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Dina Rae

Dina Rae

With her debut album Introducing Dina Rae on Universal/Motown Records, spirited singer Dina Rae emerges as a star in her own right. Thanks to her soaring vocals, clever songwriting and impassioned storytelling, Dina Rae proves she's more than just the girl who sings the hook. Coming strong with production by top-selling producers such as Scott Storch (Dr. Dre, Eve, The Roots) and Mr. Porter AKA Kon Artis (50 Cent, G-Unit), what makes Dina Rae's music so powerful is her ability to examine her feelings in a moving, concise way, drawing listeners into her volatile world. "I've had a lot of life experiences that I elaborate on in my songs." For instance, on the first single, the Scott Storch produced "And," Dina Rae explains how she's had to move past misconceptions about her life and her music and stay true to herself. Elsewhere, Dina Rae is forthright, blunt, crass and crude, speaking her mind on two-timing men ("Bulletproof"), and failed relationships ("Can't Even See It"). But Dina Rae isn't all tooth and nail. On the inviting "Purplesheet," Dina Rae reveals a softer more subtle side, stating, "I'm a chameleon and my moods change a lot and on that song, I show a more gentle side to my personality and my music." Born and raised in Los Angeles, Dina Rae grew up listening to everyone from Madonna to Janet Jackson to Stevie Wonder. Having always been one to showcase her emotions, she got an early start in entertainment when her mom put her in dance classes as a pre-teen and her godmother/vocal mentor (former back up singer for Marvin Gaye), began giving her singing lessons. Dina Rae joined a dance company a few years later and by the age of 17 connected with Pharcyde's Fatlip and began her singing career with the release of the group's album Plain Rap . Dina Rae's talent soon earned her work with a number of artists in Los Angeles and set her up for a fateful encounter with Eminem in 1998, who featured her on three songs on three of his albums, and also gave her a spot on the 2002 edition of the Anger Management Tour.With the highly anticipated 2004 release of Introducing Dina Rae, Dina says, "It's all about growing and progress, I'm finally taking it to the next, level."


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