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Kelly Paige

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“Kelly accompanies her guitar-playing with one hell of a voice and is joined on stage by an outstanding band of young session musicians. Fast becoming a hit with audiences in the UK and with new tracks soon to drop, Kelly is one to keep an eye on.” – “Kelly Paige not only has a passionate convincing vocal style that belies her young years, but if her self-written debut single is any indication of the songs on her forthcoming album then she is also way beyond her years in her composing skills too.” - Penny Black Music UK “Maybe Kelly Paige has set in motion a wave of avenging angels with her stunning single, only time will tell but for sure she has given the year one of the best debuts and songs.” – Fighting against the pop-star stereotype, 22 year-old Kelly Paige delivers a level of soul, sass, and substance rarely seen in today’s pop music. Her lyrics burst with confidence as they melodically swoon over guitar-driven pop hooks, revealing her independent spirit and distinctive songwriting talents. Never living in the same place for more than a few years, her exposure to different cultures and music genres is unparalleled. Whether performing in the underbelly of the Nashville music scene or soaking in the ambiance of a London studio, Kelly Paige is a unique pop artist who can stand out amongst the genre’s best. Originally born in Greenville, SC to South African immigrants who separated when she was six years old, Kelly’s childhood consisted of countless miles moving from state to state, eventually settling in Bucyrus, KS with her mother and step-father. At age 13, she began playing guitar and delved deep into multiple music genres discovered during her travels including reggae, bluegrass, classic rock, folk, pop, country, punk, and swing. Her eclectic tastes lead to her love for a number of artists, each helping to sculpt her own music style. In particular, Loretta Lynn stood out not only as one of country’s most original stars, but as a true feminist revolutionary. “She pushed boundaries and I really admire that.” Additionally, artists such as Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, Amy Winehouse, Sheryl Crow, and Jason Mraz have all contributed to Kelly’s distinct style. By 16, Kelly had already begun playing bar gigs. After making the move to Nashville, she was determined to be a musician, “It was my escape. I want my music to be that for other people.” She won a songwriting competition at Belmont University held by Big Yellow Dog Music Publishing at 19, was nominated for Belmont’s “Songwriter of the Year” award 2 years in a row, and was selected out of 60 applicants to perform with Trisha Yearwood and Josh Turner. For Kelly’s upcoming album, she decided to live in London and draft the talents of Ben Mason (Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, Razorlight) and Glen Nicholls (Snow Patrol, I Blame Coco, Everything Everything) to produce her debut single, Hurt Like Me. “London has been great with me musically. It got me out of my comfort zone and into experimenting with different genres. It’s given me a chance to create my own sound.” Hurt Like Me is a bitter pop song about revenge on an adulterous boyfriend. Lurching fuzzed-up guitars and vintage vocals are brightened up by twinkling keys. The record was originally recorded in Nashville with producers Eric Kinney and Todd Lombardo, who both added their integral dose of genius to the track. It’s the ‘push and pull’ and creative clash of these musical worlds that make Kelly Paige’s Nashville / London hybrid pop sound so instant and enthralling. Vengeance, heart break, and empowerment are all themes Kelly uses to shape a sound of attitude and class. Her songs can be sharp yet sweet with an apparent tone of self-reliance, proving that true musicianship and artistry still has a place in pop-music. Kelly is currently working in the studio recording her debut full length album.


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