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Double B & Laces

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It was a slow, dwindling Thursday night at open mic night that T.J. Lacey ran on campus. A well humbled and unassuming Bobby Williams, or better known as Double B, approached him while he was running the mixer. 

Double B asked, "Hey can you plug my laptop into a channel?" 
T.J. replied "Sure thing man do your thing."

Anyone familiar with Oly/Evergreen State College music could easily assume T.J. has seen his fair share of interesting and talented artists while running open mic on campus, but he was not prepared for the entertaining storm of hip hop that was Double B. 

Double B turned a relaxed yet lifeless room into an all out rap concert. Everyone was on their feet dancing while doing calls and responses to his music. People walking by outside came inside to see what seemed to be a planned event by the school. When Double B was done he reverted back to a well humbled, unassuming student that no one would suspect of being an ultra talented MC. Double B met up with T.J. when open mic was over and briefed each other on their backgrounds in music. 

T.J. was best known as another quiet and modest Seattle area drummer. He was studying electronic music and audio recording in Olympia in hopes of discovering his place in music other than just being a common drummer. Double B was a traveling MC that got his early start in his hometown of South Bend, Indiana. His desire for rapping took him around the country till he found himself studying at The Evergreen State College.

As if it was an act of fate, Double B was searching for a seasoned drummer to bring a new taste of hip hop of blending live drums with the beats he created that would compliment his wildly entertaining and incredibly live rap style. The two joined forces and stole the spotlight at local shows and rocked out house parties all over Olympia. 

T.J. later changed his music persona name to Laces to further lift the presence of progress Double B was making in the hip hop scene. Over the years the two have expanded their grounds all over the NW and have developed into the hip hop duo known as Double B & Laces.


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