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The Black Moods

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The Black Moods are a 3-piece rock outfit hailing from Tempe, Arizona and they are bringing a new level of heat out of the Sonoran desert. Led by one of the most electric frontmen/guitarists in music today, the Black Moods bring the world what rock music has been missing for quite some time - Pure, effortless talent. The band's self-titled debut album is packed with a healthy dose of guitar-driven powerhouses such as "Can't Sleep at Night" & "Like a Wave", to compelling sing-along anthems like "Hey You" & "Don't Let em' Get you Down". Comprised of lead guitarist/vocalist Joshua Kennedy, bassist/back-up VOCALIST Ryan Prier, and drummer Danny "Chico" Diaz, the trio blends various rock & roll styles that span from the past 4 decades to form their own signature sound that resembles what would be the musical offspring of Tom Petty and the Foo Fighters. The band's live show is filled with high energy, infectious guitar solos and beautiful women that help the "liquid courage" sales prosper at any venue they set foot in.
Fresh out of the studio with producer, Jim Kaufman, the Black Moods are gearing up to hit the road in support of their new self-titled debut album. Look for their first single "Hey You" to hit airwaves nationwide, accompanied with a new music video in early spring of 2013. Don't miss your chance to see this band live and get your own personal glimpse of rock & roll history in the making. If you don't...what a fool you are.


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