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Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee

With over 15 years of upward growth in the entertainment industry and the Latin music scene, Daddy Yankee has developed to be one of the most respected and influential reggaeton artists.

Yankee's carefully crafted lyrics and his free-style abilities have allowed him to share his views and reach the masses, regardless of his intentions. From love to socially-saturated comments on the everyday Puerto Rican culture, many of his songs have remained solid in the club scene and are considered reggaeton classics.

Yankee's constant focus and rapid development have allowed him to collaborate with artists such as NAS (they recorded "The Profecy" together) and a track with mix tape legend and acclaimed Dj Tony Touch for his The Peace Maker album. Daddy was also invited for a cameo appearance in Terror Squad's video "100% Percent" while his "Posicion" track was also included in One Tough Cop soundtrack.

Without a doubt, his record sales confirm his success and popularity within Latin music. All of his albums, ¯El Cartel de Yankee, ¯El Cartel de Yankee II, ¯El and Los Home-runes, have all received platinum status. In 2002, El was the biggest selling album in Puerto Rico, his hometown and one of the most prestigious markets within Latin music.

2003 was one of the most important years in Yankee's career. Shortly after Los Home-Runes album achieved record-breaking sales, one his life-long dreams came true - a full house (12,000+) danced along with him in Puerto Rico's historic Roberto Clemente Coliseum. The fans went wild as the press acclaimed his ability to bring the house down with his outstanding ability to free-style and his energetic stage performance. The show titled "Ahora Le Toca Al Cangri" quickly turned into Yankee's most important and a historic moment in reggaeton music.

Without a doubt, his fan's support along with his personal desire to share his vision with upcoming artists have been key in his development as El Cangri's Inc. and El Cartel Records founder and lead producer.

Currently, Yankee has been touring Latin America and The United States gathering thousands of fans in each region. Just recently in Colombia, Yankee performed in front of over 60,000 screaming fans. Also, his energy and dedication to his career have allowed him to record over 130 tracks in as many as 70 feature reggaeton albums.

Finally, in July of 2004, arrives Barrio Fino, the most anticipated album launch in Regetton music. Being a loyal Salsa fan since childhood, this album allowed him to collaborate with one of Puerto Rico's legendary Salsa's singers, Andy Montañez in Melao and is by far, his most complete album. His goal with the Barrio Fino is to not only maintain his place within the reggaeton music scene but to also introduce the genre and cross-over within the competitive Anglo market.

Daddy Yankee's Barrio Fino album will be supported with a tour and performances in countries like the United States, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Panamá, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela and Santo Domingo to name a few.


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