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The New Regime

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The modern age of music is dictating a new approach to releasing material. Gone are the days of reliance on formal singles and/or albums, and in their place waits a space of creative freedom for artists. Ilan Rubin never fit traditional molds anyway. Despite the energy and enjoyment of playing with artists like Nine Inch Nails, Angels & Airwaves, and Paramore, Rubin felt the urge to do more and was always at work creating his own music, his own sound, his own vision – The New Regime.
Beginning in 2007, he spent every spare moment writing, arranging and performing his own songs. Every instrument, every note of The New Regime is played and/or sung by him. With two albums under his belt – Coup and Speak Through the White Noise – Rubin decided to take a different approach with his most recent crop of creative outpouring.
“When it came time for a third release, I had enough material for almost two full-lengths. But, unlike my first two albums, these songs weren’t written with a definitive vision in mind. I realized that this broader spectrum of ideas was an exciting thing – I could release the music as a series of EPs. I call them ‘Exhibits’ – a collection that I can and will constantly be adding to.”
The first in the series - Exhibit A - is an exploration of dynamics. Its eight songs are a mix of organic sounds and electronics. “’This is a New World’ is a song that sticks out to me,” says Rubin, “because it just about covers the sonic extremes of the EP in one song. With Exhibit A, I wanted to continue to push my songwriting in multiple directions, while keeping songs direct and concise. I think ‘Daydream’, the featured track from Exhibit A, is a good example of what I’d like listeners to experience with this music. A lot of people like to tell stories with their lyrics. What I’ve really enjoyed doing is trying to set scenes for those stories; to let people take their own journey along with the songs.”


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