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The Tea Club

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The Tea Club is an independent rock band from New Jersey. The band consists of Patrick McGowan, Dan McGowan, Becky Osenenko, Jim Berger, Charles Batdorf, and Joe Rizzolo. They are known for writing songs of an epic nature, comparative to the early progressive rock bands of the 1960's and 70's. They also incorporate elements of post-rock, alternative rock, and space rock. A major part of the band's signature sound are the dual vocals and harmonies of Patrick and Dan McGowan, as well as their usage of unique guitar chords and chord patterns, often times played in alternate tunings. Conceived in Deptford, New Jersey in the fall of 2003, The Tea Club was the masterful toil of teenage brothers Patrick and Dan McGowan (guitars, vocals), Kyle Minnick (drums), and James Berger (Bass). The band's first show was to a small crowd in an abandoned peach factory. Word spread fast about the band's talent, and this earned them rave reviews. Since then they have been playing regular shows at Venue's throughout the East Coast and have developed a loyal following. After two years with the band, Bassist Jim Berger decided that this was the right time to pursue other interests. The band, rather than trying to replace him, decided they would try life as a trio and did so for a little over a year. Between the inception and Fall 2006, the band independently recorded four EP's, one of which attracted the attention of Producer/ Engineer Tim Gilles (Thursday and Taking Back Sunday). So inspired by the band's obvious talent, Tim Produced, Recorded and Mixed their first full length album entitled "General Winter's Secret Museum". The album was well received, particularly by progressive rock fans, who praised the band's fresh take on a classic genre. With the tracking of the record behind them, The Tea Club once again went in search of a bass player, and another long time friend Becky Osenenko fit the bill. After briefly touring "General Winter's Secret Museum" along the East Coast, The Tea Club returned to Big Blue Meenie Studios to record their second album in the Fall of 2009. The album was once again produced by Tim Gilles, and featured Becky on bass, as well as keyboards by Tom Brislin (Spiraling, Yes, The Syn). Following these recording sessions, the band went through several line-up changes. Founding member Kyle Minnick left the band, leaving The Tea Club to seek a new drummer. They found him in Joe Rizzolo, a remarkable jazz drummer from New Jersey who the band met through mutual friends of Big Blue Meenie Studios. Becky Osenenko, who had played the piano since the age of 9, had begun playing keyboards in addition to the bass at live shows. Upon realizing how much the keyboards added to the band's sound, Becky switched to playing keyboards full-time. Another old friend, Charles Batdorf, took over the bass duties. Original member Jim Berger also rejoined the group, this time playing a third guitar instead of the bass. The Tea Club released their second album, “Rabbit”, on October 9th, 2010, with a show at The Auction House in Audubon, New Jersey. With their new line-up complete, they are currently writing music for their 3rd album while also playing live shows.


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