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Maurice Tani & 77 El Deora

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Maurice Tani is a "rye-to-romantic, supercalifornographic" singer-songwriter specializing in a cinema-for-the-blind style. His band, Maurice Tani & 77 El Deora has been the source of untold, but exquisite suffering in the Bay Area for over 10 years.
Formed as a raucous, electric honky tonk band in the heady days following the turn of the century, 77 El Deora was named after a custom, after-market variant of the Cadillac Eldorado in the '70s.
"It was the gaudiest, most over-the-top automobile you could buy” says Tani. “A company called ASC (originally American Sunroof Corporation) took the basic Eldorado, already an audacious, land shark of a car, and made everything about it more extreme by using styling cues from every other luxury car of the day. A chrome Rolls Royce-style radiator grill. A Lincoln Continental-style spare tire hump on the trunk. So much vinyl on the roof that it spilled down on to the top ot the window sills. They extended the front and rear fenders of what was already one of the longest vehicles on the road. And the list goes on. If it was on a car Scrooge McDuck or the Monopoly Millionaire would drive, it was on the El Deora, but more so. Opera windows, landau bars, -not one, but two of each! Shag carpet -on the ceiling!”
"It was a hideous, Frankenstein/mash-up of a ride. At the time it occupied a niche halfway between the gold-chain, leisure suit-wearing, retired white guy and a production pimp-mobile. A curiosity, to be sure, but what interests me most are the people that would buy a car like that used. The people that would aspire to, but couldn't afford to buy a car like the El Deora new".
"Examples found today are typically trashed, and it's that final layer of patina making them even more appealing to me. If I had a garage, I'd have one. If I had one, it would likely be pouring smoke out the rear, -or up on blocks in the yard with weeds growing out the fender wells. A car like that has stories to tell. It speaks to fallen aspirations, shattered dreams, bad checks. That is my kind of country music”.
While Maurice performs in a wide variety of formats, tailoring the band to his needs from gentle to brutal, tonight’s 77 El Deora will be the classic rockin' electric version featuring English songstress Pam Brandon sparring with Tani on his trademark Trailer Park Operettas (TPOs). Joining them will be American bassist, The New Mike Anderson, “Our Man of Steel”, David Phillips and Ken "KO" Owen-on-the-Drums™. 
Short for “Supercalifornographicexpealidocious”, the term Tani uses to describe his particular flavor of Americana. While rooted in country music, Tani's writing is centered on a West Coast perspective.
"Though much of my material is based on fictional characters and situations, I still write what I know. I'm not particularly comfortable or interested in the rural imagery of tractors, 4x4s or general agriculture common in much country music. What attracts me most about country is the story telling side of it. My stories are more likely to be centered around an urban experience. I'm a Californian from a large metropolitan area and I write about the things that hold my attention. I think of these songs as a sort of cinema for the blind. Short musical narratives of life on the left coast.”


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