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Faded Paper Figures

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After meeting at a party in southern California, vocalist/guitarist John Williams and all-around-musician, composer, and engineer Kael Alden decided to write a few songs together. With John's uber-intelligent, genre-busting lyrics and Kael's intricate indie-electronic compositions, their first songs were dazzlingly original--far beyond anyone's expectations. When Kael's wife, Heather, came on board to sing harmonies, the band's sound developed into something rich and luscious. Selling only 11 copies on the first day of its release, no one could have anticipated how quickly their first album Dynamo would excite millions of listeners all over the world. With appearances on ABC (Gray's Anatomy), MTV, VH1, and hundreds of radio stations, Faded Paper Figures has enjoyed astonishing success for a group that started with nothing but a bedroom recording setup. These days, after a series of southern California live shows (and a "Best Electronic Band" OC Music Award), the band is hard at work on a sophomore album, New Medium, set for release in March, 2010. With John working as a professor at Yale University, Kael writing music for film and television, and Heather studying at UCLA med school, the far-too-busy band relies quite a bit on the digital immediacy of online communication in writing their music. 2010 promises to keep FPF everywhere at once.


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