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Imperial Omen

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Imperial Omen is a extreme metal band hailing out of San Francisco California, a true proving ground for metal legends..Blending black and death metal Imperial Omen's music creates a varied sound of fast, chugging, chopping, dark and epic tendencies.
The central core principle of the music and lyrics of Imperial Omen revolves around the expression of truth in a world afraid to face the facts. The fact that as a people we have more fear and questions than we have confidence and wisdom.Truthful expression of anger and rage set to a groove to bang your head to.
Brutal songs with insightful lyrics reflecting what we all fear most , ourselves. Drums blasting with spite, bass growling as harshly as a beast, guitars ripped in pain and torment coupled with vokillz to chill the soul. What more could a metal fan ask for, true art.


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