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  • Los Angelics

    Los Angelics View Profile

    In Los Angeles, everyone is dreaming of something. It’s a city based around the idea of casting your hopes as high as they’ll go, of shooting for the moon and knowing it’s entirely possible for you to get there. This is the sensibility that traces through Los Angelics and their impassioned songs, which take a modern spin on electro-clash fused with indie pop melodies and rock and...

  • Farewell Angelina

    Farewell Angelina View Profile

  • Kris Angelis

    Kris Angelis View Profile

  • Rashondra Angelle

    Rashondra Angelle View Profile

    Rashondra Angelle was born and raised in Long Beach, CA a culturally diverse city which plays a major role on her musical style. She grew up listening to a variety of music from gangsta rap to jazz. Thus throughout her own music career she does not shy away from experimenting with diverse sounds and styles of music to express her soul.   As with any great artist, this songstress has collabo...

  • Steve Angello

    Steve Angello View Profile

     “I’m just lucky to be doing what I’m doing! If I didn’t have the music I don´t know where I would be today! … I’m just happy and trying to enjoy life!!” Let’s just say Steve’s personal history is a humbling and noble tale. But you’ll have to ask him about that! What matters is that he’s lived it, he’s here to tel...

  • DJ Angelo

    DJ Angelo View Profile

    Dj Angelo is a House Music dj and a long time dancer in the house dance community. He is originally from Los Angeles and now based in the Bay Area CA.   Angelo's earliest memories of House Music was In the early 90's when he would hear a mix of Hard, Latin and Techno on late night radio stations in Los Angeles like Power 106 (Power Tools) and many others. He knew right away...

  • Nelson Angelo

    Nelson Angelo View Profile

  • Krista Angelucci

    Krista Angelucci View Profile

  • Nox Anger and the Jerk Offs

    Nox Anger and the Jerk Offs View Profile

    Nox Anger - vocals/guitar Luis Youth - drums Jawsh SeKsy - bass

  • No Anger Control

    No Anger Control View Profile

    When anger emanates from every pore in your body, and you bleed rage from the darkest crevices of your just might need; NO ANGER CONTROL! Since 2012 we have been replacing anger management meetings with a face full of punk to calm your inner demons. Rage on!

  • An Angle

    An Angle View Profile

    At the center of An Angle is youthful Sacramento songwriter Kris Anaya. He tapped various pals in area bands to record And Take It With a Grain of Salt, the project's debut, which he released on his own imprint in 2002. It proved to be a rambling indie pop sensation, incorporating comfy folk and emo touches and suggesting a little of everyone from Bright Eyes to the Pogues. The album was picked up...

  • Carach Angren

    Carach Angren View Profile

    The Dutch masters of horror are back! CARACH ANGREN will take you to the hell of war with their mind blowing third full-length "Where The Corpses Sink Forever". With bold strokes of eerily shimmering and whirring guitars, scratching dashes of fiercely rasping vocals, dabs of precisely rattling drums and a wide palette of grey and black sound hues, the trio creates dark portraits of super...

  • Drew Angus

    Drew Angus View Profile

  •  Angus And Julia Stone

    Angus And Julia Stone View Profile

  • Kim Anh

    Kim Anh View Profile

  •  Ani

    Ani View Profile

    'Ani' means 'I' or 'me' in Hebrew. I am a singer/songwriter/producer from Austria. If people ask me about my music, I describe it as soulful POP. When I perform or create a new song, time doesn't exist and I feel totally connected to the source of all being... I studied music in Vienna, Austria and currently live in Berlin, Germany's artistic capital. Berlin and me, it was love at f...

  • Ceramic Animal

    Ceramic Animal View Profile

    The recipe goes something like four fingers cask strength indie rock with a twist of surf grunge and a psychedelic chaser. It can be served wet and topless but never neat. Critics say they are "...reminiscent of lo-fi baroque pop Dr. Dog, neo-psychedelia Tame Impala and blues rock Jack White." YouTube fans insist they sound like the "...the Black Keys, Kings of Leon, and The Growler...

  • DJ Animal

    DJ Animal View Profile

  • Post Animal

    Post Animal View Profile

    Post Animal is a rock & roll band from Chicago, USA.

  • Power Animal

    Power Animal View Profile

    Power Animal got its start as the demented brain child of Chaddy Mchenry and quickly spiraled out of his control and started devouring everything around it including a cast of what we are going to assume are humans. With Chaddy this group of morally ambiguous beings banded together to not only rock but also roll, bringing the Power of the Animal to the masses. Taste our salty freedom!

  •  Animal Collective

    Animal Collective View Profile

    Animal Collective was formed in Baltimore County, MD, by longtime friends and musical collaborators Avey Tare (David Porter), Panda Bear (Noah Lennox), Deakin (Josh Dibb), and Geologist (Brian Weitz). With a penchant for genre-hopping and studio experimentation, the group began drawing comparisons to everyone from the Residents and the Flaming Lips to the Incredible String Band and the Holy Modal ...

  • Expand Animal Rights Now

    Expand Animal Rights Now View Profile

    Because no animal is just a piece of property!!! EARN is committed to using the legal system to help animals by taking on cases on behalf of animals.

  • Angry Animals

    Angry Animals View Profile

    Three friends trying to live the dream.

  • Assorted Animals

    Assorted Animals View Profile

    Elvis Costello with an N64, Tracy Bonham with an AK-47, and Dave Grohl with a lightning bolt scar that'll make Harry Potter stay in the cupboard forever.

  • Brass Animals

    Brass Animals View Profile

    The Brass Animals is the newest group to coalesce out of what’s rapidly becoming the Big Easy of the west coast. True to its roots, they started with a concept to combine the big brass sounds of New Orleans – like the legendary Soul Rebels, Rebirth Brass Band and Youngblood Brass Band – and reinterpret classic tracks from your favorite hip-hop, R&B, funk and jazz artists l...

  • Complicated Animals

    Complicated Animals View Profile

    Complicated Animals mix Bossa Nova with Indie Pop to create their self-coined genre, Indie Nova. Comprised of Brazilian American singer songwriter Mônica da Silva, and multi-instrumentalist Chad Alger, Complicated Animals' songs have been featured in The World Cup, TED Talks, Putumayo World Music's "Brazilian Beat", "Ibiza Beats", The BBC series "The Replacem...

  • Flammable Animals

    Flammable Animals View Profile

    Springing out of central (state), comes the elite four with a desire to (verb). This new collective formed in May of 2014, and so far Flammable Animals have shared their music with fine people of Asbury Park, Toms River, West Long Branch, and Carteret. Be on the look (preposition) for these up and coming (plural noun). Flammable Animals is Guy Battaglia, Patrick Napurano, Joe Enright and Kevin (Te...

  • Glass Animals

    Glass Animals View Profile

    Glass Animals vocalist and songwriter David Bayley draws influence for both music and artwork from his involvement in the world of medicine and neuroscience (at just 22 yrs old, he has studied both) creating a sound with it's roots spread between the electronic and live instrumentation. The result is the warm, narcotic space between a downbeat, slow-burning groove and electro-pop catchiness...

  • Night Animals

    Night Animals View Profile

    NIGHT ANIMALS Night Animals is a six-piece funk band from San Francisco, CA dedicated to the mission of transforming stages into full-blown celebrations of the night. Featuring Jay Costa (guitar/vocals), Kevin Coleman (drums), Matt Kane (saxophone), Will Skinner (trumpet/vocals), Jason Tharp (bass), and Derek Wetzel (keys/vocals), live performance is the pinnacle of ...

  • Outside Animals

    Outside Animals View Profile

  • The Animals

    The Animals View Profile

  • These Animals

    These Animals View Profile

    New York City indie-pop quartet, These Animals, create a mix of dreamy pop and dance-able rock and roll. The band met while attending art school and began writing together in the early months of 2010. With keen pop sensibilities, their sixties-inspired harmonies sit comfortably on top of shoe-gaze guitar textures and toe-tapping rhythms. Cultivated from influences of friends and the city around th...

  • Tommy Animato

    Tommy Animato View Profile

  • Floanne Ankah

    Floanne Ankah View Profile

     Flo Ankah is a New York actress working on stage, film and television (Then She Found Me, One Life to Live, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame), her voice is featured on major feature films and numerous intenational commercials, she has performed at venues such as The Public Theater and the Guggenheim Museum.  Her vocal repertoire includes French classics, and original compositions, she contin...

  • Erik Anker

    Erik Anker View Profile

  • Pam Ann

    Pam Ann View Profile

     Fresh from her sell-out ten-city USA tour, Pam Ann, the a-list air hostess to the stars, makes a much anticipated move to the US. Glamorous, hilarious and outrageous, Pucci-clad Pam has toured with Cher and crewed private jets for Elton John. She takes passengers on an extraordinary journey from boarding to landing and she does it her way. Fasten your seatbelts, stow your designer hand lugga...

  • Stevie Ann

    Stevie Ann View Profile

    Stevie Ann is, without a doubt, one of Holland’s finest singer-songwriters. With her latest album ‘Light Up’ she has proven once again that she continues to grow and develop as an artist, while at the same time remaining true to, and therefore strengthening, her unique sound. She chose to work with the famed producer Mitchell Froom (who has worked with Sheryl Crow, Crowded Hou...

  • Michael Ann Azoulai

    Michael Ann Azoulai View Profile

    Michael-Ann started her musical journey at an early age. She learned to play guitar through her friend’s musical family in the Ozarks of Missouri. It was there she learned to play with strings 1/2″ off the fret… a painful but rewarding experience. She would go every weekend and savor the flavor of down-home hospitality and song. Each weekend included a musical performance with v...

  • Kelly Ann Monahan

    Kelly Ann Monahan View Profile

  • Mary Ann Redmond

    Mary Ann Redmond View Profile

    Mary Ann Redmond is an American singer known for her soulful and wide-ranging vocal style in popular and jazz music. She is based in the greater metropolitan Washington, D.C. area, but has performed in many locations across the United States and other countries. Both her live performances and her five CDs to date have earned her acclaim from audiences and recognition from the music industry, altho...

  • Emily Ann Roberts

    Emily Ann Roberts View Profile

    Emily Ann Roberts is an 18 year old singer/songwriter/musician. Growing up in East Tennessee, Emily Ann has been shaped by a wide variety of music. Influenced by artists like Dixie Chicks and Patty Loveless, Emily Ann aims to take her love of vintage country and give it a modern day twist. Emily Ann’s sound finds a way to appeal to her younger audience while still revealing her passion for c...

  • Leigh Ann Smith

    Leigh Ann Smith View Profile

  • Lisa Ann Walter

    Lisa Ann Walter View Profile

  • Rachel Ann Weiss

    Rachel Ann Weiss View Profile

    Born and raised in NYC, Rachel Ann Weiss has been writing and singing as long as she can remember. After the release of her first solo album, "Dear Love", she's been traveling the world, playing music and working on the next batch of tunes for a two part EP to be released this fall!

  • Taylor Ann Winn

    Taylor Ann Winn View Profile

  • Lee Ann Womack

    Lee Ann Womack View Profile

    After spending several years as a professional songwriter, Lee Ann Womack became one of the breakout contemporary country stars of 1997 with her eponymous debut album. Shortly after its release, it reached the Top Ten on the country chart. I Hope You Dance followed in mid-2000. Something Worth Leaving Behind appeared in mid-2002, and it was a sure fit for Womack to move into the country mainstream...

  • Star Anna

    Star Anna View Profile

    STAR ANNA TOURS IN SUPPORT OF NEWLY RELEASED DIGITAL ALBUM THE SKY IS FALLING; STILL TOURING IN SUPPORT OF GO TO HELL, AVAILABLE DIGITALLY, ON CD, AND VINYL VIA SPARK AND SHINE RECORDS Star Anna is an American original. She sings from a place of beauty that takes me to a higher place," says Pearl Jam's Mike McCready. Guns 'n' Roses/Velvet Revolver...

  • Baby Anne

    Baby Anne View Profile

    Baby Anne aka "The Bass Queen" has blazed a Trail across North America and Beyond with her DJ sets and Original Productions. Her signature recipe is a delicious fusion of high energy Electro Breaks and Miami Bass seasoned with funky beats and driving bass lines.  Her musical influences range from Miami Bass stalwarts Dynamix II and AfroRican, to overseas tunes by Kraftwerk & 808...

  • Beth Anne

    Beth Anne View Profile

  • Huxley Anne

    Huxley Anne View Profile

    1. i believe in flower consciousness (read jitterbug perfume)   2. i have pleiadian blood (see constellation the pleiades)    3. i released my first EP Lux FX on May 1 2014    4. IIXXII is my birthday    5. staring at a leaf for 4 hours will never be a waste of time   6. anime   7. i'm a clairvoyant...

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