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JC Villafan

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   Villafan, a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, began his musical career in coffee shops and neighborhood venues. Along with his evocative sense of lyricism and expressive guitar work, his charming stage presence and soulful vocal ability captivated a local fan base which has now expanded internationally. Villafan’s EP entitled Sweet Time was released in 2012 and was entirely funded by his followers. Soon after its release, it earned a L.A. Music Critic Award nomination for Best EP of 2012. “Sweet Time” remains a fan favorite and was later adorned with a music video (shot in Lyon, France) which was released in early 2013.
     Since the release of Sweet Time, Villafan has managed to garner a substantial amount of publicity throughout Europe. In France, his work has been highlighted on one of the country’s most popular television morning shows, Télématin, as well as other French media outlets such as Le Progress and 20 Minutes, national newspapers with a combined daily reach of over 1 million. He was also interviewed for Toulouse FM, a national radio station with an average of 200,000 listeners daily, which was accompanied with a broadcasted musical performance. In addition to these outlets, he’s also been given the opportunities to perform his music live on radio stations in Belgium and the UK to audiences of several hundred thousand.
     Villafan’s considerable amount of media coverage has been, of course, coupled with an extensive amount of live performances throughout Europe: he’s performed upwards of 50 dates the course of his latest European tour, each one electrifying and energetic as the last, successfully expanding his fan base. Performing consistently in staple cities such as London, Paris, or Brussels wasn’t the entirety of his tour, however. Back home in Los Angeles, Villafan has regularly given his time to the community through various non-profit organizations and has even been at the forefront of a handful of fundraisers throughout Southern California. During his European travels, Villafan again made time to give to communities by performing and speaking at local high schools and universities in France, the UK and Belgium with a significant purpose- his ultimate goal was, and continues to be, to inspire and encourage others to pursue and work towards the greatest fulfillment of their wildest dreams.

 I will be releasing my second independent release August.  Will be touring for the 3rd time France, UK, Belgium, and US (west coast) in September/October.


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