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Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

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Few today are likely to remember Triumph's early television appearances on the "Steve Allen Show," where network censors forced him to say "for me to go to the bathroom on." Triumph overcame this and was an emerging star until his controversial 1968 appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show," from which he was barred after his unforunate ass-raping of Topo Gigio. Triumph returned to his Catskill roots, dabbling behind the scenes as a comedy writer, crafting quips for everyone from Mr. Ed to Dick Gregory. Unhappily, Gregory fired him upon discovering Triumph was selling the same jokes to both. In the '70s and '80s, aside from appearances on "The Love Boat" and "Donny and Marie," Triumph was best known as part of a modern "Rat Pack" that included himself, Robert Goulet, Merv Griffin and the Chuck Wagon dog. The abandoned municipal swimming pool. (The Merv Griffin Abandoned Municipal Swimming Pool.) As a regular on "Late Night," a whole new audience of not overly discerning young people adored Triumph. Come Poop With Me, reveals a lifelong passion. For Triumph grew up with music; it is as much a part of him as his tail. His father, a toy rottweiler, sang in Yiddish Theater, and his mother, a sleek Afghan, looks like Celine Dion. (Triumph's sister isn't musical) Music is a companion on the lonely road, where Triumph lives year-round, away from his wife Erma, his mistress, Ladyfluff, and his 284 illegitimate children. Banned from the airwaves following this incident, Triumph has toured worldwide, from Alaska to Morocco, It is no surprise then, that his album encompasses a wide variety of musical styles, from the Caribbean calypso of "Underage Bichon" to the traditional Irish drinking song "Lick Myself" to the harder-edged anti-spaying diatribe, "Bob Barker," Triumph's venomous attack on the castration-happy quizmaster, howled with the aid of Jack Black.Come Poop With Me is more than simply a collection of bawdy songs, rude phone calls, and coarse exchanges. It is also an album of surprising heart (as well as bowel). Triumph picks at the last scraps of the "Dell Guy's" dignity, then slips seamlessly into his poignant rendition of the Yiddish classic "My Mama," an emotional plea to an aroused fellow canine on behalf of his aging mother. Here is the tender Triumph, and on the bonus track (a contemporary "rap" for the younger set), "I Keed" is Triumph's way of reminding us that even while attacking many of music's biggest names, he keeds. For Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Come Poop With Me brings full circle a turbulent career that has spanned more than 63 dog years of struggle, faith, hope, spite, contempt, and now, at last, actual triumph.


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