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Revolution, I Love You

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Revolution, I Love You, like the 1968 Paris Student Uprising that inspired the band's name, is a volatile mix of impulses that come together in a joyous riot of sound. Their music is an eclectic blend of indie rock and dance beats: "[It] may be relatively indescribable, but that doesn’t mean it’s not also mighty fine. Revolution, I Love You’s overall effect might just restore your faith in rock & roll." (AudioXposure) Although RILY’s music has a layered complexity that suggests a five-piece group, the “band” is only two men: Rob Lindgren and Jason Reynolds – two men with enough ingenuity and fearless curiosity to create sophisticated and challenging music that you can't stop dancing to. Lindgren and Reynolds have been playing music together since high school, in a rural town in central Delaware. After six years in several rock groups, they knew they could be making better music. They wanted more – more than rock, more than pop, more than the every day… They sequestered themselves in a suburban basement for more than two years. As they worked, they drew on 20th century French philosophy, a radical world-view and music of all types. By staying within self-imposed boundaries – no live drums or bass -- Lindgren and Reynolds destabilized their own preconceived notions of rock and pop, giving themselves “a problem to solve.” Their solution is a music that synthesizes common music genres into a collage of sound. The songs have a sense of urgency as the music arises from electric fuzz and hypnotic guitar loops. Listeners first wonder, "What just happened?" then quickly question, "What's going to happen next?" Rob Lindgren, lead singer, guitarist, and sometimes synth player, swaggers and thrashes across the stage. With a lean look reminiscent of early Elvis Costello, and eerie, stripped-down vocals, Lindgren's vitality infuses the audience. His energy onstage is only matched by his wide-eyed enthusiasm offstage. Jason Reynolds, keyboards, back-up vocals and guitarist, stands behind a barricade of equipment, giving the show the intensity of a classical pianist deep inside a sonata. Combined with Lindgren's ecstatic dancing, the two convey a frantic-yet-controlled stage energy that reflects the essence of their music.


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