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Await Rescue

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Await Rescue is a four-piece, independent Alternative/Progressive Rock band hailing from Boston. And by “ independent” we don’ t mean the catch-all music genre, we simply mean that we do everything ourselves, while making the loud Rock music that we want to hear. Our Rock quest began back in 2006, and our path has been guided by bands such as Foo Fighters, Incubus, A Perfect Circle, Deftones, QOTSA, The Mars Volta, Soundgarden, Uncle Ted Nugent, and all of the countless other forefathers of Rock n’ Roll that need not be repeated. Some people say we sound like the lovechild of Foo Fighters and Incubus, but heavier with a tad more epicness. To these people we say, “ you just insulted the Foo Fighters and Incubus.” To date we have released three albums, toured the East Coast, and had way too much fun doing all of it. We are currently working on new music that sounds like Await Rescue while not sounding too much like old Await Rescue. There are some slower songs in works in addition to some of the heaviest music we have ever written. One song is sure to incite at least one individual in this great big, crazy world to ride a motorcycle into one of our shows and proceed to do doughnuts while putting on a smoke show in the middle of the crowd (we say our prayers for this every night). We are convinced that if the aforementioned song isn’ t the song to get this done, then we will never, ever write a song badass enough to accomplish this and that we should all go and ask for our Harley Davidson deposits back. There is also a song that puts fear in our hearts to play, which is always a good thing. Overall, we know that this next batch of songs will not disappoint, but will most definitely show a new side of Await Rescue. However, we truly feel like we shouldn’ t even be writing one of these at this point. We have so much ahead and so many goals to achieve that this is only guaranteed to get better and more interesting. This kind of like a band releasing a greatest hits album after only two records. And by no means are we saying this in a pompous way, it is just that we are confident that we are going to make this story more interesting. We have work to do… and a long way to go… and many ideas to be finished… and countless shows left to play… and many new states to see… and many new fans to introduce ourselves to… so keep checking back. We are excited for the future of AR and hope to make you feel the same way…


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