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  • The Absurd

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  • Culture Abuse

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    San Francisco Bay area band Culture Abuse are a wild pack of animals that have been stirring things up along the West Coast since Fall 2013. Their amalgamation of hardcore / punk with an almost psychedelic rock vibe is unlike anything ever heard before, feeling both vitally important and on the brink of disaster all at once. Recorded in the Fall of 2014 at Nu-Tone Studios (Iggy Pop, Green Day, ...

  • Systematic Abuse

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    Formed out of the ashes of The Resentments, Societies Victim, Caustic Uproar, and The Lugers. An Idea that started inside of a garage in Imperial Beach C.A. in 2008. Since then We've been creating our own blend of RAW HARDCORE PUNK with THRASH influences. A few of us have been doing this for over 25 years and have no plans of changing the formula or quitting anytime soon.

  • The Abyssinians

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    The roots harmony vocals trio the Abyssinians was formed in 1968 by founding members Donald Manning, Bernard Collins and Linford Manning. It was in 1969 with their release “Satta Massagana” recorded on Coxson Dodd’s Studio One label—a Rastafarian hymn based on the Ethiopian Amharic language, that launched them into the ranks of Reggae music greats. “Satta Massagana&rd...

  • Boy AC

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    was once a nun now an air conditioner

  • Balam Acab

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    Last year, Tri Angle introduced the world to BALAM ACAB (aka Alec Koone), and his otherworldly, secretive sound of submerged bass and phantom vocal harmonies, with the release of his universally acclaimed debut EP ‘See Birds’. Tri Angle is now very excited to announce the release of BALAM ACAB’s debut album, WANDER / WONDER, which will be available worldwide on September 6th, 201...

  • The Acacia Strain

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  • The Academics

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    The Academics is a musical project headed by brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Adam LaGreca. Their debut CD "Basement Confessions" is now difficult to get your hands on without knowing Adam personally; however, stay tuned for a sophomore effort that will come out in the fall of 2012.

  • Handjob Academy

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    Hand Job Academy (or "H.J.A." for the squeamish) is a Brooklyn-based rap collective formed in 2012, comprising three emcees: Ash Wednesday, Clara Bizna$$, and Lil' T (who doubles as the group's videographer). Controversial, outspoken, nasty-but-charming, the Academy raps about periods, pop culture, and queerness as well as traditional hip-hop themes of fucking bitches, getting money, and superi...

  • The Hi-Fi Academy

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  • Velour Academy

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    Based in Los Angeles by way of Illinois and Arizona, Velour Academy is a dual female-fronted, dreamy punk pop band. After releasing multiple demos, Velour Academy worked with Alex Estrada (Silver Snakes) and Jack Shirley (Comadre) on their first full-length album OOZE, which was released on slime green cassettes on Friday the 13th, October 2017. The chisme on the streets is that Velour Academy pla...

  •  Academy Is...

    Academy Is... View Profile

    Formerly in rival bands on the Chicago local scene, guitarist Mike Carden and vocalist William Beckett came together in 2002 to mark the beginning of emo-pop outfit the Academy Is... (originally named "the Academy"). Naming influences from U2 to Weezer to Pink Floyd, the duo added bassist Adam Siska (Beckett's classmate from high school), along with a second guitarist and drummer, to record 2004's...

  • The Academy Is...

    The Academy Is... View Profile

    Formerly in rival bands on the Chicago local scene, guitarist Mike Carden and vocalist William Beckett came together in 2002 to mark the beginning of emo-pop outfit the Academy Is... (originally named "the Academy"). Naming influences from U2 to Weezer to Pink Floyd, the duo added bassist Adam Siska (Beckett's classmate from high school), along with a second guitarist and drummer, to record 2004's...

  •  Acceptance

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    Acceptance's sparkling rock themes unveil not only their previous musical experience, mostly coming from punk rock ground, but also the crossbred musical wishes shared by each member of the lineup. Forming in Seattle, WA, Acceptance signed their particular view of alternative pop/rock not only due to their pure rocking influences, but also because of their candid pop preferences. Jason Vena (vocal...

  • French Accident

    French Accident View Profile

    "French Accident " is comprised of four relatively mature musicians whose vision is to bring to everyone the story of the well-crafted song coupled with adventurous musicality. Our music spans many different styles and genres from rock, blues, and improvisational, to alternative and even blue-eyed soul. As the group continues to explore their personal musical roots the result is often a ...

  • The Accidentals

    The Accidentals View Profile

    Billboard’s Breakout Band at SXSW 2015, Huffington Post’s Sweet Sixteen of 2016, and Yahoo Music’s Top Ten Bands to Watch 2017. Described by John Sinkevics of Local Spins as “genre-melding indie-folk,” The Accidentals (Sav Buist, Katie Larson, and Michael Dause) exhibit “a musical and lyrical sophistication that outstrips most mainstream bands.” Fro...

  • Bad Ace

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  • Carter Ace

    Carter Ace View Profile

    Cater Ace is a 5-person Hip Hop band from Los Angeles, California, Fronted by O’Neil Carter. The band consists of a guitarist, Fahem Erfan, Bassist, Daniel Durant, Keyboardist, Arshak Amirbekyan, and Drummer, Gio Alford. The band has made a point to pull from a variety of influences including Rap/Hip-Hop, R&B, G-Funk, Soul, and Jazz. Carter, himself, is the mind of most compositions, but...

  • Masta Ace

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    Boasting an impressive rap resume that includes membership in the legendary Juice Crew and a verse on the classic 1988 posse cut "The Symphony," Brooklyn's Masta Ace is an underground hip-hop veteran and luminary. Two years after the release of "The Symphony," Ace released his debut album, Take a Look Around, on the renowned Cold Chillin' label. The keenly produced a...

  • Tom Ace & The Spades

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  • Jive Aces

    Jive Aces View Profile

    A group of lads from London, England were drawn together by their love for a style and music that outclassed anything else around. The music was hot jive that had the beat, energy and enthusiasm of rock 'n' roll and the fun and rhythm of big band swing all rolled into one. Their musical journey took them from Elvis Presley to Bill Haley and from Louis Prima to Frank Sinatra. This was the sound th...

  • Ponderosa Aces

    Ponderosa Aces View Profile

    Old style Outlaw Country Rock, the way it's supposed to be! Get ready to step onto that Honky-tonk dance floor and let the music take you away!

  • The Aces

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  • A-Team: Aceyalone & Abstract Rude PROJECT BLOWED

    A-Team: Aceyalone & Abstract Rude PROJECT BLOWED View Profile

    Meet the co-founders of PROJECT BLOWED better known as The A-Team: Aceyalone & Abstract Rude. Since 1st appearing at the legendary Good Life Cafe as The A-Students (circa '93), Acey & Ab have been at the helm of the post Good Life LA Underground era (documented in the film THIS IS THE LIFE), ushering in a new generation of male & female Freestyle Fellowship affiliates (ie; Urban Prop, S.I.N., Volu...

  • Phil Ackerly

    Phil Ackerly View Profile

  • Gregory Ackerman

    Gregory Ackerman View Profile

    Gregory Ackerman is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist from the Los Angeles area. Gregory takes after the vibe of the Laurel Canyon scene (i.e. Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Graham Nash, etc.), and his music reflects his views on the world, the people of the world, and the current events that define the world’s history through an easy-to-listen-to acoustic vibe. Gregory Ackerman just f...

  • Danny Acosta

    Danny Acosta View Profile

  • Those Acoustc Kats

    Those Acoustc Kats View Profile

    A meeting of two uniquely abstract, yet smoothly mixed talents, Those Acoustic Kats bring a new dynamic to multiple genres at once. Ranging from soul/R&B, to alternative folk styling, there’s very little left unexplored from the pair from one track to the next. When combined with their direct acoustic approach, there’s a ?are for a new, yet familiar, direction in every groove. H...

  • The Acoustic Eels

    The Acoustic Eels View Profile

    The Acoustic Eels are a four-piece electric band (irony!) covering old school rock, blues and funk music spanning four decades. Their live performances feature recognizable hit singles as well as deeper album tracks that you probably haven't heard in a while. From blistering rock guitar riffs, to funky bass lines, to soulful and bluesy saxophone solos, there's something for nearly everyone's liste...

  • Los Acoustic Guys

    Los Acoustic Guys View Profile

    Los Acoustic Guys is a Latin American Rock/Pop Band, with 6 members from different nationalities, (Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador) inspired and influenced by the 80’s and 90’s Music, Singers and favorite Rock Bands of the moment

  • PoetRonigirl Acoustically Speaking

    PoetRonigirl Acoustically Speaking View Profile

    PoetRonigirl's Acoustically Speakinging/Concert Series takes place the 1st sunday of each month @ The Room 5 in LA. I am poet/songwriter/host ect.... and I feel Blessed to have had the opportunity to book shows for the past 15+ years.

  • Sparks Across Darkness

    Sparks Across Darkness View Profile

    An abstract thinker with a knack for creating art that's between darkness and light. A Sacramento native who's constructing an album due out in 2015.

  •  Act As If

    Act As If View Profile

    Peter Verdell started his career as an A&R rep for Drive-Thru Records during the pop-punk revolution of the early-mid 2000’s, an era which saw the label propel bands like Dashboard Confessional, Something Corporate, and New Found Glory to mainstream success. Feeling the urge to create music of his own, Verdell left the label to study music at a local college and to focus his attention...

  • Three Act Tragedy

    Three Act Tragedy View Profile

    We have varied influences, but a common goal of creating music that is as fun to experience as it is to play. Our sound is both melodic, and aggressive at times. Our group members consist of both California natives, and transplants from around the country, and globe, who all came together to create music to inspire.

  • Backseat Action

    Backseat Action View Profile

  • Floating Action

    Floating Action View Profile

  • Hail Action

    Hail Action View Profile

    Founded in late XLVIII Anno Satanas, Hail Action! currently consists of The Wrong Reverend Mick Lúicifir Asmodeus Royale (lead vocals/guitar), mistress of the 6-string Abigail Heresy (guitar/vocals), bassmistress Lizifer (bass guitar), mistress of the Enochian Keys Bianca D'Agger (keyboards/vocals), and mouthy hard-hitter Mike Hell (drums/vocals). Hail Action!

  • Extra Action Marching Band

    Extra Action Marching Band View Profile

    Rockin the party in your pants and earholes 24/7 with flags drums and horns.

  • Rainforest Action Network Fundraiser

    Rainforest Action Network Fundraiser View Profile

  • The Actions

    The Actions View Profile

    The Actions, band founded by Marta Argenio and Maurizio Stellato, played over 150 gigs in Italy and UK including MTV On Stage, the Arezzo Wave Festival and the Heineken Jammin' Festival at Imola, opening for R.E.M., GREEN DAY and GARBAGE in front of an audience more than 10000 and receiving a rousing reception at the historic Cavern Club in Liverpool for two consecutive years. The buzz around the ...

  • Vast Active Living Intelligence System

    Vast Active Living Intelligence System View Profile

    As Vast Active Living Intelligence System (V.A.L.I.S.), Reality Engineer, Jason Michel, seeks to transmit esoteric, ancient, and consciousness expanding information through minimal sound collage and audio synthesis. Each piece is intended as a thought ritual meant to unlock higher levels of consciousness as described in the 8 Circuit Model. Feel Free.

  • The Active Set

    The Active Set View Profile

  • Headphone Activist

    Headphone Activist View Profile

    With influences from DJ Shadow, Flume, and Clams Casino, Pete Domville...Headphone Activist has found a way to translate his love for music from all backgrounds and recreate it with his love for beat making  and sampling.    His Signature 808 vibe sound "cloud rap" has been finding new fans all over the globe.    Finding support from UZ, Big ...

  • Arson Acts

    Arson Acts View Profile

    Hailing from Rostov, Russia, Arson Acts brings a definite European influence to his Electronic Dance Music shows. Able to mix anything from hardcore drum ‘n’ bass to the softest trance, this DJ’s versatility can pump up any crowd. Not only can he excite the Syracuse club scene with house, trap, trance and deep house, but he also has the skill and energy to open for big names...

  • DJ Acucrack

    DJ Acucrack View Profile

    DJ? Accucrack is an electronica side project from Acumen Nation members Jason Novak and Jamie Duffy. The duo fuse several different techno and electronica styles, including drum'n'bass and ambient, while keeping some elements of their metal roots intact. Their debut album, Mutants of Sound, was released in April 1998; it was preceded in January 1998 by a teaser EP, Nation State. The EP and LP were...

  • Michael Aczon

    Michael Aczon View Profile

    Michael Aczon has practiced entertainment law and managed artists since 1983. He has represented a variety of entertainment clients, from unsigned local artists to multi-platinum artists and writers to L.A. and Nashville-based companies. Michael has been a columnist on the business of music for Guitar Player and Electronic Musician magazines. His book “The Musician’s Legal Companion&rd...

  • David Adam Byrnes

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  • David Adamcyk

    David Adamcyk View Profile

  • Jason Adamo

    Jason Adamo View Profile

    Having just come off a tour of the Southeast opening for Witzend favorite, Keaton Simons, North Carolina's The Jason Adamo Band is an honest, unpretentious, tight and full-bodied 6-piece.  Their latest album, Bricks & Mortar(recently nominated for a LA Music Critic Award for Best EP) recorded at K House Recording Studio in Raleigh, NC and produced by the band’s own John Bri...

  • AJ Adams

    AJ Adams View Profile

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