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Deja Tate

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Deja Tate has always had a love for music. She began to show a passion for singing at an early. Her mother took notice to her talent and immediately signed her up for her elementary school chior. Deja shined in her choir doing many solos during concerts and shows. When she went onto middle school she moved from choir and decided to join her school band. She took a liking to the clarinet and started blending her love for singing with her new found love, the clarinet. She would write songs in her room and sing them to her family, friends and everyone else who would listen. When she moved onto highschool she still maintained her love for music but began to look into other music careers other than becoming a singer. Deja's teacher noticed that Deja was beginning to lose direction and decided to sign her up for a career class. Her teacher made her take a career test to see what would work well with her personalility. When Deja's test results came back it said that she would be a perfect fit in music. She began to scroll through the different music career options and she found an A&R Representative. Every since that day she knew that was what she wanted to be.

       After highschool, Deja decided that she was going to move to Los Angeles to purse a career in music. Before moving she began looking at different schools that she thought could help push her dream. When she discoved the Los Angeles Recording School she knew that that was her final choice. While attending the Los Angeles Recording School, Deja learned the basics of audio engineering ranging from post audio production to mastering. While in school she worked with a company called Three Brains Media that specialized in social and digital marketing. It was her job to build her clients' social media presents. Now she has a strong background in music and social media. Her main job now is to help build artists online presence.


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