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The Band Droidz

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It’s hard these days to find something musically outstanding in the myriad of genres, bands and performers that make up the euphonic landscape of today, it’s difficult to give your heart to one solid band that will nourish your soul and satisfy your cravings- until now. Now there is “The Band Droidz” – a band based in New York, with a New York soul, real New York zip-code and genuine New York city attitude and quality. You might be taken aback by their sound, a mélange of influent powerful notes like “The Clash” and “Nirvana” with a hint of “REM” on a rock-hard New York city background. The trio of Monk, Qmaxx420 and Ramsey Jones make up the family that is The Band Droidz. Qmaxx420, the one time front man of the Slackers, a band witch he co founded in 1991, would record nine studio albums, seven of them being On Hell-Cat records founded by Tim armstrong of Rancid fame. The Slackers earned their hard working reputation as a result of there marathon touring along side label mates Hepcat,Rancid and the late Joe Strummer as well as well touring with the likes of Flogging Molly, the Skatalites and The Specials. Qmaxx has also founded a new indie label called Libertine Record and plays bass for Pollen as well. Ramsey Jones, the heartbeat of the Funkface sound hails from Brownsville,Brooklyn. Growing up listening to Hendrix & the Beatles defined his musical foundation. He has played with likes of Vernon Reid (Living Color), Falu, Martin Luther, Apollo Heights and has appeared on many Wu-Tang albums. Born and raised in New York City, Monk is a true gem of a guitar player and singer-songwriter. His voice has a delicate smooth texture that balances out the rough guitar with soulful lyrics. The melodic line induces a dream-like state in which the rhythmic accuracy of drums punctuates the flow of the music straight to the core of your being while the coarse base lines played relentlessly by Q-Maxx bring you back to reality just in time for you to realize that you are addicted. Addicted to good music. This is ‘The Band Droidz’.


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