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Gabby Tary

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Born in Budapest, Hungary Gabby comes from a working class family. Father musician, mother clerical worker. "I grew up in my mother’s fantasy of Hollywood in the middle of war thorn Budapest. I have two younger brothers and I don’t envy my mother trying to raise us during the Russian occupation.. We were so poor she couldn't even afford the food in our dreams. We immigrated to America after the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. We Hungarians loved your American Revolution so much, but we thought we'll put a spin on it and loose. As far back as I can remember I have seen everything around me differently. I became a stand up comic because I love to make people laugh. So I embarked on this journey which makes my immigration look like a walk in the park. But if it wasn't for comedy, I would have never found out things about myself, like whaaaaat? I'm a masochists?! My other life experiences include researching cannabis."


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