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 For Allstar Weekend, there’s only one path to success: go all the way. They may have seemed like regular kids when they started out, but since the release of their 2010 debut album, "Suddenly Yours," Allstar Weekend emerged as one of the most promising young bands around. Wait until fans hear "All the Way," their new Hollywood Records album. In its 12 tracks, Allstar Weekend not only steps up their game as musicians, they reveal themselves as mature pop storytellers, while still maintaining an element of fun.

"We’re taking a risk," says lead singer and main songwriter Zach Porter. "There are some lyrics that are more racy. But we’re growing up, and we wanted to write songs that related to that part of our lives. It has more of a distinct sound than the first record, because we weren’t so green and went at this with much more of a sense of direction. We also tried some new things musically, and some of the songs take a few listens to hear some of the nuances."

To help them, the band turned to A-list producers like John Fields, J.R. Rotem, Busbee, and S*A*M & Sluggo. Collectively, they turned in an album the band believes will thrill their fans. "We just dug a lot further into the music," says bassist Cameron Quiseng. "We wanted to take all the music we listen to and makes us feel good, incorporate it and throw it all together."

There’s a summer vs. fall theme running through "All The Way," most notably on the single, "Blame It on September." Like every song on the album, it’s true to life. "There’s a real story behind it," Zach says of the ballad. "I got kind of screwed by this girl at the end of summer. But I think a lot of people can identify with that: those people you meet in summer, and when it’s time to go to school or time to go back home from the beach, it’s got to end. But I was heartbroken." Upon first listen, “Blame It On September” tells the classic story of transition from summer to fall, but its meaning can go far deeper. Adds Zach, “We all go through major transitional periods in life whether it’s seasons, or graduation, or further in life with marriage, children, retirement, the list goes on.”

The band’s wit shines through on tracks like "Not Your Birthday," "James (Never Change)," the sunny "Mr. Wonderful" and "Sorry…." The quirky "Undercover" recalls the band’s mastery of power-pop, but elsewhere novel grooves predominate. "Unlike the last record, it’s not just four-on-the-floor all the time," Zach adds. "On a song like ‘James (Never Change),’ we’ve got funk, disco and descending strings like the Bee Gees. I actually wrote that song about Cameron. If you listen to it with him in mind, it will make sense right away.” In ‘When I Get Paid,’ there are elements of old-school hip-hop, which is fun, because we’re not old-school hip-hop. We’ve been performing ‘Mr. Wonderful’ live on tour, and it’s a really upbeat song that gets the crowd dancing."

This sonic upgrade doesn’t mean Zach isn’t keeping it personal as a lyricist. "’Teenage Hearts’ definitely means a lot to me because it’s based on a real story. I’m singing from the perspective on someone else and I’m emoting her feelings toward me. I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m taking on the weight of her emotions and, in doing so, owning up to my role in her life. I’m basically putting myself in someone else’s shoes and examining not only that person, but myself as well," he says. "But my favorite song is probably ‘All the Way.’ I’m doing some crooner-like stuff on the verses – definitely an out-there, risky song – but there’s something unique about it that felt awesome." Adds drummer Michael Martinez, "The title track "has so many different meanings for us. In the song, it means one thing, but in life right now, in our career, it means another thing."

It’s easy to see how. With hit singles, sold-out international tours, major national TV appearances and a deafening buzz on the band still on the rise, Allstar Weekend is about to hit its stride.
Friends since their middle school and high school days (Zach and Cameron go back to grade school), the San Diego-based band’s homemade demos were good enough to impress Richard and Stefanie Reines, the brother-and-sister team that founded Drive-Thru Records, and now manages the band. Soon after, Allstar Weekend was signed to Hollywood Records.

"We went from just getting signed to having almost a million Facebook friends," remembers Cameron. "It got crazy for us overnight. We went from playing local venues near our house to playing all over the country. In the beginning it was a huge learning experience, and we’ve definitely grown stronger as a band." Early on, the band shared the stage with artists like the Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez (the latter not only a Hollywood Records label mate but now a good friend).

With the release of "Suddenly Yours," and hits like "Dance Forever" and "Come Down With Love" the band headlined across North America and the U.K., not to mention a live mini-concert last summer on "Good Morning America" which drew an audience of millions. For four SoCal lads, these were all dreams come true. Says Cameron, "On stage I can’t stop smiling because I’m always in such a good mood."

With all the stresses of stardom, the experience of the last two years has brought the band closer. "It made our friendship a lot more real," says Zach. "Being in a band is not something you can do with just anybody. In close contact, you’re going to love each other or hate each other. For better or worse we love each other."

With every show, every tour, every radio spin of a single, Allstar Weekend gets that much closer to their ultimate goals. All in their early 20's, the guys know they have many great years ahead of them, but they can’t help feeling a little youthful impatience. In a way, they’ve earned it.

"We started out with a pipe dream to play on big stages in front of big crowds," says Zach, "and somewhere down the line it came through. Now we’re at a place we want to take over the world. We have awesome fans, music we believe in, and we’re here to do whatever it takes."

And that’s how you go all the way.


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