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Carlos Valencia

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Carlos Valencia has inspired millions to follow the way of the tiger. Through years of rigorous comedy research at Carlos Valencia World Headquarters R&D Institute, Carlos' line of cutting edge jokes have set new standards in stand-up quality. His comedic leadership in the field of enhanced joke telling techniques manages to make audiences laugh at rates that meet and often exceed the industry average. Carlos' patented atomic comedic timing has been tested to far exceed the latest precision standards set forth by the 58th Comedy International Congress of Standards and Measurements. His state of the art timing accuracy is designed to lose no more than one millisecond every 350 years. Carlos tolerates no less than utmost comedic operating excellence for guaranteed costumer success.

Carlos spews original and clever jokes at the audience like the flying innards of a smashed watermelon. His appreciation for the art of comedy has led him to consistently win over the recognition of both veteran professional comics and comedy audiences alike. Ask your doctor if a dose of Carlos Valencia is right for you. (sideeffects may include dry mouth, lazy eye, club foot, and death)


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