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Arian Saleh

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I was born in San Francisco to a house full of music and a family full of artists. I would sit under my mom's piano while she sang and played, and scream and cry until she stopped. But, like all great love stories, the music won eventually... before long I was obsessively listening to tangos and french love songs, Radiohead and Sting, opera, hip-hop and Italian pop. As a moody teenager I started writing songs on the same piano I used to scream under, but I didn't have much to say so I wrote for short films and theatre, lending my music to someone else's voice.

As I grew up, I grew into the songs I wanted to write and found my voice as an artist - which turned out to be the gypsy lovechild of the music that influenced and shaped me. The says "the songs feel more suited for a stroll through the San Telmo region of Buenos Aires or at a Parisian cafe shooing off pigeons than stuck in 405 gridlock." I love that.

Having co-founded the sketch comedy troupe Six Finger Fist, I continue to write the score and songs for the films we make, giving me the chance to play with genre and mood...

For me, it is music that perfectly, effortlessly distills the moments in life that are meant to be remembered, reflected, revised. The right piece of music can give a name to something that before was only ever felt. I want to write romantic, mischievous, honest music that expresses our irreplaceable moments. I hope you dig. And feel free to say hi - Thanks for listening...


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