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Thicker Than Thieves

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- since 1999 originally called Finless then in 2000 changed the name to Thicker Than Thieves Original members- Jamin Hazelaar, Jeff Thorkelsen, Clay McCallum, Rob Meyers, Dan Mercado, Don Carter, Aaron Hudson, Billy Eisenman Where did you played?- we are all from San Diego, Ca. and started playing beach parties and small bars in Pacific Beach. In 2002 we put out our first CD called "Smugglers Run" and thats when people really started to take notice of the live sound, which included a four piece horn section. There wasnt really anyone in San Diego at that time that was doing what we were doing, mixing Reggae/ ska and punk rock other than Sublime and Buck-o-Nine Was this the same sound or did it evolved into this? our sound has always included horns as part of the power behind the rock, but back in the earlier days the music was much more raw, as we were less experienced. By the time we put out our last album in 2007, "Thru Thick and Thin", we evolved into more of a produced sound as we started working with producer Andre Johnson, and new guitar player Brian Sykes from Humboldt County How much of an influence was Sublime? (For me is the same concept but harder rock.) The concept was relatively the same, but at that time Sublime was still a pretty small band..I used to see them in San Diego when they would come down from Long Beach. I always admired them, but I think my biggest influence in this kind of revolutionary music was from a band called Bad Brains, which we had the honor of playing with a few times Why are you in costa rica? I came to Costa Rica for the first time about 15 years ago on a surf trip. A couple years later I came down to Playa Jaco with a couple musician buddies and we started writing the songs that were later released on "Smugglers Run". We started touring in the US pretty extensively and by 2004 we put out our single"Respect" which featured dancehall great, Tippa Irie from England. This was the first time that our sound started evolving into the songs you hear today. after touring for a few more years on events like The Warp Tour, and Reggae On The River, we put out "Thru Thick and Thin" which was supposed to go a lot further than it did. We were finally getting the recognition we worked hard for. At about the same time I had gotten myself into some legal issues and the band needed to take a break. We had been touring hard for a few years and and it was putting a strain on our relationships and in January 2008 I decided to come to Costa Rica for a few months to get my head together. We thought that we would be back on tour a few months later, but I decided to stay down here and start a hydroponic retail company called "Pachamama Indoor Farming Culture"and have been down here ever since. About a year ago, I decided to put the band back together using players from Costa Rica to have fun and play some shows. I went back to San Diego a couple times to play some concerts with the old band, but the vibe was different. It just wasnt the same, so I decided to start playing the old songs with some new players from Costa Rica, just to have fun. After playing a couple shows and getting some positive feedback from new fans in CR, I thought it might be fun to write some new music with these guys, and see if we could get the band back on track. We then linked up with good friend and Skunk Records producer, Michael "Miguel" Happoldt, from Long Beach when he came down with his new band Perro Bravo. We played a couple really fun shows, and then decided to have him come back down this last February to help us record some new music that I had been writing. The songs came out great and we decided to do a small spring tour together here in Costa Rica, including 8 dates in California next month Music is universal but musicians are different. Are you getting a new feeling with Costa Rican musicians? How are they different than others?- its been great playing the older music, and its a great platform for us as the music has been key in the establishment of Thicker Than Thieves. However, I am really excited about the new music with the new band, and we are working towards putting out a new album. We are starting the campaign on our web/social media sites with a cover by The Clash called "Guns of Brixton" which is one of the songs we recorded in February, just to give people a little taste of whats to come This new album is coming with new musicians and Perro Bravo as a producer. Tell us something about it- We are writing new music and recording with Michael 'Miguel" Happoldt from Skunk Records. He produced Sublime records like "40oz to Freedom", and after Brad died, started the band Long Beach Dub Allstars as tribute to Brad Nowell and Sublime. He has also worked and produced many bands including Slightly Stoopid How many tours have you done? Is this one different? What is the venue that you are waiting for?= I have been on many tours including the Warp Tour and have played in countries US, Canada, Hawaii. We have had our music played all over the world and have been on compilations in Japan, Germany, to name a few. Our music has been featured on multiple action sport movies and most recently the song "Maryjane" was featured in the new comedy movie "Hard Breakers" with Tom Arnold and Tia Carrere. The CR leg of the Spring Tour 2011 includes all our new players from CR, and Bucky Springmeier from Hi Roots. We leave for California on April 26 and meet up with original bass player Clay McCallum, key board player Bucky Springmeier. We will also be featuring new players from CR, Victor Rojas(Ojo De Buey) and Mauricio Mora(Cabeza De Vanil) for the California Tour with a special appearances from the Silverback Gorilla and Roots and Harmony founder, Josh Freeman who also played percussions for the band Groundation. We are really looking forward to our shows here in costa Rica which includes the Rootz Stock Festival with Eek-A-Mouse on April 23 in Playa Jaco Big up to costa rica!


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