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Come Back Iris

Come Back Iris

High energy modern country/rock/pop. With a wild show!!!!

At a house party I decided to host one evening my younger brother, a pure bred Aussie trainer, decided to bring his dog Iris. During the party Shawn and I decided that we should play for our guests. We hadn't played out yet and thought it a great opportunity. Shorty after we started Iris got scared and bolted for the road. Sadly we heard loud screeching tires from the road and yelling. We all ran for the road fearing the worst. In the road was a young girl in a small pickup truck crying "I just hit a dog!! It ran in to the woods that way" pointing towards the wood on our side of the street. We all began to search frantically with flashlights and calling out to Iris for a solid 2 hours.. With no luck we decided that with her dark coat that if we hadn't seen her yet we might as well wait till the morning. With heavy hearts we all came back to the house and the party just wasn't the same.. My poor brother was beyond upset at the loss of his amazing dog (There are not to many dogs I have seen in this world like Iris). About 2 hours later my brothers wife was headed out to her car to put some things away and she heard the jingling of a collar. She looked out towards the street and there was Iris crawling towards her. She ran over and picked her up. Everyone was inside in the living room socializing when his wife came back into the house with Iris in her arms. My brother was sitting on the couch. When Iris saw my brother She leaped out of his wife's hands, ran over and jumped up into my brothers arms!! My brother started bawling with overwhelming joy that his dog was back and OK!!!! Never had I seen such a "mood change" so quickly! Everyone was SO overjoyed at her return and that she was ok!!!! We were all so very happy that Iris was ok.... Shawn and I were especially glad being that our "loud" noise was what drove her to scare. The next day I called Shawn and mentioned that I was thinking that since we hadn't come up with a band name it would be really cool to have something Iris as the name.. After a short period of brainstorming Shawn said: Come Back Iris!! I immediately loved the name! 

And that's how we came to be.


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