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Finian Makepeace

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Finian is the third of the four Makepeace brothers. Since he was in a high-chair at the Makepeace dining room table, Finian has been entertaining. From live festival shows to the countless records (an actual turntable record player – the family didn’t have a CD player until 1996) that were always playing at home, Finian was always listening and singing along to music. On his 10th birthday (during the family's year-long motor home adventure around the U.S.), Finian was given a guitar and began learning about songwriting with his brothers. Drums soon became Finian’s obsession, however, and the Djembe became his main instrument. In those early years (11-14) Finian was frequently featured and asked to lead drum circles at parties where he was by far the youngest person. During this same time, Finian performed with brothers Aidan and Liam in their band Oculus, as the Djembe player and back up singer, as well as with Vitamin L (L is for Love), a world-renowned kid performance group. "Singing positive messaged music as a 12-year-old to other 12-year-olds at middle schools, taught me that no matter how skeptical the crowd is, it is possible, with music, to transform them and get them stomping their feet and singing along." Finian went on to help form a swing dance troupe Minnies Moochers and within a year had won the team division at the national lindy-hop championship. By 17 years old, Finian was a three-time junior swing dance champion. "The [Minnies Moochers] experience shaped my perception of music, taught me to work as an artist and gave me a concrete foundation of how important music and dance are in the lives of people." He was also a starter on the soccer team and a top scorer on the track team. Needless to say, he didn't write "Slow Down Feel Love" until several years later. Following high school, Finian went abroad to Brazil as an exchange student. This experience had a huge impact on Finian’s life. "I was saturated in the music and dance of one of the most rhythm and dance oriented places on earth. It changed my life." It was during this trip that Finian really began to explore writing songs on his own and finding his voice. The influence of Brazilian Forro, Bosa Nova, Samba, and Brazilian Pop changed the way Finian experienced music forever. Finian writes about 1/3 of the Makepeace Brothers songs. Most notably 'I'm Not Stopping', 'Follow Me', 'Going Back', 'Caroline', 'Hey La La', 'About That Time', and he co-wrote 'Thank You' with the boys' father, Brian Makepeace. It is important to mention that since he can remember Finian has not just been concerned with social justice issues, he has taken an active roll in protecting people's freedoms and standing up for what is just. Finian’s moral compass and spirit have guide him into leadership roles, leading and organizing for peace groups across the nation. Finian finds it amusing that his last name fits his purpose and commitments in life. A true peacemaker and activist, Finian believes we can make this world a more perfect place for all if we each recognize that we play a pivotal role in how the future goes. "As the band has built so has our involvement with bringing about social justice in the world. My dedication has always been to a more fair and just world and I plan to do all I can to move this world in a more positive direction with music, my voice, and actions." Finian led the brothers' move to the west coast in 2006. He spent time in San Francisco focusing on activism before being joined by Ciaran and moving to Los Angeles to pursue music performance full time. If the Makepeace Brothers' band has a leader, it is Finian. As the charismatic one since infancy, the three others brothers fully support Finian in this role and even pushed him toward to some extent, urging him to "get out from behind the drums" and share his gift with the world.


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