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Eddie Barojas

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Eddie Barojas’s style of comedy is for anyone who is looking to laugh at him and themselves. He opens with a personal attack of himself and his great size. Then he turns the tables, which makes it comfortable to laugh at ourselves. We get a look at life of a fat man living in a thin world and his attraction to “Big Girls” and life at the Fat Clubs. Eddie explains how having a Gay older brother giving tips about women may not work to his advantage. His comedy is based on his unique life and outlook on life, which everyone can enjoy.

Eddie Barojas's comedy is the tale of a fat man living in a thin world. His unique upbringing forced Eddie into Comedy. Being raised by deaf parents and a gay older brother, who's dating advice never paned out for Eddie, will keep the audience riveted and asking for more.

Eddie has opened for Nick Swardson on tour as well as David Spade, Bobby Lee, Jeff Garcia, the brilliant Adam Sandler and the Legendary Louie Anderson at the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas.

Eddie is not only a comedian but a writer, actor and director, who's wildly and hilarious skits, including the mega hits “The Hitchhiker” and "Porn Sweet Home" where Eddie portrays Ron Jeremy explaining the Birds and the Bee's to his own daughter can be seen on FunnyorDie and Youtube.

Eddie's style of comedy is for everyone, no matter age, race or weight.


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