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The Blue Van

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The story of The Blue Van takes off in Hallund, a village just outside Broenderslev, where four 13 years old rock sprouts met in and around the local music school, drawing lots to be lead singer and started playing blues rock.

The village sons Soeren, Steffen, Allan and Per rehearsed together in the basement of a grandmother, suffering from bad hearing, and took the name The Blue Van, a popular name in Denmark for the blue vehichle, which in the past transported the insane. The requirements of the music school was spiced with own compositions and the quartet developed as a rock'n'roll orchestra with inspiration from the beat music's golden age.

Having played together for years the quartet made the leap to Copenhagen in 2001, where they recorded their self-funded EP, "A Session With The Blue Van", on which their own 60ies inspired compositions with crackling guitar signatures and organ pieces formed the basis of the arrangements and created The Blue Van sound, we know today. The Blue Van played concerts at the Spot Festival and Roskilde Festival and all in all they surfed front of a retro-rock wave, which a.o. also could include projects from The Hives, Jet, The Strokes and Jack White.


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