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KABBALAH is a band from Marseille that has revisited klezmer music by reaching into the different origins and musical influences of the quintet. The result is a unique groove : songs in Yiddish, English, Russian or German where rock, jazz, pop, hip hop, gypsy, Slavic and oriental music collide and create an amazing new sound. 5 musicians for 15 instruments!

Only in Marseille: A Polish Châabi meets a Russian violin plugged into analogue synths (low-fi, please) short-circuited by Cameroonian Ndolé and a weird Berliner back from New York. What you get is Slam Rock, Yid Hop, a Golem on Kongo Square and maybe some Bikutsi Punk. The whole thing is served by English-Yiddish-Russian lyrics, strings, horns, percussions, vintage machines and music boxes. So this is about an elephant mentsh, a deluge, souls sold to the devil, a couple breaking up (or not), the story of an immigrant... In short, it's about a bunch of characters confronted with the absurdity of everyday life. Ladies and Gents, please welcome "Boxes, Bagels & Elephants", the hot cookie shaped like a bagel ready to release the elephant from your speakerbox!


KABBALAH is what you get when you throw together 21st century yiddish songwriting, hip hop lyrics, a taste for oriental and african trance, pop culture, horns, mini moogs and maybe some Russian violins, too - with a certain rock'n'roll energy. The whole thing served by a bunch of jazz and classical trained musicians from Marseille eager to perform a decent rock


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