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Mount Saint Elias

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After year of traveling, often alone, without underwear or musical companionship, the musical Gods smiled, farted, and brought together the members of Mount Saint Elias: Joey Coe (Writes and Sings), Matteo Lovik (Plucks Things), Luna Fuentes (Bangs and Plucks Things), Tatyana Schmid (Sings and Moves) and Jordan Stern (plucks, slaps and blows things).
It was the Summer of 2012 when when Matteo non chalantly played "Jesus etc" by Wilco, for Joey...A few months later, Tatyana met Matteo, and we three moved to the Bay Area to bet all of our money on the longest shot in the race: making a career as musicians. Yes we know it's unlikely, and pennyless. We're doing it anyway.
After refusing to move out of Joey and Tatyana's living room, Luna Fuentes joined the band in early as a percussionist. She remains the only red headed, femaled, Chilean drummer on this side of the Mississippi. Then we found Jordan Stern, who lives on a boat, shreds the bass and the trumpet and made us a much more politically charged and all together rad ensemble. 


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