORDS Star Anna is an American original. She sings from a place of beauty that takes me to a higher place," says Pearl Jam's Mike McCready. Guns 'n' Roses/Velvet Revolver...

  • Baby Anne

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    Baby Anne aka "The Bass Queen" has blazed a Trail across North America and Beyond with her DJ sets and Original Productions. Her signature recipe is a delicious fusion of high energy Electro Breaks and Miami Bass seasoned with funky beats and driving bass lines.  Her musical influences range from Miami Bass stalwarts Dynamix II and AfroRican, to overseas tunes by Kraftwerk & 808...

  • Beth Anne

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  • Huxley Anne

    Huxley Anne View Profile

    1. i believe in flower consciousness (read jitterbug perfume)   2. i have pleiadian blood (see constellation the pleiades)    3. i released my first EP Lux FX on May 1 2014    4. IIXXII is my birthday    5. staring at a leaf for 4 hours will never be a waste of time   6. anime   7. i'm a clairvoyant...

  • Michaela Anne

    Michaela Anne View Profile

    Full of lush, sweeping arrangements and honest, deeply vulnerable self-examination, ‘Desert Dove’ marks a bold new chapter for Michaela Anne, both artistically and professionally. While the songwriting is still very much rooted in the classic country she’s come to be known for, the record (her first for Yep Roc) represents something of a sonic shift, incorporating more modern pro...

  • Sister Anne

    Sister Anne View Profile

    This woman-heavy gang of rockers takes its name straight from those most infamous of Detroit ‘60s bad-boys, the MC5. But this ain’t no retro act. Because just as the ‘Five channeled the spirit of Chuck Berry and Coltrane before them, Sister Anne taps into all things punk, rock, and soul — a Tina Turner scream here, a Black Sabbath bassline there, a little bit of James Brown and a whole lotta Igg...

  • Liz Anne Hill

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    Born by the California coast, raised back and forth between a cozy suburb of Los Angeles and a rural mining town in Arizona, the songstress learned to sing, write, and ride at an early age.  More comfortable on horseback in muddy boots and bluejeans than beachside in a yellow two piece and white Ray-Bans, Liz Anne Hill blends down-home country roots with a rock energy for a diverse and spellb...

  • Caitlin Anne Webster

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    As a member of Nightingale Rodeo, Webster and her bandmates earned acclaim from outlets that include LA Weekly. In 2015, she released her solo EP Black Moon and introduced an engaging blend of influences that range from traditional country to edgy vocal powerhouses like Bonnie Raitt and Linda Rondstadt.   Recorded live to tape in Los Angeles’ Palomino Studios with production from Dave...

  • Queen Anne's Revenge

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    Queen Anne's Revenge brings the party. This Seattle-based band puts on an unforgettable show, wowing audiences with performances of great rock & roll, Motown, and country anthems. Their deep repertoire of dance-oriented party tunes fills the dance floor. The band is made up of professional music instructors, producers and engineers. Their expertise shows in their polished live sound. ...

  • Brooke Annibale

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    Pittsburgh native and singer-songwriter Brooke Annibale combines earthy vocals, insightful lyrics, and acoustic pop-folk sounds to create dynamic and engaging performances. Vocally, she has a smoky quality and employs a pleasing thickness and pitch that are reminiscent of Natalie Merchant. Her lyrics bleed with an uncommon wisdom for a twenty-seven-year-old, as the tales she tells about love, loss...

  •  Annie Lennox

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  • The Anniversary

    The Anniversary View Profile

    The Anniversary brought their own blend of male-female vocals, jangly guitars, and synth keyboards to the emo scene after signing with Heroes and Villains, an imprint of Vagrant Records, in 1999. Hailing from Kansas, the group began expanding their fanbase beyond the Midwest with the release of 2000's Designing a Nervous Breakdown, a strong debut that earned them comparisons to their label own...

  • 2nd Annual Blackheart Bash

    2nd Annual Blackheart Bash View Profile

    Costume Contest Bloody Burlesque Zombie Go Go Dancers

  • Mike Annuzzi

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    Mike Annuzzi (Pop/Acoustic/Blues) is a San Francisco Bay Area native who has built a grassroots following as an independent artist in California. His music has been featured on radio around the state. Mike has performed events with artists including Colbie Caillat, Edwin McCain, Tyrone Wells, Jackie Greene, Trevor Hall, Jay Nash, Ernie Halter, Curtis Peoples and many more. Mike has not only establ...

  • One Another

    One Another View Profile

    Long lasting musical partners in punk bands started a kind of pop band.

  • Aziz Ansari

    Aziz Ansari View Profile

    Aziz Ansari has quickly established his presence in the comedy world. He is currently starring in a  popular television series, has a number of films on deck and recently debuted his first hour?long standup  special and&n...

  • The Anser

    The Anser View Profile

    The Anser is made up of three musicians out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Jarrett, Gray, and PJ. Our original music is Icon Status, and we can't wait for you all to hear it.

  • Brooke Ansley

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  • Adam Ant

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  • Alien Ant Farm

    Alien Ant Farm View Profile

    Since the formation of Alien Ant Farm in 1995, the quartet has enjoyed worldwide success. Over the course of their four studio albums, cumulative sales surpass five million units a Grammy nomination and 4 top 10 singles. The band built a massive following on the road early in their career via high profile 2001 runs with Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Warped, and as the headliner on an MTV presented...

  • DJ Ant-1 Wild N'Krazy Kids

    DJ Ant-1 Wild N'Krazy Kids View Profile

    ANT-1 is an American DJ, turntablist, artist and member of the Risky Bizness crew and Wild n Krazy Kids crew from San Francisco, CA. He is associated with San Francisco artists Sir Tipp, J Billion, P-funktheking, Cee Rock, and has also worked with Mike Relm. A regularly booked DJ in the San Francisco hip hop scene, ANT-1 started his DJ career in 1997 as a mobile DJ, as well as, a battle DJ. He ...

  • Backroad Anthem

    Backroad Anthem View Profile

    Backroad Anthem This wasn't the way their story was supposed to unfold. No one anticipates or prepares for what happens when sudden tragedy strikes – even as songwriters and storytellers whose job it is to conjure both reality and fantasy, Backroad Anthem found themselves as part of an unimaginable narrative this past December, when their bandmate and spiritual brother, Craig Stric...

  • Hunger Anthem

    Hunger Anthem View Profile

    Hunger Anthem is an indie power rock trio hailing from Athens, Georgia.

  • National Anthem

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  • Poison Anthem

    Poison Anthem View Profile

    Distilled to perfection, this Raleigh quintet will numb your pain, light a fire in your belly and rejuvenate your soul. Boys, check your macho attitude at the door, because lead vocalist Lauren Bartlett will stomp your balls as you beg for mercy.

  • Allen Anthony

    Allen Anthony View Profile

  • Dave Anthony

    Dave Anthony View Profile

    I'm a stand-up comedian, writer and actor. I haven't heard of me either. Look, this started out as a dream and I don't know what in the fuck happened. I've been on Jimmy Kimmel, The Late, Late Show and a bunch of other crap. Right now I work on The Talking Dead. It's a show about another show. That pretty much sums it all up.

  • Mad Anthony

    Mad Anthony View Profile

    The ferocious three pieces that make up Cincinnati's volatile rock n' roll unit, Mad Anthony, are driven and true. They have enough gumption to fill their big yellow van till it burst at the seams, and enough pride to carry themselves across North America to hundreds of shows year-in and year-out, grabbing headlining spots at North by Northeast, Midpoint Music Festival and Canadian Music Week, the...

  • Marc Anthony

    Marc Anthony View Profile

    A multi-talented artist, Marc Anthony (born Marco Antonio Muniz) has balanced an acting career with a musical career. In addition to appearing in films like The Substitute, Big Night, and Hackers, and in Broadway productions such as Paul Simon's Capeman, Anthony rose to the top level of Latino music. The biggest-selling salsa artist of all time, Anthony was included on a top ten list of influentia...

  • Nicholas Anthony

    Nicholas Anthony View Profile

    "High-Energy/ Heady" Nicholas Anthony's curious mind takes random situations and twists them into comedic gems. With his quick, candid delivery he creates a fun-house ride audiences never forget. At 22, Nicholas received 1st place at the coveted Las Vegas Comedy Festival and since has been on 2 season's of NBC's Last Comic Standing. Nicholas Anthony is quickly becoming one of America's top touring...

  • Peter Anthony

    Peter Anthony View Profile

  • Shawn Anthony

    Shawn Anthony View Profile

    Shawn Anthony is an American born Rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After signing with Warner Brothers Records in 2004, He was dubbed "the Biggie of the South" by Pharrell Williams. His song "Barely Holding On" is featured on the Pilot episode of the hit HBO show Entourage. Despite being shelved by Warner and bouncing from major label to major label, Shawn has been able to make a living by licen...

  • The Antic

    The Antic View Profile

  • The Antics

    The Antics View Profile

    Making up the band are Luke Meisenbacher (vocals/guitar), Derek Rosengarth (guitar), Kyle Hammerschmidt (bass) and Josh Reitan (drums). Our musical influences vary from 60's surf rock to 80's post-punk and our style blends different elements from throughout the decades together.

  •  Anti-Flag

    Anti-Flag View Profile

    Making their debut at a local Pittsburgh radio station in 1993, Anti-Flag got together for the sake of responding to their disgust at religion, nationalism, and fascism. Justin Sane (vocals/guitar), Andy Flag (bass/vocals), and Pat Thetic (drums) bopped around their hometown much to the dismay of skinheads while recruiting a following who proudly wore torn-up upside-down flags as patches. In 1997,...

  • The Anti-Job

    The Anti-Job View Profile

    The Anti-Job are a Los Angeles based indie-rock band. Founded in 2009 at Vassar College in New York - Amanda Jones (vocals and guitar) and Martin Lopez-Iu (guitar and keyboard) formed the band bonding over their radical musical influences. Martin hails from a background of folk and Amanda thrives on noise, psychedelic and the avant-garde. Lee Harcourt (drums and percussion), brings a strong jazz b...

  • The Antiques

    The Antiques View Profile

    The group has become a collective effort supporting the songwriting of both Joseph and Brenden with ever present guitar melodies strewn over the strong rhythm dynamic provided by Chris and Craig. The Antiques are currently playing shows, and promoting their upcoming release, Behind Your Eyes, available in the fall of 2012.

  • Bear Antler

    Bear Antler View Profile

    Mike Cooley once said that rock and roll means well but it can’t help telling young boys lies. The Bear Antler brand of rock and roll is most certainly full of lies but, like a bad lover, it also has a drinking problem, sweats too much, and stays out all night. The lads of Bear Antler know a little something about bad lovers. They sing about cheating women, lying women, no good women&hell...

  • Crystal Antlers

    Crystal Antlers View Profile

    Most bands can do fine with just a bio. Crystal Antlers need an encyclopedia. It would start with the debut 45 funded by a friend who also happened to be a bank robber—who’d robbed three banks in fifteen minutes—and then move to the no-budget FYF Fest tour in a veggie-oil powered school bus that got them on the front page of the Los Angeles Times calendar section. Then there&rsqu...

  • The Antlers

    The Antlers View Profile

  • Sabrina Antoinette ~

    Sabrina Antoinette ~ View Profile

  • Craig Anton

    Craig Anton View Profile

    Craig Anton has made a living being funny for over 20 years. Working as a stand up comic and comic actor, he has a modern approach to what works in today's film and television market. Most of all, for the last 10 years he has helped other funny friends and actor's hone, develop and book wor...

  • The Anton Schwartz Duo

    The Anton Schwartz Duo View Profile

  • Cleo Antonelli

    Cleo Antonelli View Profile

  • Marco Antonio Solís

    Marco Antonio Solís View Profile

    Marco Antonio Solís started his career at the age of 6 years as one half of Los Hermanitos Solís, with cousin Joel Solís. In the mid-1970s he formed Los Bukis with whom he achieved great success in Mexico, Central and South America, as well as with Hispanic listeners in the United States. As lead singer and chief song-writer of Los Bukis, Solís became known in the industry for outside writing and ...

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